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Rosicky out for 10 days 10 November, 2006

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.

Super Tom

Tomas Rosicky has picked up a hamstring injury which will see him out of action for an estimated 10 days. He picked up the problem during training yesterday but thank god we’ve got back up that can play there. Van Persie or Walcott will almost certainly be filling the Czech’s boots on the wing so we’ll be alright there for Sunday’s clash with Liverpool. So now including Tom the injury list is now Ljungberg, Baptista, Lauren, Diaby and Rosicky, considerably shorter than it was a couple of weeks ago and all apart from Ralphy and Diaby will be back soon. It’s not great news for Arsenal, another injury to a first team player but we’ve got suitable back up so I’m not too worried, it could be worse.

There’s not alot of news today because Wenger called off his traditional Friday press conference for the first time ever. We haven’t heard from him since the infamous incident with Alan Pardew. He wont be happy with the medias reaction to what happened at Upton Park but he can’t ignore them forever. Personally I think he should’ve had the press conference today and he could’ve said he won’t be answering any questions on the events at the West Ham game. I’m sure Wenger not giving any news today will be the news tomorrow.

Wenger was clearly very irritated last weekend and Gilberto has told us it didn’t stop when everyone was back to the dressing room:

“There were no problems between Mr Wenger and the players because the problem didn’t involve the players, but the situation left us scared. We know the manager and we know that he is very polite and calm. Something very bad had happened to make him react like he did. After the game, Mr Wenger didn’t talk to anyone. As it wasn’t a problem involving the players, he decided not to discuss it with us.

I have seen it on TV many times and when West Ham scored, Pardew came to our bench to celebrate, but in an offensive way. That made Wenger react like he did, and that is why he had to talk to Pardew about that celebration. He was pissed off about the way Pardew celebrated and, as I said, that was the reason he reacted that way. As I saw it on TV, Pardew said some words that he, as a manager, should have thought about before saying. He should have showed a little more respect. Of course, he could celebrate the goal, but not in the offensive way he did. That is what made Wenger react.”

Hopefully we’ve over it now and we can concentrate on the next game but we can still use that defeat and the anger from it to inspire us to victory over Liverpool. Henry has said recently he plays best when he is angry and I’m sure this is true of alot of players, Arsene will be keen to get a good win under his belt, lets hope we deliver on Sunday.

Angry Arsene

Cesc Fabregas has recently signed a long-term deal to stay at Arsenal and he’s been speaking about how much he loves the club:

“I love the people here, all of the players and all of the staff. We play fantastic football under Arsene Wenger, football which I really think suits me. Everything I want is here at Arsenal. From my experiences in the Premier League, I would have to say that I could never play like that [defensively] because I am only really happy if we are winning games and playing good football, not being so happy to draw and play in such a negative way with 10 defenders. Teams just defend, defend and defend, they try to waste time, which I worry referees do not do enough about. I call it ‘anti-football’ — but we have to accept this happens and break teams down.”

Nice words from the young Spaniard and we’ll be looking for a big performance from him against Liverpool.

That’s about it for today; there’ll be another post before Sunday’s game, until then.


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