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Henry, Gone. 23 June, 2007

Posted by lasagnechef in Transfers.


Well I suppose it was going to happen, it wasn’t out of the blue but when I got a phone call yesterday afternoon saying Henry had gone to Barca for 16 million I still couldn’t believe it. The news hit me hard and I didn’t know what to think. I checked out to see if he was having me on but I knew this was real. The greatest player to ever play for this club has gone, even after saying he love’s this club and wants to end his career here.

Possibly one of the best strikers to have ever played the game, I just feel lucky that he was an Arsenal player. I will never forget him. I will always love Thierry Henry. Despite what he’s said about never playing in Spain and he would be Arsenal forever. I do feel like a bit of an idiot for believing him and I had no doubt in my mind that he would be staying. You have to respect his decision though. If you look at it not as a Gooner and think about Henry’s age, fitness, hunger for a Champions League medal and the state of Arsenal at the moment, it’s probably a good decision for him.


As much as I hate to say it, I wish him the very best of luck at FC Barcelona. To be honest, I don’t think he’s going to do that well there. It’s obvious he’s not the player he once was and he’s very injury prone at the moment. We’ll see what happens but I hope he’s happy there but I hope he never forgets Arsenal and the millions of Arsenal fans he’s touched.

So he’s gone now. We must move on. If there’s anything good about this it’s that he made his mind u and we got a deal done as quickly as possible. We now have some time to find a replacement, and I mean it. We must replace him. I can see Wenger just saying we don’t need to replace him, we have the youngsters. That’s bollocks, we need someone. We now have lost Henry, Aliadiere, Reyes will go and don’t forget Baptista’s loan is up. We have Van Persie and Adebayor, they are good but we need another player of probably their quality to add to the strike force. If Wenger tells us that Bendtner is that man then I will be fucking livid.

Gallas & Henry

I do worry about us now. From Henry’s quotes coming out today he’s saying a main factor is that Wenger won’t extend his contract after next season. So he’s off, you can’t help but think Fabregas will pack his bags too. If you think of the squad, I think it’s quite obvious which players would quite happily fuck off. Gallas is one name I think of, Bendtner another. I do hope the squad put their faith in the club, commit to it and help turn this team in the right direction. We have an incredible youth set-up, but that’s not going to be any good if players decide they want to leave because Arsenal isn’t a top Premiership side anymore. We need a kick up the arse. We need to get stuck in. We know we can perform without Titi now we have to prove it. Let the critics talk, and show them what we can do. If we’re to do this I think Kolo Toure is definitely the best man for the captain. I’m quite sure it’ll just get passed on to Gilberto but I think it should be Kolo. No doubt. I hope Arsene has a think about it rather than just automatically giving the armband to Gilberto.

I’m going wrap this up but because I will go on forever rambling about rubbish. Lastly I’d just like to mention the price tag. Nothing official’s come out of Arsenal yet but it seems like it’s ₤16m. Apparently we could’ve got nearer ₤30m last season and that was with one year left on his contract. I think ₤16m is ridiculous. Fair enough he’s getting old, and yes I know I’ve said he’s on the decline but still. I think ₤20m would’ve been more like it but oh well.

Just finally, one man who might be brought in is Ryan Babel. He says he hasn’t been approached though but he does admire the club. More on that to come I hope.

Right see you later. I’m just about to go and do something very hard and remove Thierry Henry from the squad page. Thanks for reading.


1. h0pper - 23 June, 2007

Well, it’s a tough time to be a gooner. I can’t help but think about finishing in the middle of the table next season but all teams go through rough patches. I just hope ours is speedy.

Good luck Thierry.

2. ballbag - 23 June, 2007

piss off thierry – hope you feel ok about screwing the fans for £130k per week for the last week for a few shit performances and the loyalty of a rat residing on a ship with a couple of holes in it…

3. jon - 23 June, 2007

no money, no transfers in, no good news

4. KollerSweden - 23 June, 2007

It’s hard to find words a day like this one… I have said all along that I fully trust Mr.Wenger when it comes to selling Henry or not, and I guess that means I must be okay with this… But my concern is not the Henry exit, how ever hard it is to feel anything but empty today, but the talks of Wenger leaving next summer is what really scares me. If Wenger came out today with a signed contract for five more years at Arsenal it would do a world of differense, cause only Wenger can rebuild this team now and only Wenger can keep all our young stars at the club with Henry gone. My fear today is not that we’ll have to play Bendtner every game for the next season, that I can deal with. My fear is that this marks the end of the great Wenger-era and that the greatest manager the english game have ever seen now has given up hope…

5. new start - 23 June, 2007

henry gone.arsene probably gone 2 next season..with fabregas..
gallas can leave…dont like his attitude

since houlier left liverpool have done very well…winnig the eufa and bearing us into 3 spot on the table

they say a change is as good as a holiday..maybe we are better of…get rid of everyone that doesnt wanna be thereand start all over

there are some other world class managers out there…

6. Arab Gunner - 23 June, 2007

My spirit getting to the bottom of my arse. All we got so far are limited to promises. My last hope is to see Mr Wenger tied with 5 years contract. My gut feel is that Arsene will wait to the takeover that may bring back his mate Dein. if things go really wrong and wenger leave then i would delete all sport channeles & off to camel race or rat race.

7. Emkay - 23 June, 2007

A sad day but everything comes to an end. I believe the players will come out of the shadow (often cast by TH) and feel less intimidated with his presence. He had to go sooner than later. We may just play better as a team without having to play around Henry all the time. RvP should really blossom. I don’t give a rat’s arse what will happen next summer regarding Arsene’s contract – a lot can happen in the next 12 months and sure;ly will!. Good luck TH you have been the best player for us, ever, but the worst captain. Look for the silver lining.

8. Aarony "Gooner Till I Die" Zade - 23 June, 2007

I agree with the fact that he is getting old and this was his last hope. We can’t blame him cause he made a positive decision for his career. What bothered me all along is that past couple season all Wenger thought about was the future not the present, that seems to me the main reason why we are …well almost going to the gutter. If Wenger leaves and we bring is Tony Adams, I would love to see an English manager on charge again. And yeah ..Fabregas already stated that he will leave 99% if Wenger does, but it really seems like he will so we got nothing better to do than to mentally prepare ourselves for ANOTHER big devastation. As for the record, I love Henry, but I will NEVER …NEVER support FC Barcelona!

9. Louisa - 23 June, 2007

A few things:

1. Don’t think the Dein and Wenger thing was the single most important factor in Thierry’s decision. He’s extremely attached to them, fair enough. But for sure it’s the CL medal that he’s going after. Last year he said it’s his last contract and he wouldn’t ever play in Spain. Only weeks ago did he say he might have to wear a shirt with the print “I’m staying at Arsenal” to prove his intent. etc etc. It’s very hard for him to go back on these definitive words. So the Dein/Wenger doubt is almost the only spin he could have put on it, blaming on the change in board and the potential change in management. So let’s not get carried away or misled into doubting the boss’ future too much.

2. With 16m, plus 2m from the sale of Aliadiere, plus about 6-8m from Reyes, we could start shopping for Thierry’s replacement. That’s not too bad.

3. No Eto’o, as the cash deal indicates he’s not part of a swap. But despite Babel’s rep (was that his agent or the club, I forget) saying there’s no contact from Arsenal, you never know. So is it gonna be Trezguet or Anelka or Owen or Robinho or another young striker whose name we haven’t heard of that Wenger pulls out of the blue? I’m secretly hoping we could use Reyes+cash to get Torres.

4. Come to think of it, it hurts to just have seen the new away kit photography last week and the Ebel sponsorship thing announced just yesterday with Thierry in the middle of our club activity. We saw it coming, for months. But still, it’s such a pain to see him go after appearing for the club events so not long ago.

5. I also hope we don’t face Barca in the Champions League. Can’t see him in his new shirt playing against us. Can’t. Not so soon. Maybe not ever…

10. COYS - 23 June, 2007

shame scum. lmao

11. COYS - 23 June, 2007


12. ArseNole - 23 June, 2007

yeah, would be awful to see Henry playing against us, especially at the emirates. they’ll probably rig the draw though to make that happen in the first knock out round. i wouldn’t mind signing obafemi martins or getting anelka back. We need someone with pace, who stays healthy and is a 20-25 goal scorer. I think Torres is too much for us to pay, so i think martins or anelka


13. Joey - 23 June, 2007

i am gutted! I also think 16m was not enough for Henry, considering ManUre bought Hargreaves for 17m. hmm

I’m hoping there will be a decent replacement, all the best to Henry at Barca (said through gritted teeth) :(

14. John Capsey - 23 June, 2007

I really feel like we are in shit street now, i worry about tottenham overtaking us they are spending the money and we will spend fuck all.

Wenger is a prick and should leave now, why can’t we sign someone like berbatov.

15. Lawrence Cannell - 23 June, 2007

Arsenal cunts, you’re really fucked now.

Go and have a little cry about you’re top boy leaving, gooner fucking mugs.

16. arsenal=my life - 23 June, 2007

i cant believe he is leaving. to see thierry in a barcelona shirt would bring me to tears. the fact that he is 30 years old does not mean £16million is a fair transfer fee. barca are getting one hell of a deal. if wenger doesn’t get a player on par with eto’o/rooney/henry standard at 20-25 yrs old then we are doomed. get set for another season of “almost” and “so close” and “only if.” its gonna hurt.

17. Glo - 23 June, 2007

Henry is a very very good player but to be honest he hasn’t played great for a very long time. When last did we right was an article written about henry in the last 18 to 20 months about a fantastic game he had. The last I can remember was against Real Madrid.

If you think about it the players we all have being talking about are Cesc, RVP, Denilson, Diaby and Clichy. When we begin to talk about how good these players are then we can spend all day.

For me Cesc isn’t even the end of Arsenal and if Arsene leave they will find someone else, Arsenal are still a great club. It would make things however very difficult. As good as Cesc is, RVP is in fact more important than him right now, because we have Diaby, Denilson, Merinda, Giberto, and even Song in that position. Even Djourou or Toure can play in that position. RVP will be the 1 striker and I think there is no doubt that if not for his injury we will have being well off last season. RVP comes on and we expect something magical.

RVP will need someone like Adebayor to give him the ball and he will put it in the net. I don’t think there is anybody more clinical than him.

However the board need to sort all these mess out. Don’t get me wrong Henry is a great player but we might have seen the best of him. I hope he regains his form and enjoy the Spanish League.


ARSENE could suprise everyone and sign a new deal.

18. hafez - 23 June, 2007

and now with bunch of young lads, i’m looking forward to see arsenal reaching european playoffs next season. i think a big 6 position would be the best the club could reach without henry

19. Glo - 23 June, 2007

hafez you are an idiot. Arsenal is not a one man team.

20. Joey - 23 June, 2007

exactly, arsenal aint just bloody Thierry Henry

21. finestcuts - 23 June, 2007

Thierry Henry leaving is not as bad as you all may feel at the moment. The team are just about over the Thierry Henry addiction, success is not dependant upon him as it was in previous seasons.

Arsenal achieved fourth place in the Premiership this season even though two of their main strikers were out of action for a considerable portion of the season.
Lesser teams would have slumped and not have kept the pace needed to finish in a Champions League position. Oh and they didn’t.

Obviously having your two top shots out of action will make a significant impact on the team but even in such dire circumstances Arsenal kept on battling.

Arsene Wenger threw the young guns in at the deep end, especially by playing them in the Carling cup final. It was necessary for them to learn by the school of hard knocks, without the stabilisers of more experienced players.

Van Persie is a world class striker, twenty plus goals a season will be delivered by a fully fit Van Persie. Add Adebyaor and Bendtner into the equation and we already have a strike plan. The gameplan will be based around them, and it won’t be a plan B situation for the event of Henry not being avaiable to play.

In defence Arsenal aresorted, Gallas, Eboue, Toure, Clichy, Hoyte and the rest of them.

Arsenal have the experienced and capable Lehmann in goal in addition to a top stopper by the name of Fabinaski who’s young and despertate to make his name and challenge for the no.1 shirt which he could end up filling for many years to come.

Over the years many of Arsenal’s goals were created and executed by midfield players, Viera, Pires etc.
This is where Arsenal should really spend their money, on an attacking midfielder or two.

So as well as having the cream of the Premiership youth crop on board, a world class striker in the name of Van Persie with Adebayor and Bendtner as rising proteges Arsenal have a good defence with two decent keepers, and the experience of surviving short of the optimum available options.

Fabergas is superb of course, and he should score more goals this season. Arsenal need someone to be ready to step into Gilberto’s boots. Diaby is up and coming. Rosicky and Hleb need more compeition for places. Arsenal need someone to replace Flamini who also looks like he’s leaving to get a chance at regular first team football. Lets not forget Flaminis goal against Chelsea and what an important asset he was when Arsenal needed to substitute a player.

Arsenal have 16 m for Henry, 2m for Aliadere, 1m for Lauren, 1m for Stokes and Reyes is yet to be sold, but he should bring in 5m if Arsenal are selling him cheaply or more. 2m has been spent on Fabianski and Varga.Therefore 20m has already been raised.

The board has pledged another 40m so there is 60m available to spend. We can afford to spend some of that money on a star player or two without incurring financial difficulties and to bring in some fresh talent in the 2 – 7 m range. Arsene Wenger knows what to do. By going through this years tough to take experience with what Arsenal already has (achieving more points at the end of the 07 season than the 06), the luxury of having cash to spend on new signings, Arsene Wenger’s natural and intuitive football knowledge and the fact that we don’t NEED Henry to survive or build a team around HIM, Arsenal can move forward.

I see the road to success and believe Arsenal will do better next season. Whoever Arsene signs will boost an already good team. With the young guns in bloom, new faces and a new strategy this will be Arsenal MK III, what we know as THE Arsenal, a powerful stable force at the top end of the Premiership in good times and in bad, the team other teams get euphoric over should they manage a draw against, and the team that even fans of other Premiership teams admire and love to watch.

Those thinking that Wenger will be managing a mid table team next season neither understand what Arsenal is about or the value of what we already have.

22. arsenalist - 23 June, 2007

Why commit to Arsenal and then bail out on us? Thats the only part I don’t like about this. He committed to the club and went back on his word, that is NOT COOL.

I hope he has a 40 goal season but I also hope Barcelona don’t win La Liga and get kicked out of the CL in the group stages. Eto’o must be jerking off on hearing this news.

23. Michael - 23 June, 2007

Quite frankly your article has just made me nearly throw up my dinner.

I tell you what we can do now mate ……

We can take our newly found forune of 16 million pound’s and go and replace the best player in the world what do you think mate. ?

I hope thierry henry chocke’s on his 6 millon barca deal.

I think it’s time that the arsenal board with drew from the g14 as it serve’s no fucking perpous what so ever.

I think it is time that the board publicly state’s that it will never do bisnuiss with barcelona fc ever again for any player and if we have a player that what’s to move to barcelona in the future we should fucking burn there contract with us release the player and have leporta pick the fucka up out side the emirate’s free of charge.

The way this whole thing has happend is a disgrace and how on earth all the arsenal fan’s can with this prick good luck is a mystery to me.

The board should also sease all tie’s with david dein’s son as he was the tailor of this transfer.

If wenger isnt going to commit to us right now aand i mean immidiately then let’s sack him and get ronald kooman in or some one of ronald kooman’s stature.

I have had my fill of our club haveing the blood sucked out of it’s soul by player’s that have no common sence or loyalty.

Given cesc fabrigase’s recent comment’s i think it’s time we got ridd of him also and i am serious we have been taken for the mother of all fucking ride’s by thierry “judas” henry and this wasnt suppsed to happen.

I have just read a comment from hm saying that he joined barca because the play ….

“The Arsenal Way”

What a disgrace he’s nothing but a disgrace i fucking said we have done nothing but try to make theirry henry stay and be comfortable here for fucking year’s and i for one feel like have have my traouser’s pulled down in from of all my class mate’s …. I am fucking livid.

He now’s full well that since we have invested so mutch in the new stadium that we have vertually crippled our own ability to compete in transfer market and with intrest for him from real madrid and ac milan we could have had a amazeing deal out of this that would have seen him get what he want’s and arsenal get the money they need to replace him but noooooooooooooo we get a small fortune of 16 million pound’s.

Do me a favour mate and shut your mouth you no nothing about fucking football.

We have built a glorious team around this man a new stadium given him a super contrant for 120,000 pound’s a week and for him to do this is utterly unexceptible it’s a fucking disgrace.

I just want to take a mnuite to give every member of our board a big hug and a kiss for there stance against the american well fucking done it was exsactly what i wanted to here from the board and the dissmisal of david fucking “JUDAS” dien was even better.

What we neet to deperately here now is that our cammandering cheif is here for good please.

I am off to barbique every thierry henry shirt i have ever boaght thatnk’s for nothing thierry you fucking egit.

24. Top Posts « WordPress.com - 23 June, 2007

[…] Henry, Gone. [image] Well I suppose it was going to happen, it wasn’t out of the blue but when I got a phone call yesterday […] […]

25. Dial Square Blogger - 24 June, 2007

I agree with you about Babel – a nice tidy forward and an exciting proposition.

Have a look at my take on the Henry saga at


I’d appreciate comments/feedback from fellow gooners and bloggers


26. Michael - 24 June, 2007

I think that if we bring in Torres/Huntaleer/Babel we will be ok but any thing less will not do.

Anelka is to old.

Owen is crap.

Tevez look’s like he could be trouble.

Unless arsene wenger truely belive’s he doesnt need any body i would trust his judgment.

27. shawal - 24 June, 2007

Barca will be one hell of a team next…. Loud siren for Real Madrid.


28. Izmir - 24 June, 2007

Honestly, I can live with Henry gone. It’s Wenger that I hope will never leave! Anyways, all the best to Henry at Barca, as much as it pains me to see him go. Thanks for the 8 years and 226 wonderful goals.

29. lengan - 24 June, 2007

chao nguoi noi tieng!
toi ham mo ban,va phong cach choi chua ban ….toi hi vong ban choi hay hon nua.

30. Cyril - 24 June, 2007

Henry gone, Wenger leaving next year.. and I guess so is Fabregas..

31. JayDee - 24 June, 2007

well i wont lie an say i didnt see it coming, i think we were lucky to have held on to him for as long as we did!

we got our phucking moneys worth out of him, i mean c’mon if he had a off day the whole team had a off day! plus him stayin put for that extra season did help us out.

but alas he’s gone an thats football folks, maybe we can start playing like a 11 man team instead of a relying on henry to bang in a winner….which we did many a time.

i can understand his reasons for abandoning ship but what the hell are the board at arsenal thinking. i mean this is football is’nt it. You just dont let you fanchise players go. you dont do it. an for 16mil! smh whoever we replace him with will NOT equal to henry EVER,how many other players score a goal in every 1.6 matches.

i feel david dein knew what was happening and thats part of the reason he left..the only thing i see saving us right now is the american takeover so we can spend money on REAL stars (not BARGIN players that want to make a name for themselves), but dein left because that wasnt gonna happen..so its all up in the air really.

and wengers 1 of the best manager in the world but if he gos what has he left us with…fancy passing and a team full of youngers that have to cope in the most physical league in the world. we are phucked!

Bring on the american takeover i say, stars attract stars. Henry thnx for the memorys.

32. CLOCK END GOONER - 24 June, 2007


33. Poster - 24 June, 2007

It does make me laugh to see the Spurs fans here laughing. They quickly forgot our kids beating them over two legs in the cup. Morons, there was no Thierry in that team. We don’t need him to beat the scum.

By the way Lawrence Cannell, if you’re going to come here and post some abuse at least spell it right. You’re means you are. “You’re top boy leaving”? Idiot.

34. gsik - 24 June, 2007

Come on ya gooners!

Take a look at my thoughts: http://gsik.wordpress.com/2007/06/23/goodbye-thierry-henry/

would love to hear back from fellow gooners.


35. ArseNole - 24 June, 2007

How do you feel about getting Sergio Aguero? He’s young, would be cheaper than Torres probably, and I really think he is a quality player. Let me know what you think:


36. syahid ali - 25 June, 2007

the man is gone but i think it is time to sell him. he rarely plays last season and without him, arsenal are still in the top four so it is not a one man team. get a decent striker and i think arsenal will be okay. RVP is an excellent player so don’t lose him. will there be another clone like bergkamp?

37. Dlesliegunner - 25 June, 2007

why would wenger not sign an extension? you think he was fed up with the board as henry was? if he leaves, there is not doubt both fabregas and walcott are gone. not to mention diaby. as for reyes coming back, all who have suggested this clearly did not watch the final match of real madrid’s la liga season (no spaniard happy at madrid would ever leave madrid).

as for replacements. i believe our biggest concern is in bringing in a couple of english lads to bolster the midfield and back line. if you look at any of the premier clubs of the world, they are successful because they have a defensive core that is actually native to that country, Think Puyol at Barca, Terry at Chelsea, Ferdinand at Man U, Nesta at Milan, the list goes on. Some would say blaspheme, but I’d l’d love Ledley King alongside Toure. Push Gallas out left where he proved more useful at Chelsea. Kevin Kuranyi or Huntelaar to parter RVP, get rid of Adebayor.

By the way, what ever happened to Kerrea Gilbert. He was on fire just the season before last for the few games he played. I know he’s at Cardiff, but does anyone know how he’s doing. I think he was better than Clichy from the little I saw.

38. Dlesliegunner - 25 June, 2007

oooh, and can we PLEASE get rid of lehman? buy hildebrand or boruc, perhaps? either that or change our policy of giving elder players only one yr extensions. the fuck is that? if a player has proved his worth (which lehman-pk saves aside-has not) he should be rewarded. this is a bad policy that keeps our squad from stabilizing.

39. Williams - 25 June, 2007

The thing that bugs me most about this transfer is the pathetic size of the transfer fee! Now i know Thierry’s had a bit of an injury plagued season but surely that shouldn’t mean that he should lose almost 10m from the valution of last summer??? Other than the fact he’s had a small off season, surely him having signed a new deal last summer should mean we should get decent money for him? i feel sick at the thought he’s going for the same amount that the yids are willing to pay for Bent.

40. Eddie - 25 June, 2007

Lawrence Cannell is the biggest fucking pussy mug in london.

41. Blog Head - 26 June, 2007

The Dickov must be named captain. Eddie Mcgoldrick vice capitan

42. Blog Head - 26 June, 2007

A poem for the late, great TH14.

Oh Titti you left us,
Oh Titti you fucked us,
Oh Titti you said you loved us,
Then you fucked off to Barca you french prick I fucking hate you I’m never licking your balls ever again god damn you. stupid french cunt.

43. moahmmed - 26 June, 2007

Some people made a fuckin comments here, I am an arsenal fan, why some arsenal fans get agitated bcos of that fucked-up henry who join that hungry Barca, well, has don well no doubt about that. I am really happy 4 his departure, now arsenal players may hav independent to play on their own, without henry arsenal will do better, when he was there that team looked like a one man team, but as he will not be with them they do well. One thing i dont like about coach (wenger) is that is too passive and he does not like to buy quality players, i know he will not buy any good player to replace henry. Arsene wenger should go plesssss, he is restricting players to join arsenal bcos he does not release money. Any arsenal player that want to leave arsenal the door is open, whoever leaves arsenal, arsenal will stiil remain the same. Gooners fans i advise not to be scare of people’s comments. watch out 4, V.PERSIE, ADEBAYOR,ROSICKY, FABRIGAS, and BENDTNER these players will do Exploit. GOONERS FOREVER AND EVER IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO LEAVES AND WHO COMES IN, SUCCESSS COMES WHEN COODINATION TAKES PLACE. WENGER PLEASE GOOOOOO!!!

44. Pálmi - 27 June, 2007
45. Human Nature » Sunday 24th June 2007 - 1 November, 2014

[…] However, in a way I am glad he has gone. Over on the regular blogs I read, ArseBlog, East Lower and The Cannon. They have been doing an excellent job covering the rumour of the move, up to the breaking of the […]

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