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Ashley Cole’s Book Extract 11 September, 2006

Posted by lasagnechef in Transfers.

Ashley Cole

The times has a large extract from cAshley Cole’s book which can be seen here. It’s basically about why he left Arsenal, there are some juicy quotes in there to pick out and just shows you how much of a knob he is. It’s probably best if you give it a read yourself but here are just a few quotes that sum him up:

It all started while I was sitting in the sunshine at Sopwell House, the hotel in Hertfordshire used by England before we flew out to Portugal for Euro 2004, when an eager voice called out, “Ashley!” Mr Dein was stood there. He told me I wasn’t earning enough and my salary was going to be increased. My face- cracking smile told him all he needed to know. I was buzzing, really buzzing. His tone soon wiped the smile from my face. I felt his attitude suggested he was doing me a favour, like I was a 17-year-old trainee.

The deal he offered was a £10,000-a-week increase to £35,000. A hell of a lot of money. But, when taken in the context of football wages and his own estimated value of me of £20 million, and when placed next to those other Arsenal wages of between £80,000 and £100,000 a week, his offer was a piss-take. It was a slap in the face, not a pat on the back.

Is there anything I can really say on this? We offer him a pay-rise, he takes it like a slap in the face because he doesn’t think it’s enough. If at work you we valued as a vital member of the team and you boss tells you that you’re getting pay-rise. So he tells you what your new salary is, you wouldn’t go: “Are you having a fucking laugh? I’m worth much more than that.”

“Ash! Are you listening?” said a virtually hyperventilating Jonathan. “I’m here in the office and David Dein is saying they aren’t going to give you £60k a week. They’ve agreed £55k and this is their best and final offer. Are you happy with that?”

When I heard Jonathan (Barnett) repeat the figure of £55k, I nearly swerved off the road. “He is taking the piss, Jonathan!” I yelled down the phone. I was so incensed. I was trembling with anger. I couldn’t believe what I’d heard. I suppose it all started to fall apart for me from then on. I’d trusted Mr Dein to push the deal through.

So you’re not a greedy money grabber? But you’re desperate for that £5,000? The £60k agreed was including all expenses so when that dickhead Jonathan Barnett asked for his salary on top of that, that’s what caused the fuss. Why should be pay him? Does he do anything for the club? No. I’m sure none of this would have happened if it weren’t for that twat of an agent.

Arsenal’s final game at Highbury on May 7 was an emotional day for everyone, but even more so for me. “I can’t believe this is going to be my last game in England wearing an Arsenal shirt,” I thought as our coach pulled into the famous marble halls. There was no future left for me at the club any more. I knew that. Cheryl (Tweedy, his wife) knew that. Mum knew that.

My worst fears were confirmed when, as Thierry (Henry) and I sat in the centre circle after the final whistle, his name was sung from the rooftops while my contribution was recognised by a deafening silence. As his chants faded away we waited for mine. And we waited. And there was nothing. “They’re not bothered about me,” I said, resigned to the fact. It was like I was the invisible man.

I’m sorry Ash but you are not Thierry Henry. As much as you might want to be, and as much as you might want his money and talent. You are not Thierry Henry. He is a true great for Arsenal and has never done anything wrong and has been loyal. So you expect to just sit there and expect the same praise as Thierry Henry after all the shit you’ve had with us?

That night I went out and got hammered at the Embassy nightclub but, unlike other years, no other Arsenal player joined me. Instead, I found myself at the end-of-season Premiership bash with John Terry, Joe Cole, Carlton Cole, Damien Duff and a few of the other Chelsea lads. The champions were out on the town, celebrating and sticking together; the kind of camaraderie that used to bind Arsenal together.

“That night I went out and got hammered”. Just shows what you are like Ashley. With the fucking Champions League Final around the corner it’s not the sort of thing you can afford to do. And have you not got any friends to go out with?

When I got back it became clear that Arsenal were late to open up negotiations, Madrid were nowhere and all the paper talk was about Chelsea. Peter Kenyon made a £16 million offer but David Dein wanted £30 million; the same man who had told the FAPL inquiry that my value was between £15 and £20 million. I felt like a bargaining chip, with the stakes too high. It felt to me that Arsenal had done nothing to keep me and now it seemed obstacles were piling up at the exit door.

If we can get a bit of money from the sale of you why is that a problem. If anyone sells anything in the world they’ll try and get the best possible price for it won’t they? And that thing about being valued at £20m and trying to get £30m. 1. It was Chelsea we were selling to. 2. They are a Premiership rival that will be enhanced by your signing. 3. You are English. 4. You are one of the best left-backs around. How can he possible say we’ve done anything wrong?

We’d also discussed Chelsea after the boss told me not to rule them out. Somehow, while lazing in the sun in the Indian Ocean, the switch from north to west London didn’t seem so bad.

“I’ll get hammered if I go there, the Arsenal fans will never forgive me,” I said to Cheryl one evening. It took her to point out the blinding obvious: “They’ve hammered you anyway and they’ve never forgiven you for the past 18 months . . . so what’s the difference?”

How did we ‘hammer’ you? Just because we didn’t sing your name on May 7th that doesn’t mean we ‘hammered’ you. We weren’t exactly singing fuck off Ashley Cole. Oh Well, I’m glad he’s gone now.

Ashley Cole

The point of Ashley Cole’s book was clear his case and make him look less like a money-grabbing idiot, in fact I think it’s shed light on what’s really gone on and made him look like a fool.

I think that’s enough for today, I wanted to talk about our team and why we’re not working etc but I’ll save that for another day. Until then.


1. lasagnechef - 11 September, 2006

Sorry about when it goes ‘comments closed’ I’ve sorted it out now!😀

2. DW - 11 September, 2006

Cole is a schmuck. He deserves to be at Chelsea with all the other schmucks.

3. blue champions - 11 September, 2006

Whatever! I’m happy that the world’s best left back is in Chelsea now!


4. White Ox - 12 September, 2006

I worry, do all top English premiership footballers think like Ashley? I used to hate Ashley. Reading his quotes I feel sorry for him now. He is a boy completely detached from reality. Comparing himself to Thierry, at least we now know the little twat is one demented human being indeed. Considering the loss of 5000 quid a week wages insulting? Don’t ever go visit a third world country to get some perspective on life mate. Most people dodn’t earn that much in months let alone a week.

And blue champions, I’m sure you got a very good player, but world’s best left back? Perhaps you ought to go see whose f*ck up it was that played eto’o onside in the CL final. Good player? Sure. Wonderful player? No chance. He made his career riding slingshot to two of the best players in the world, Henry and Pires. We didn’t need him to make the final last year, and once he was needed in that match his mistake effectively cost us it. He’ll be good for you, sure, but he’s not a smart boy and not a smart footballer. He truly is a knob.

5. gooner67 - 12 September, 2006

Too true white ox. Cole was missing for mos of the season and we went 10 Champions League games was it without conceding?

I don’t think Flamini got the credit he deserved for his contrbuion to the team. Maybe he should write a book about how hard done by he is too!!

6. terry - 12 September, 2006

that’s true, i had my doubts at first but Flamini was excellent at left back. gAshley is just a twat, i’d be happy to earn £55k a year let alone in a week. if i played at such a prestigious club as Arsenal i wouldn’t give a damn about my wages, i’d just be happy to be part of the team. i’m glad he’s fucked off to chelski, he’ll fit right in with Mourinho.

also i like the way Mourinho and Cole have said so much crap in the media like the little bitches they are while Wenger remains a true professional saying: “We wish him well. He is a good guy but he was in a situation where his feelings towards the club changed. Is it his fault? Is it our fault? Is it his agent’s fault? That today is not really important. At the end of the day the most important thing is that he is happy and the club is happy.” legend!

7. Clock End Gooner - 12 September, 2006





8. lasagnechef - 12 September, 2006

Wherever you may be,
You aint got no history,
Ashley Cole sticks a phone up his arse,
You can buy trophies but you can’t buy class.

9. Clock End Gooner - 12 September, 2006





10. lasagnechef - 12 September, 2006

Haha s’all good. Unfourtunately I can’t take the credit for it though Clock Ender. Someone from the arseblog forums made it up. Brilliant.

11. Clock End Gooner - 12 September, 2006



12. lasagnechef - 11 December, 2006

Just reading this one back. What a mug

13. gonner 4 life - 15 December, 2006

Ashley cole, i dont get him, hes not worth 60k a week, i dont even think hes worth 55k a week. Arsenal fans will never forgive him 4 all da shit he has caused, just wait until he comes to the Emirates, we will taunt him so much, hahaha cant wait hahahahahahaha Ashley cole u complete and utter mug, ahh well no one actully cares if your gone we dont need you, and we got the better deal out of Ashley Cole and William Gallas, we got Gallas and hes top class and loyal unlike the scumbag CASHLEY COLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

14. gonner 4 life - 15 December, 2006



15. lasagnechef - 16 December, 2006

True words

16. ajinabraham - 29 December, 2006

I am a Red Devil through and through..but I agree with all yer gunners…once a schmuck…always a schmuck…he had to leave just because he didn’t get 5k more. Man…people in my part of the world would die for that kinda money! I would play for anybody who paid me 5k a week…dumbass…he’s got his priorities wrong! And he had to listen to Cheryl to make a footballing decision…dumbass!

17. bwojo emmanuel - 2 February, 2007

look at that shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

18. mabala paul - 2 February, 2007

check your fake kiguy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

19. isingoma daniel - 2 February, 2007

read thru. carefully

20. jazzy fizzle - 15 April, 2007

ashlee cole is a wasteman but 1 ting more shit than him is that joke they call arsenal fc
hahahaha they are knocked out of everything and they say that their team is for he future but thats bull its just an excuse 4 losing
whos not to say that in another five years their will be another set of youth players played in the first team with hope in th future
Wenger is pathetic, he’s lost it
Arsenal fans always complain that they cant contest because of chelseas money n thats y they suck
you dont hear man utd complaining (as much) they have actually put up a tremendous effort to win the treble this season

whats the difference between arsene wenger and a bag of crap?…

…the bag

21. rvp - 21 May, 2007

is he a wasteman blud bruv ?????

yes cole is a fukin cunt but dont talk that shite please jazzy fizzle cos u sound like the fukin retard.

22. ashelycolesucksdick - 28 May, 2007

What about 10 men went to bed with ashely?

As for the player – I hope someday soon, preferbily at the emirates he reptures his leg and never walks, let alone plays again, all whilst us gooners mock, spit and taunt his over his gay orgy which we all know happened hence his quickness to sue.

When he injured himself badly at chelsea i played it back in slo-mo and laughed watching that ankle collapse in sheer joy! No sex for cherly Greedy anytime soon, I guess Ill have to do the job lol

23. Chris DA Gooner - 9 September, 2007

The reason Cashley Cole left us is all because of 5 measly grand hes a greedy prick and he had the cheek to say he forgave us ?. Tosser forgave us for what turning him into a super left back forgiving him for when he betrayed us to our deadliest rivals and for offering him a new deal even after what he did to us the man is a prick we dont need him Clichy rules as does Gallas you flopped at Chelsea last year Cash while Gallas will do more for us than you ever did

24. herdee string - 20 March, 2008

Fuck you Cashley – I really hope you picked up HIV from one of these slappers you fucked on the side – cheating on that whore Cheryl.

Cheryl’s a slag
A geordie whore
And when she fucks Ashley Cole
She thinks of Adebayor

25. ben anderson - 23 March, 2008

i wish i could kick ashley coles fucking head in. makes me angry even thinking about the jew

26. Dirty Harry - 13 July, 2008

I’m a Chelsea fan through and through. That said however i wouldn’t say i was a fan of modern day footballers as a whole. I would like to check that those are actual extracts from the book though. I find it hard to believe anyone can be quite such a money grabbing little cvnt. ;/. Fair enough wanting 50-60K but when he got 55K that signified Arsenal valued him etc and showed him the love he wanted. Bah, we need to reign in modern footballers, it’s way fucking out of order.

27. James - 20 December, 2008

His A Dikhead Man

Cheated On Cheryl 2 times

If I Had Cheryl She Be The Luckiest Women In The World

luv u cheryl

28. Weekend Wonders « Reluctant Musings - 20 January, 2009

[…] out their Premier League dreams; no matter how imaginative they have to be. When professionals, on wages of thousands each week, find it a chore to grace the lawns of the top divisions, amateurs are happily giving up […]

29. Dan - 7 March, 2009

I’d cheat on Cheryl Cole – I don’t care how fit she is, she’s fucking annoying, has a stupid accent and the most irritating smile I’ve ever seen.

I’d rather fuck Ashley.

30. manofthemouth - 18 May, 2009

Ashley cole is clearly an idiot. Rule number 1. is that you don’t put these kinds of comments in a book. Bear in mind most people are morons and have no understanding of the world, so when they read these comments they say things like ‘I’d play for free’ ‘I’d snap up x grand a week’ (i.e. the guy called Terry above), which, while completely irrelevant and close minded, are to be expected. Yes you were probably made a comparatively low wage offer, but in a book for the public, you shouldn’t be moaning about it.

Just a quick reminder; Cole has an extremely marketable talent, and is rewarded in accordance to a free market wage system. Whether or not you’d play for free is irrelevant. If a monkey told you he’d do your job for a peanut a day, would that make you greedy?

31. Nouse.co.uk » Coyle’s decision shows lack of loyalty in modern game - 20 January, 2010

[…] the tabloids, Cole describes the moment his agent told him of Arsenal’s offer of a new contract: “When I heard my agent repeat the figure of £55,000 [per week], I nearly swerved off the road. &#… Now the money argument can effectively be removed this argument. Maybe he deserved more money from […]

32. The Fiver | A resumption of Anglo-Irish international football relations | FootyNews.co.uk - 29 May, 2013

[…] Bale’s Mr 15% Jonathan Barnett – the very same Mr 15% who repeated the figure of £55k to Ashley Cole – has popped up on Marca TV to express his willingness to listen to an offer from Real Madrid for […]

33. The Fiver | A resumption of Anglo-Irish international football relations | Excel-R8 - 29 May, 2013

[…] Bale’s Mr 15% Jonathan Barnett – the very same Mr 15% who repeated the figure of £55k to Ashley Cole – has popped up on Marca TV to express his willingness to listen to an offer from Real Madrid for […]

34. The Fiver | A resumption of Anglo-Irish international football relations | AdSport Media - 29 May, 2013

[…] Bale’s Mr 15% Jonathan Barnett – the very same Mr 15% who repeated the figure of £55k to Ashley Cole – has popped up on Marca TV to express his willingness to listen to an offer from Real Madrid for […]

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76. Saleh Stevens - 20 February, 2015

Saleh Stevens

Ashley Cole’s Book Extract | The Cannon

77. They joined their rivals | Sports Rants Europe - 17 July, 2015

[…] In 2006, Chelsea was the team that has just won 2 Premier League titles in a row, while Arsenal was the Champions League finalist trying to again challenge for the Premier League title. But Chelsea, with help from their rich owner Roman Abramovich, were able to spend much more money on transfers and wages than Arsenal, who had invested a lot of money in their new stadium. Arsenal had offered their left back Ashley Cole, who was the teams youth academy product, a new and improved contract, which would guarantee him $86k per week in wages if he decided to stay at the club. At the time this was very reasonable amount of money for a player not playing for a club that is helped by a rich owner’s money. When he realized how much money Arsenal put on the table Cole was infuriated: […]

78. Salope Fontaine Join - 31 December, 2015

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