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Fuck off Ashley Cole 13 September, 2006

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I swear every time I go onto the sky sports website there’s a new rant about Arsenal. Alright we get it, you didn’t like it here; just leave it at that. It’s mainly lies anyways and I didn’t even bother reading the latest one. It’s something to do with our youngsters. Enough of your bollocks mate, I can’t be bothered with you until you got something interesting to say, fuck off back to Chelsea.

Cesc Fabregas

Right, onto more important matters and Cesc Fabregas has shown us what a little legend he is by agreeing on a whopping 8 year contract. Cescy is one of the most important players here and he’s only 19, imagine what his future holds with Arsenal. It doesn’t mean he’s definitely staying here for at least 8 years, that’s just the length of his contract. Of course he can leave but whoever wants him will have to fork out big bucks. I remember not so long ago Cesc saying he wants to become an Arsenal legend, well mate, you are well on that path.

Tonight sees us face Hamburg in the Champions League group phases. Thierry Henry will not take any part in the game as he’s picked up a minor injury. I’m not that bothered about that, I think we’ve got ample quality to beat Hamburg without Henry. He was feeling the injury on Saturday but had an injection before the ‘Boro game, I think he’s being allowed time to recover before we play Man United. One man who’s trying to push his way back in the team though is Justin Hoyte, he was a bit iffy last time he played and I’d prefer Gallas to Hoyte any day. I expect it to be the same back four as the Boro game, I think that will it for a while until our injured players return.

The midfield is another story though, I suspect Wenger might go for 5 across the middle and one striker. It’s just who will get a place in the midfield. Theo Walcott might be one of them and he might get his full Arsenal debut tonight. However I reckon he’ll come on maybe at half time, or on about the hour mark. I hope the 5 man midfield includes Cesc, Gilberto, Baptista, Rosicky and Ljungberg/Van Persie. RVP has done well for Holland on the right wing so maybe he could do a job there for Arsenal but personally I’d prefer him to be our lone striker but I think Wenger will go for Adebayor. Baptista would play there but I’m not so sure if Wenger will pick him, I think he’ll be ideal for Sunday’s trip to Old Trafford.

The main thing you’ll notice tonight won’t be the team or anything like that, it’ll be the shirts. We will be wearing a special shirt for tonight’s game because as part of UEFA’s regulations two teams that play each other cannot have the same shirt sponsor. It’s a quite strange rule I know but it does mean we’ll be sponsored by ‘Dubai’ tonight, and when Hamburg visits The Grove they’ll change their sponsors. It’s a really weird rule and you have to wonder why UEFA have it, I don’t remember this ever happening before but it will be interesting.

The game is on Sky Sports Extra and I hope its the main feature game, I’ve got NTL and I think that’s got the channel but you can’t do the red button multi-screen thing. So I hope I can find the channel/it’s the main game otherwise I’m going to have to find somewhere to watch it. Anyways, enjoy the game, I think 2-0 to us. C’MON THE ARSENAL!!!

Hamburg's Stadium


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