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The Hammers are in for a hammering 4 November, 2006

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News, Premiership, Transfers, Uncategorized.

I can’t wait for tomorrow’s game, Sky Sports 1, 1pm. I think we will be angry from Wednesday’s inability to finish and will stick at least three past Alan Pardew’s struggling West Ham. I think we will perform well as we did in the week but hopefully we will learn from our mistakes in front of goal and put in an excellent performance; I’m expecting something along the lines of what happened at Reading. Wenger feels it wasn’t our system that stopped us from scoring, it was just bad luck and sometimes in football you get ‘one of those nights’. Adebayor is in the squad for tomorrow however Eboue will not be fit in time but is expected to be in the squad for the Carling Cup clash with Everton on Wednesday.

I see the team lining up the same as against CSKA Moscow with RVP switching between the wing and striker throughout the game. Van Persie has said he wants to improve his distribution game and has been getting a bit of stick for it especially from Thierry Henry. This is what Robin had to say:

“I have not set myself any objectives, but I have focused myself on improving my distribution and passing. I want to help my team-mates, I want them to trust me in every situation and know that I am there to help them on the pitch. It is important for a striker to work hard for the team – that can be through goals, assists or just being there for your colleagues.”

I think this is a part of Robin’s game that needs working on and he needs to learn to be a little less selfish in front of goal. It’s not a really bad problem; it’s just that sometimes there is a better option than the one he takes. However it is refreshing to see a player not passing the ball when there is a clear shot.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

In the summer we were linked with Nigel Reo-Coker but Wenger says we did make a bid. Wenger is an admirer of the West Ham captain but didn’t go as far as to try and buy him:

“I like Reo-Coker but we never made a bid to West Ham for him. He has a good work rate, technique and power. He has physical power. In the middle of the park he uses that very well, he is very incisive and wins the ball. He did that against us last year.”

We were also linked with Javier Mascherano and Carlos Tevez before they signed for the London club on transfer deadline day. The two Argentineans signed from Corinthians somewhat controversially and were expected be a massive hit for the club and turn them into a side fighting for European places. However the Argentine internationals have been poor for the Hammers and were left out of the side’s win against Blackburn last weekend. I was one of the Gooners that wanted Arsene buy these players in the summer, not so much Tevez but more Mascherano, I’m so glad now that Arsene didn’t. I don’t know whether they are getting poor service at West Ham and the quality of the players around them are effecting them, or if they are just shit. I do not know.

    Tevez & Masch

Arsenal’s least favourite striker in the whole Premiership, Teddy Sheringham, might be playing tomorrow. He was successful at Spurs at Man Utd, which automatically makes him the most loathed player in the world. Also because he is a twat too. Anyway, he might be playing which I welcome, hopefully the old man will break his leg or something and it’ll be something more for the travelling Gooners to shout at.

Arsene Wenger has been having a go at FIFA over the new home-grown players rule. In a few years time FIFA are looking at making a rule of having at least 6 ‘home-grown’ players in a 16-man squad. Obviously this is a problem for Arsenal and our manager has been having his say:

“I am very unhappy because it is not linked to what I like. You must always say to a player: ‘You play because you are better.’ I have always done that in my life. This is not right. What can you tell a supporter who pays money to watch your team? ‘His first touch is not good, yes, we know. But he is English, what can you do?’ I would like to say: ‘Listen, is he English, South African, French or South American? He is a good football player’.”

“I would never like to feel as a player that somebody is better than me but sits on the bench just because he does not have the right passport. I am really concerned that when you love football, you cannot act this way. You have to be big enough and capable enough to tell a player: ‘You do not play because you are not good enough’. Elite sport is first about quality. I would not like to say that I paid £2 million for a player just because he has the right passport. At that level of money, you just have to be good enough to play and not be protected. That is what I fight for. I would prefer to say that you make £4 million per year as a player because you are good enough, rather than say I give you £2 million because I need you and you have the right passport. I do not find that right, and that is not respecting the fans who are paying £60 to watch a game. You are telling them ‘Yes, okay, he is not good enough. But we have to play him because he is from the right country’. We want to be an elite sport, well paid, and so we have to accept it is just down to quality, nothing else.”

I understand the reasoning behind FIFA’s new vision but it really is insane that we must play an English player because he is English when we have a much better Brazilian player now on the bench. It’s like saying at the World Cup You’re only allowed to select players from your own leagues. Brazil would be rubbish as most of their players play in Europe. It’s just mad. A home-grown player can be many things, I don’t 100% understand what makes a player ‘home-grown’. Apparently our French left back, Gael Clichy counts as ‘home-grown’ because he has been with us since a young age and has been living in the country for a long time. My readers have told me before who counts as a ‘home-grown’ player but I’m still not sure. Hopefully FIFA will re-think the rule anyway and we wont have to worry about it at all.

And finally, all-time France leading goal scorer Michael Platini thinks Thierry Henry did the wrong thing not going to Barcelona. Thierry signed a four year deal before the World Cup to stay at Arsenal instead of moving to Champions League winners, Barcelona. Platini thinks he made the wrong choice:

“I sincerely believe he made a mistake in not signing for Barcelona. I told him so and said the same to Barca president Joan Laporta. Henry would have grown a lot at Barcelona. Thierry Henry is a truly great player and is on the verge of over-taking me as a goal scorer for France. However, he hasn’t achieved the same category of other great stars. Why? Because he lacks playing in a great team and winning titles with his club like he has done with France, where he has been European and world champion.”

Titi has won plenty of silverware at Arsenal thank you and I’m sure he’ll win plenty more. Platini is a footballing legend but he is also a knob. Go away, Henry chose to stay at Arsenal because he loves the club and wants to help us move on to greater things.

That’s enough for today, have a good weekend.


1. aussiegooner - 5 November, 2006

hear hear..

2. Justin - 5 November, 2006

Lemme be the first to say that the loss against west ham was heart breaking

3. ERIC MCCONNELL - 5 November, 2006

I am having a very difficult time with this club. It is inconceivable to me how I watch prem sides like man. u and liverpool finish in front of goal every week with less talent, less ability. for a club this talented to go through games against everton, cska moscow, about 180 minutes and score only one goal is pathetic. it really is. wenger has amassed a talented team of pinpoint passing prettyboys who would rather look bad losing than score ugly goals and win. I am so tired of seeing this team try to score the ‘goal of the decade’ every time they generate a chance. Wenger reallly needs to put the fear of god into this team and make it clear that missing chances in front of net like they have will cost them playing time…not just with arsenal but in the prem in general. I think some guys need to be moved. Rosiscky’s and Van Persies lack of finishing touch has probably already cost us the prem title and we won’t fare any better in the CL the way we are…or rather are not filling up the net. once adebayor, diaby and baptista come back, I hope to NEVER SEE ROSISCKY OR VAN PERSIE on the field again this year until they learn how to finish like top flight footballers. I watched young aaron lennon finish chelsea off today off one good ball from robbie keane. I asked myself if we would have scored there and thought immediately…no. Henry would have tried to play the ball back over the middle to fabregas, who would hve one touched it to Van Scurvy, who would have completely missed the open net. I look at dirk kuyts goals yesterday against reading. would we have scored there? no. and I’m so sick of how after every match its the same thing from the whole side “we’re not going to change how we play.” “this is the most entertaining team in the world” of course it is, b/c fans love to watch us play the beautiful game for 90 minutes…AND LOSE BECAUSE WE CAN’T FINISH. the truth is changes need to be made. this team struts around the field one touching and passing the ball with all the arrogance of a five time defending treble winner, when the truth is it’s been years since we won jack and that’s mostly because this kind of arrogant, pretty boy football has taken hold with the team since viera left. I think the january transfer window should be used to discard the non-finishers and bring in some proven guys who can fill it up in the prem. forget these foreigners who want to play the beautiful game. lets get some englishmen, some germans some guys who can play DIRECT FOOTBALL before we lose yet another season because of the pathetic arrogance, over passing and lack of execution that has sadly come to symbolize arsenal football. and if that doesn’t work….maybe it’s time to talk about Wenger..because I don’t think he is getting this team in the right frame of mind to play top flight football this year. there is no killer instinct or intensity about this team whatsoever. and our record reflects this. the prem title is already out of reach. we will need to muster up great results against porto and hamburg to get through in the CL and the way we are playing, I am just going to assume that our CL season is over….just like the next 5 years of arsenal football if they can’t get this together. look at the team. fabregas, van persie, rosiscky, hleb, we’re stuck with these guys and they can’t produce. who’s going to take those bums off of our hands at year’s end after the way they’ve embarrassed themselves in front of net? And I don’t think ribery is the saviour either. He missed several open nets in the world cup, most notably a chance to win in the final. No, we need direct footballers and not pretty boys and wenger just keeps bringing in these model acrtress types. Reyes was the same way. all ability and no desire and I ‘m getting sick of it. The 2002 team could pick people apart like this BUT THEY FINISHED IN FRONT OF NET and that’s why they won the double. ARSENAL FOOTBALL HAS BECOME A PATHETIC JOKE.

4. Justin - 5 November, 2006

Replace wenger? No.

But agree with what you say about our players being to comfortable. I reckon Aliediere should have been given a go ahead of RVP. Although i think the world of RVP, hes just not pulling his weight. Even Henry gets complacent and i know i’ll probably get flack for this but NO player is above the club and if he doesnt perform he needs to be substituted.

Rosicky is doing alright. In fact hes doing pretty well for a new boy. Hleb too. Yeah again would have liked to see walcott or Ali play

5. ERIC MCCONNELL - 5 November, 2006

I have to disagree with you on Rosiscky. He missed an open net in front of cska moscow that was just pathetic. the espn commentator, I think it was tommy smythe said “It was harder NOT to score there and Rosiscky missed anyway.” Sickening.I shreiked with pain watching it. My neighbor came over and thought I was having a seizure of some sort. And I was. I have a 13 year old house cat who could have put that ball away…and she weighs less than the bloody ball. For god’s sake WENGER HIMSELF COULD HAVE TUCKED THAT AWAY. No my friend, we left two points on the field and an opportunity to advance to the next stage out on the pitch specifically on Rosiscky’s account that night. Everyone finished poorly but that was the worst. the worst finish I’ve seen in topflight football by an offensive midfielder in years.I’ll get right to the heart of the matter. Would Robert Pires have put that ball away? The answer is a RESOUNDING YES. Would Patrick Viera have gathered the mates together and snatched a goal or two out of that disaster against Moscow and today against West Ham. Again a RESOUNDING YES!! And I hear Rosiscky missed a couple of good opportunities AGAIN today. Why is it that Christiano Ronaldo is taking shots and scoring from 25-30 meters and we are trying to walk the ball into the bloody net for 90 minutes?it’s incredible, we know people are going to put 7-10 guys behind the ball and counter attack us and our pretty boy midfielders play right into their hands every week. I understand a youth movement but we have given in too much to it. The real problem is we have boys playing a man’s game. And the young guys play down to what they perceive as the level of their competition. For nearly two weeks now Fabregas, Hleb, Rosiscky, VanPersie, they all play like they will have chance after chance against lower rung teams so squandering chances is no big deal. You watch them play well against Liverpool next week. And then they will leave points on the pitch vs. Bolton and Fulham. Teams they should pick apart like rotisserie chicken. Even Henry plays away chances that drogba and saha would try to bury. Sometimes it takes a chance to get a chance. When was the last goal we scored on a rebound scramble off a loose shot? I can’t even remember and its because all of our misses go wide out of bounds for goal kicks or we end up playing the ball back to the defense by trying to score masterpieces instead of trying to score goals. Rosiscky must go. We don’t want his value to drop and weaknesses in his game to be exposed like Veron…who ended up being worthless on the pitch to Man U. AND in the tsfr market. We will still be able to fetch a quality player in exchange for him January but not over the summer because he will be a proven joke by then. Van Persie too. And let’s get some veterans in here who care about winning right now….not looking good for girls in the stands and winning a title somewhere down the road. THIS TEAM PLAYS WITH NO SENSE OF URGENCY AND THE SLAVISH MENTALITY TO THE YOUTH MOVEMENT IS A BIG PART OF IT. These guys have heard so much about how young this team is that they don’t feel like they have to win now. But Sidney Govou was in his early 20’s and winning at Lyon. Ballack was not much older than Rosiscky is right now when he was leading Bayern to Bundesliga titles. Samuel Eto’o is 24, the same age as Van Persie and he has a champion’s league medal and La Liga titles. Moving Rosiscky and/or (hopefully both) will send a clear message to the team that ARSENAL football is about finishing football.WINNING PREMIERSHIP FOOTBALL. not winning five years from now. winning now. and next year. and whatever year it is. period. no more of this building towards the future rubbish. And furthermore, the chairman of the board should curtail Wenger the next time he wants to go on one of these shopping sprees and make sure he brings in footballers with a LOT more substance to their games and a little bit less style. As much as it kill me to say, the reason the Red Devils are at the top of the table right now is that they selling the steak and Arsenal is selling the sizzle. We sacrificed veteran, proven championship winning footballers for the likes of VanPersie and Rosiscky. They underachieved as internationals and they are underachieving as professionals. For heaven’s sake Bush is ‘finishing the job in Iraq’ better than those two are finishing chances. If we can’t move them, once Adebayor and Baptista come back, I hope those two guys are BURIED UNDERNEATH OF THE SECOND TEAM UNTIL THEY BEG TO BE TRANSFERED AND GOOD RIDDANCE TO BOTH OF THEM.

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