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Fulham 2-1 Arsenal – 29/11/06 – (Barclays Premiership) 29 November, 2006

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An absolute fucking shocking game, we were abysmal and deserved to lose. Could’ve nicked a point if our players actually gave a shit. Tottenham on Saturday and I’m am NOT looking forward to that…

I’ve been exited about going to this game for weeks but what I saw was not what I expected. Our starting eleven was not a very good one including Alex “I’m crap and don’t deserve to put on the Arsenal shirt” Song and an Henry who didn’t give two shits again. We’ve got 3 very importnat games next so I can understand the weakened side but we should’ve still not fucking lost to Fulham. We went 2 nil down early and Robin Van Persie scored an excellent free kick to give is a fighting chance. However nobody was up for fighting. Listening to talksport on the way home a Gooner was saying how we were very harsh to Song and calling for Fabregas only made him worse. Well I got his point but I’m sorry, the boy just had to get off the pitch whatever it took.

Robins Free Kick

I don’t know what’s wrong with Clichy and Eboue but neither of them were in the squad so we had Flamini at left back and Hoyte on the right, both were not good enough. We played a 4-4-2 with Henry and Van Persie up front, RVP had a good game I feel: scored a great goal and was the only one actually creating anything. As for Thierry, he literally did about three useful things and really we might as well of had Adebayor playing. Senderos picked up two yellow cards to leave us with 10 mean for about 20 minutes, there was 11 bookings in the game and there could’ve been another red or two if the referee actually had a clue where he was.

Not exactly the sort of match report I was expecting to do. That’s two games lost on the bounce and no way in hell can we afford another with the first North London derby at the Grove next. That was the worst display I’ve seen for a long, long time tonight and if we play like that on Saturday then we are in for a severe beating from Tottenham.

The only positive thing I can say from the game is about the support. It was amazing and I have never lost my voice before the game had even started. It shows what sort of vocals we are capable of so I don’t understand why we just sit there in silence at home. It died off towards the end but we had nothing to sing about and I’m surprised most of us were still there. If we can sing anything like that on Saturday then it will be deafening. I’m definitely going to get to more away games even though this means Arsenal have lost every time I go to one.

I’ve done a report like this one before and people weren’t happy about it but this is my blog, which means it is my thoughts, and tonight, these are my thoughts. Tomorrow I will have calmed down and I will be able to analyse the game a bit more, think about what we did wrong and how we can move on, but at the moment this is all I can say about the game.

Good night Gooners, don’t have nightmares about the game.

Senderos red carded

Henry, Rosicky and Van Perise all back for Fulham 29 November, 2006

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Fulham vs The Arsenal

Tonight we make the short trip past Stamford Bridge to Fulham’s Craven Cottage. They are one of the established Premiership teams that have struggled a bit this year but Chris Coleman has managed to bring them up to 12th but will still be desperate for points. I’m sure he’ll do his best to earn a scrappy point tonight but I feel Arsenal have just too much for Fulham; I’m expecting us to score two at least but don’t be surprised to the goals don’t come, because as you’re well aware sometimes we just have ‘one of those days’. However don’t be surprised if we slaughter Fulham 6-0 because the talent and desire is there.

We have a pretty much full team to pick from apart from Gallas, and obviously Diaby and Lauren. However Baptista is being rested for this one, more on that later. This is what I think the team should be, Wenger will probably pick something entirely different but this is my pick: Lehmann, Clichy, Senderos, Toure, Eboue, Hleb, Fabregas, Gilberto, Rosicky with two up front: Van Persie and Henry. A strong line-up and I think one or two may be rested for the Spurs game on Saturday. I think we should go 4-4-2 though, it’s hardly a threatening team we’re playing and this is a good opportunity to test the formation again before that important game at the weekend.

As I’ve mentioned millions of times before I’m going tonight, look out for my ‘The Beast – 9’ shirt. It’s a tricky tube journey with lots of stops and changes down to the River Thames on the District Line. I’ll get there eventually and have a wonder round, see what the cottage is like and get inside nice and early. I don’t think this one’s on TV but it’ll probably be on the radio I’d expect; if you can, support the boys tonight in what should be the start of some form. And as always, a match report to come.

Julio Baptista hasn’t played a great deal after his comeback from injury but has been rested for tonight’s game. The Brazilian hasn’t had alot of football in the past year thanks to some continuous injuries and I suppose getting back into it it’s tough. He’s had some iffy performances but looks to be finding his feet and scored his first goal against Hamburg last week. Wenger reckons we are about to see the best of The Beast:

“We have seen that before with players who came here, it always took them six months to adapt. I am confident he will make a big impact here. There is no basic problem with him. He has just got to adapt to the pace of the game. He has just come back from six weeks out with injury, and I feel he needs to work, maybe he will play on Saturday.”

I do hope Wenger is right, I was very exited when Baptista arrived here but was a little disappointed with some performances, but Arsene is right, and it does look like he is adapting to the game as time progresses. He’s on a season long loan from Real Madrid but it looks like the deal will be made permanent. Jose Reyes went the other way and is doing really well is Spain and I expect the ‘Galacticos’ to want to keep him too. I’d like to see Julio given the chance to play on Saturday and I feel it might be quite a physical game and we may need a little beastliness in our side.


And finally the Ballon D’Or winner was officially announced as Fabio Cannavaro on Monday. I think it should’ve been Titi this time but I suppose his year will come one day. He didn’t even come 2nd though! Buffon was runner-up and probably deserved it, I forgot about him, he had a great world cup and without him Italy wouldn’t have one it. Cannavaro won with 173 votes with Buffon getting 124 who was closely followed by Henry, and Ronaldinho came 4th, about 50 points behind Thierry. Then it went Zidane, Eto’o, Klose, Drogba, Pirlo and Arsenal ‘keeper Jens Lehmann came in 10th which I am very pleased with.


That’s all the news for today; enjoy the game tonight if you get to watch it. Have a good Wednesday.


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