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Fulham 2-1 Arsenal – 29/11/06 – (Barclays Premiership) 29 November, 2006

Posted by lasagnechef in Premiership.


An absolute fucking shocking game, we were abysmal and deserved to lose. Could’ve nicked a point if our players actually gave a shit. Tottenham on Saturday and I’m am NOT looking forward to that…

I’ve been exited about going to this game for weeks but what I saw was not what I expected. Our starting eleven was not a very good one including Alex “I’m crap and don’t deserve to put on the Arsenal shirt” Song and an Henry who didn’t give two shits again. We’ve got 3 very importnat games next so I can understand the weakened side but we should’ve still not fucking lost to Fulham. We went 2 nil down early and Robin Van Persie scored an excellent free kick to give is a fighting chance. However nobody was up for fighting. Listening to talksport on the way home a Gooner was saying how we were very harsh to Song and calling for Fabregas only made him worse. Well I got his point but I’m sorry, the boy just had to get off the pitch whatever it took.

Robins Free Kick

I don’t know what’s wrong with Clichy and Eboue but neither of them were in the squad so we had Flamini at left back and Hoyte on the right, both were not good enough. We played a 4-4-2 with Henry and Van Persie up front, RVP had a good game I feel: scored a great goal and was the only one actually creating anything. As for Thierry, he literally did about three useful things and really we might as well of had Adebayor playing. Senderos picked up two yellow cards to leave us with 10 mean for about 20 minutes, there was 11 bookings in the game and there could’ve been another red or two if the referee actually had a clue where he was.

Not exactly the sort of match report I was expecting to do. That’s two games lost on the bounce and no way in hell can we afford another with the first North London derby at the Grove next. That was the worst display I’ve seen for a long, long time tonight and if we play like that on Saturday then we are in for a severe beating from Tottenham.

The only positive thing I can say from the game is about the support. It was amazing and I have never lost my voice before the game had even started. It shows what sort of vocals we are capable of so I don’t understand why we just sit there in silence at home. It died off towards the end but we had nothing to sing about and I’m surprised most of us were still there. If we can sing anything like that on Saturday then it will be deafening. I’m definitely going to get to more away games even though this means Arsenal have lost every time I go to one.

I’ve done a report like this one before and people weren’t happy about it but this is my blog, which means it is my thoughts, and tonight, these are my thoughts. Tomorrow I will have calmed down and I will be able to analyse the game a bit more, think about what we did wrong and how we can move on, but at the moment this is all I can say about the game.

Good night Gooners, don’t have nightmares about the game.

Senderos red carded


1. Jimbob the Gooner - 29 November, 2006

Does anyone now dispute that Henry does not merit a place in the Arsenal team? At least the fans were close enough tonight to tell him what they thought of him. It should be some time before he plays for Arsenal again, if ever.

2. goonagain - 29 November, 2006

These past few weeks and the next will hopefully spell the end of Wenger and we can get a manager who REALLY knows how to coach and tactically run a team…… not just luckily inherit one!! Losing 2-1 to Fulham just reinforces the truth!! Wenger has lost the plot!

3 years now of our club deteriorating into just “one of the pack” along with the likes of Liverpool,Everton,Bolton,Newcastle and I almost choke at saying this Sp*rs!!!! AW has had long enough to rebuild and has failed…… and I know all the Arsene is God mob will cry out…..but sorry guys reality may hurt but he hasn’t a clue what to do….. and buying Adebeyor/Hleb/Rosicky and Song in the last 12 months underlines the whole problem!!

3. lasagnechef - 29 November, 2006

Wenger should not be sacked.

Adebayor: An okay signing, the sort of player we needed at the time. Still can improve

Hleb: Getting better, use to not like him but he’s learnt alot and a definate good buy.

Rosicky: A great signing, we needed to replace Pires with a good player and he is that man.

Song: Well I’m sorry, I don’t have a fucking clue what was going on in Arsene’s head. Maybe it was a bet?

I do not think Wenger should go though.

4. Jimbob the Gooner - 29 November, 2006

I was initially horrified by reading goonagain’s claim that Wenger could be out in a week, and I’m sure he won’t be, but goonagain’s reasoning actually makes an awful lot of sense. Fourth place looks some way off at the moment and I personally don’t see us getting it. We are genuinely worse than Fulham FFS! The result was no travesty and flattered Arsenal.

5. Gunnertony - 30 November, 2006

Sorry, but I just heard more bollox from Wenger on Football First. He’s on another planet.

We’re in serious trouble and a result against Sp*rs will just paper over the growing cracks. Wenger remains the greatest developer of raw football talent on the planet, but he’s no longer a great manager.

6. Jimbob the Gooner - 30 November, 2006

Did they mention that Wenger is the first Arsenal manager to lose to Fulham since Billy Wright?

Bertie Mee, Terry Neill, Don Howe, George Graham and Bruce Rioch never managed it.

7. LA Gooner - 30 November, 2006

Wenger’s post-match comments that the team played well show he must be sniffing glue. Henry looks miserable, moping around and only occasionally showing enough desire to so much as run. Honestly, only RvP and Theo (for what, 10 mins?) were worth a fuck today. This is melt-down time.

8. azza - 30 November, 2006

arrgh. i can’t believe how bad we played!
our team has lost the plot time and time again and this is no different. we need a radical change. maybe something like wenger resigning or henry benched for 5+ games would shake up the team. i can’t believe i’m saying this. it just frustrates me after seeing all the talent we have in the squad.

9. EY - 30 November, 2006

Ferg got the same crap from United “faithfull” for the last two years and as late as this summer. You should hang your heads in shame, “Wenger out!”. Fucking knee jerk reaction, if I ever saw one. Yeah, we played like crap. Tomas and Senderos are coming back from injury, why Arsene rested many players, I don’t know, prob with Sp*rs game in mind.

P.S. Barca were quite shit for some years while they were rebuilding. We got to a CL final while in transition. This year is an improvement in the sense that for big games the players are more up for it (compare OT last year and this). I’m dissapointed, but really, ffs, have some perspective.

10. Justin - 30 November, 2006

I wouldnt go as far as to call for a resignation but honestly Wenger has to start doing something right because even the most patient of fans can only be pushed so far. I didnt catch the game cuz it wasnt on TV but if as lasagnechef says, “it was the worst we’ve played” and keeping in mind the Bolton game was really bullshit, this is very very bad. I really felt we’d win this but again I was wrong. I can understand resting players and I’d have thought even with that in mind, we’d put a few past Fulham. What our players need is a good bollocking, by who I don’t know because we all know Arsene won’t. I know its improbable but if we don’t even make a 4th place, it wouldn’t surprise me.

11. Justin - 30 November, 2006

Oh another thing. Over the weeks our players have bitched about how we can’t play our game because teams sat back and shut shop. Yesterday wasn’t the case. Fulham really gave it a go (all credit to them) and this should have suited us but no. Why? I have no f****** clue. This is all becoming farcical, seriously.

12. Justin - 30 November, 2006

You know what would be a great idea? Bring back Keown, Adams, Dixon, Bergkamp and the lot as coaches. These lifelong Gunners would give the players the bollocking of a lifetime which can only do them good.

13. tg - 30 November, 2006

Guys, it is time for a protest march to Emirates.

It is NOT ok to live in denial and say things will be alright.
It is our job to show the team that the fans are very very concerned.

It is time to let Henry, Wenger, and the management know our frustrations. These people have forgotten about playing with pride for Arsenal.

14. lasagnechef - 30 November, 2006

Imagine if we lost the next three games…season would be over. Not even worth watching it. Only be the FA Cup left. C’MON ARSENAL SORT IT FUCKING OUT

15. Gunner 8 - 30 November, 2006


I think it is about time… …it is a fucking disgrace, after the Everton game at the grove I saw the team coach leave the stadium and they were all laughing and high fiving at the back esp Henry (a fucking disgrace), that coupled with the scenes after recent losses of players palling up just irks me!

They have no heart at the moment and Henry is the main culprit, he is no captain

16. Gunner 8 - 30 November, 2006

The CURSE of NOVEMBER will be over tomorow

17. lasagnechef - 30 November, 2006

I hope so…

18. john - 30 November, 2006

Some times I wonder if the hands that type these posts are connected to a brain!

Goonagain, what are you on about? Are you a Spurs fan or something trying to wind people up? You certainly make enough silly and reactionary points to be daft enough to follow them.

Sack Wenger? Get a real coach? He only ‘inherited’ a team? You are joking aren’t you?! I don’t need to list his achievements here. They are obvious to anyone with only one frontal lobe in operation (that’s one more than you I guess). But to say he only inherited a team is beyond stupid – the Invincibles were hardly George Graham’s creation? Or the Champions League team was hardly steeped in Bruce Rioch’s traditions?!!

Look, last night I think Wenger got his tactics wrong. But that happens. It’s infuriating when he doesn’t come out and say, wow we were shit. But that’s the way the man is, and it’s brought us a lot of joy so I say, don’t stop now!

We all hope they get it together before Saturday. A good win then is just the thing we need to get going again after this recent dip.

19. Gunner 8 - 30 November, 2006

Remember, remember the Arsenal in November

We are shit and we always hit a dip

I don’t know if it’s that all the blokes haven’t got used to the cold yet but what is it about this month… …I know we haven’t set anybody alight this season, but this time it hurts…

It’s not so much that AW’s tactics are wrong but more the personel

20. Gunner 8 - 30 November, 2006

Why can’t we send Song, Hoyte and Adebayor to Birmingham City and get back Muamba, Larsson and Bendtner

I also really do not get Thierry… …surly after loosing out to the Ballon d’or and POTY he would have turned on the fireworks last night?

21. dan - 30 November, 2006

all i would say it that is has taken liverpool over fifteen years of transition and they still have not get it right.wenger has not even has three years yet. afterall it would not be the first time under wenger when we went three years without the prem.give him some time. above all else he deserved that

22. dan - 30 November, 2006

anfd of course if hoyte,ade and song were at birmingham doing well and muamba,larsson and bentner were at arsenal struggling we would ask for the opposite

23. dan - 30 November, 2006

however theirry i do not get either. for a 100,000 a week

24. Richard - 30 November, 2006

” Jimbob the Gooner – 30 November, 2006
Did they mention that Wenger is the first Arsenal manager to lose to Fulham since Billy Wright? Bertie Mee, Terry Neill, Don Howe, George Graham and Bruce Rioch never managed it”

Jimbo – that’s cos Fulham were relegated out of our division for most of the intervening years…

Well said John – someone with a sense or perspective and a brain in his head – or maybe just older than some of the other posters on here so remebers things as the really were / are.

Lasagnechef – nice blog – and you’re right, it is your blog so you carry on saying what you like on it mate – its your perogative. We don’t have to read it if we don’t want to.

Last night’s performance was terrible. We’d better not be as bad against the y1ds on Saturday or we’ll never hear the end of it. But for god’s sake everyone, stop calling for Arsene’s head – who would you rather? Sven? Fat Sam of Bolton? Chris Coleman? Get real.

Up the arse.

25. Frank - 30 November, 2006

I don’t get half the posts on this site. You blame the players for not pulling their finger out and for not playing the Arsenal way and then when the going gets tough for a while you all jump ship. Well fuck off..who needs you.

P.S. Might be a good idea to start by blocking TG he is not a Gooner, just a trouble maker. Oh and he is a liar.

26. lasagnechef - 30 November, 2006

IF you saw the game last night you would see that they do need to sort it out and get stuck in. I never jump ship, if Arsenal are doing shit I will say it, but I still love em and will support them whatever. Was there last night and will be there on Saturday, week in week out if I can I will be there. Couldn’t go to BOlton because I was working but I would’ve loved to. I will always stick by this team but I expect them to beat the likes of Fulham so I am expressing my opinion.

27. Justin - 30 November, 2006

Just caught a classic game on tv. FA cup finals 9293 against Sheffield Wednesday. Wenger was not the manager and there was such a great difference in the way we played. Fair enough the flair wasnt as great as our present team but it was there nontheless. However the style and grit of the players, we can only wish for. Jensen was getting hacked but what did he do? Nothing. Just picked himself up and got on with the job. So did the other players. Now you ask yourself why can’t our team be like that. In no way am i calling for wenger’s head mind you. Also alot of ppl say we should start playing ugly. I disagree. We shouldnt go out of our way to change our style. all im asking is that if the situation calls for it we need to know how to respond. Well the good thing about this is you really weed out the true gooners from those that jumped on the bandwagon.

28. Frank - 30 November, 2006

I was there too and although I understand your disappointment, you don’t sound as though you love em, although your comments are less negative than several others. Wenger got his tactics wrong yesterday viz Song and Flamini and we are not playing well together at the moment. ‘Getting stuck in’ is Sunday League stuff, I did’nt see anyone shirking tackles . We lacked fluidity because there were too many stand-ins. Looked to me as though Fulham was the least important of the four games between yesterday and Chelsea. Shit happens to good and bad teams, has’nt happened to us too often over the last ten years.

29. lasagnechef - 30 November, 2006

yeah, ur right. By getting stuck in i dont mean jumping in and breaking someones leg, I mean the players giving 100% and doing their best to help Arsenal. I was watching Henry last night and he was just awful, just strolling around the pitch like it was a fucking art gallery. In the week I was saying he should be the European Player of The Year but he was lucky to come third. It’s not the first time he’s played like that either. I know that Thierry can be incredible when he wants to be which is why I think he should play every game but you never know what days he can be bothered. Hopefully the north london derby will insire him to be like he was in previous seasons.

30. Frank - 30 November, 2006

I agree. I kept a real eye on Thierry last night and there is something missing. Bad enough that he is not linking with players e.g. CF and RvP, but he does not seem to know how to motivate players either. He is one of the those players that can only motivate by playing well and acting as an example. I am just waiting for him and RvP to develop a better understanding because I think they have potential to be dynamite.

I honestly think Wenger got caught out yesterday and that the expectation was that Fulham would roll over. I don’t think that will happen on Saturday. Maybe there is no better incentive for Saturday than last night’s pointless loss.

btw fantastic support last night , can’t wait for Saturday

31. lasagnechef - 30 November, 2006

very true, if we’d of won 5-0 last night then we probably would’ve been expecting to beat spurs, now we know we need to concentrate and pplay well.

We need to score though as I see us conceding first again. We need baptista, henry and RVP on the field and hopefully henry will put in a good performance.

32. Frank - 30 November, 2006

Yeah..strong, fluid, direct and above all accurate. The atmosphere is going to be incredible.

33. John - 30 November, 2006

About TiTi… this is the first season with neither Pires nor Bergkamp and that has to make a difference as his relationships with both were pivotal to his contributions. There is also a less fluid wing presence this year. No ‘real’ Fred these days, no Reyes (for what he was worth), etc. Hleb and Rosicky are more central players, as was evident last night as they dropped inside repeatedly. Without Clichy and Eboue, that left the wings very bare altogther.

As a result, I think where Henry fits into the team is less certain now. I really disagree with people who say he doesn’t care or is disinterested. I thought last night he was killing himself chasing lost causes as the ball was pumped over the top time and time again, not really his ideal game. I think this year he is struggling to find his feet in a system that looks like a work-in-progress… I don’t think Wenger is quite sure yet what his best line-up and formation is.

People say TiTi’s not as good for France as he is for Arsenal as their team isn’t built around him as we are – or were anyways. I do believe he’ll catch fire soon. He can’t help it with quality such as Fab behind him. But I think some presence on the wings could help. He has a good understanding with Ribery from the international scene, and given that Fred is less effective on the wings now and that Theo shows alot of promise, I think this could be a great move.

34. Frank - 30 November, 2006

Good point. I think with the ball over the top situation, he does not move well for long balls. A couple of times last night the ball was put 10-15 yeards behind the defenders and he did’nt go for them. Well both balls looked too long, until you consider that with better understanding he might have started his run as the passing player was receiving the ball, not after he has kicked it. He does look at sea, although his reaction to RvPs free kick was great which is more promising for a partnership than I first thought. Maybe we just have to be patient and wait for those partnerships between Thierry, RvP, Cesc, Theo, Alex,Tomas and the full-backs to develop. Mouth watering prospect is’nt it? And worth waiting for if it happens.

35. John - 30 November, 2006

That’s just it, there’s a whole lot of potential to look forward to. As has been pointed out, the Pool have gone well over a decade without a league. Arsenal have already gone three years without under Wenger. Man Yoo have currently gone three years, and I reckon will go four, without the league. The big difference is that we, more than any of the others, have the makings of an excellent squad that could dominate for years. These young guys will keep improving and will peak together. Imagine Cesc, Theo, Eboue, Phil, Djorou and Robin in 4 years time?! Kolo, Alex and Rosicky will still be under 30! That’s without mentioning Merida, Denilson, Diaby and Vela! And whoever else is brought in!!! It’s obvious how good we will be soon.

I bet all the morons slagging Wenger now and calling for his head won’t have the humility in a few years time to say they doubted him. They’ll cheer very loud though…

I trust le boss and I’ll settle for hiccups and bad nights now for a damn good future. We’re obviously not where we want to be yet, nor do we have all the pieces of the puzzle. I do believe we are getting there.

36. Frank - 30 November, 2006

Very well put. Good man.

37. Gunner 8 - 30 November, 2006

I don’t want AW’s head on a plate, I just want to see a reaction on Saturday (I also wanted to see one yesterday)… …Dan re:comment22 you are probably right… …although Bendtner is Birmingham City ‘s leading scorer

38. Justin - 30 November, 2006

agree with gunner8… i know most real gooners are not calling for Arsene’s head. Its just worrying that while we’re in this ruck (dare i say), the team mentality hasnt seemed to changed. Also fair enough our schedule is tight but we should have the squad with enough quality to cope. Using that as an excuse is just like saying we don’t have what it takes. I’m sure we’re not the only team to have ever gotten a shit fixture list. I hope what Le Boss tells the players isn’t the same as what he says to the press. Not really looking forward to the yids this weekend and especially playing the chavs without King Kolo who in my opinion is currently the most important player in the team.

39. elstreegooner - 30 November, 2006

There’s a great mix of sense and nonsense amogst these posts. Being at the game last night I witnessed first hand the commitment of this team, and I can assure you it was lacking in to many areas. The so called small teams used to show us so much respect it was easy to pass the ball around a look good, making space for DB10, RP, TH to make runs off the ball and create chances. Now these teams have learnt that man to man marking and being tight on the players, even bullying a little upsets the gunners rhythm and doesn’ tallow the free flowing football we all love. On many occassions last night we resorted to the dreaded ‘hoof” simply through being denied space, the little triangles weren’t allowed to knock the ball around and too many passes didn’t complete.
Clearly AW made some tactical errors last night, but that doesn’t make him useless, no other team has ever been unbeaten so long – I think he may know a little more about football than you or I?
As for Thiery, he acted like a spoilt kid being denied sweets last night. Looking to the ref. for help when nudged off the ball, and holding his hands out in front of him when a pass wasn’t inch perfect. He doesn’t have the ability to motivate the team, like an Adams, and there aren’t leaders throughout the park as before, Viera, Keone, Bould etc.
PASSION and bulldog spirit are required and needs to be shown to the fans on Saturday.
On thye plus side, it was clear that RVP, CF, TR, & AH wear their heart on their sleeves and fight and chase, these guys are the winners in the team and we need more of them.

40. arsenalist - 3 December, 2006

Jimbob, it was an injury thats all.

Not so sure why Wenger should be sacked. His player transfers have been decent and the team does play the style that creates chances. We’ve just been extremely wasteful this season and that will change once the players start to gel. Injury has also been a problem for us this season and once we get over that hump we’ll be fine.

The league title is lost this year so lets try to get a top four finish and concentrate our efforts on the Champions League.

Here’s something to cheer you up (from the Spurs game):


41. jason - 17 March, 2007

guys, anyone know the name of the song, when they show the highlights at the end of a premiership game?? i liek taht song…

42. isufi - 3 June, 2007

arseanli ma i forti bre un kisha pas qef me njet me lojtart e arseanlit

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[…] absence of Cesc – a fact which means that Alex Song could come into the line-up on a ground where he experienced the nadir of his Arsenal career.  One would also expect Robin van Persie to come in for his first Premier League start since […]

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