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No need to sack Wenger 1 December, 2006

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News, Premiership, Uncategorized.

Arsene Wengers magic

Times aren’t good for Gooners at the moment and one or two have been calling for Arsene Wenger’s exit. This is absolutely ludicrous; he is the best man to get us out of this mess. He has brought some incredible players and some inspired tactics to Arsenal and I’m sure that he’s the man to take Arsenal back to the top over the next few seasons. We’ve lost two games in a row but you’d think it was the end of the world reading Arsenal websites, mine included. When you think about it like that it’s all a bit silly, but the real reason behind all this negativity is the tension over the next three games. All of them can be very easily lost and that would be it, our season over; and if we did lose to Spurs (touch wood) we would never ever hear the last of it. I’m sure Arsene knows exactly what he is doing, I’ bet he’s got it all planned out and is quietly confident. Say we did lose all three matches, that still wouldn’t mean Wenger should go.

Recently I’ve heard people talking about how Arsene has destroyed Arsenal. Stupid, I know. Their point is that the teams that have been successful under Wenger have included tough players such as Keown, Vieira, Adams, Winterburn, and Wright etc but now they are all gone and the current squad are just pushed off the ball. I see the point but I think Arsene has noticed that too and he’s tried his best to replace these players. Recently he’s brought in Diaby, Baptista, Gallas and Adebayor but all of them are foreign and what we need is some English grit and determination. There are players that give their all for this club and that’s why the fans adore them, we need more players to stand up and be counted. Signings are still needed but Wenger has just moved us to a bazillion pound stadium so we’re on a very tight budget at the moment, the future looks bright with all these kids coming through, but what about the present?

    There's oly one...

We’ve got Tottenham at home tomorrow, possibly the biggest fixture for Arsenal fans; I think we have to get it right this weekend or we could be in for a very miserable winter. I’m hoping my match report won’t be another criticising, explicit and angry one, but more of a relieved, happy and praising one. November was horrible for us but quite good to Spurs, they won 4 including beating Chelsea, they drew with Blackburn and they lost to Reading; compared to our 3 losses, a draw and a win, that’s pretty good.

Hopefully losing to Fulham will help us: If we won 6-0 on Wednesday night then we’d be totally expecting to beat Tottenham and wouldn’t be very cautious. Now we know we’ve got to play well and have 100% concentration. It looks as though we’re going to be without Thierry Henry, that could possibly be a blessing who knows. No doubt he is our best player but he’s not in great form at the moment and maybe he could do with another little rest. We are without him for the Porto game midweek too so we’re going to have to play well without him anyway.

We tried a 4-4-2 against Fulham but it’s hard to tell whether it actually worked or not, I feel we’ll go for 5 across the midfield against Tottenham and I think that’s probably the best thing to do and switch it to 2 strikers in the game if need be. This is how I would like to see us starting presuming Henry will not be fit:

I’d like to see RVP get the chance up front on his own, I know he works best with a partner but so do all the Arsenal strikers. The Beast will be there to help him with Cesc on the top of the midfield. That’s the line-up I’d like to see but I think Arsene might play Ljungberg and Adebayor and leave out Baptista and Walcott.

Yesterday I was dreading the game but now I’m really looking forward to it, I love this club and it will be a special game to remember and hopefully we’ll be able to create a fantastic atmosphere. It’s an early kick off tomorrow so don’t forget to set those alarms tonight; it’s a big day ahead of you. C’mon the Arsenal, lets beat the scum and give ’em nightmares about The Emirates. Look I even used the proper name. Have a good Friday people.

Arsenal vs Tottenham

What Do you think of Tottenham?
What do you think of Shit?
Thank you!
That’s alright!
We hate Tottenham and we hate Tottenham.
We hate Tottenham and we hate Tottenham.
We hate Tottenham and we hate Tottenham.
We are the Tottenham haters.


1. Frank - 1 December, 2006

Ahem..would you care to name some current examples of this so-called English grit?

2. Clock End Gooner - 1 December, 2006



3. Micheal Arrowsmith - 1 December, 2006

I have been disappointed by the performances of the gunners so far.
Admittedly we did have a winning spell earlier in the season but as some of know those were teams in the bottom half.Yes we did beat Pool but we were unable to capitalize on that win .
Now it seems we are unable to perform against teams like bolton
whom Chelsea outclass depite what the walrus said.
It means Arsenal have to play them at their own game ie.true grit and win ugly like GG has said.
Unless there is a dramatic improvement espect to see gaps in the Es and by now AW shd realize fans pay good money to watch a winning team and not playing the better football and losing the game.

4. lasagnechef - 1 December, 2006

Frank, Gerrard, Terry Rooney etc…at the moment tere isn’t that many examples but a few years ago there were loads of players like that, and many at Arsenal. The game is changing but we cannot let our team just become pushovers.

5. Ross Arthur Grover - 1 December, 2006

I hope some one ,not Pat Rice, tell AW the name of the game is winning and not playing fancy football and losing the game.
He is a som who refuses to acknowledge the hard realities of modern soccer.I think teams sent out by GG could have dealt with the
walrus and get at least a point.
Oh don’t you see the variation in the strike dept of the rd.That’s why they are winning and not pass the ball a tousand times bf shooting.Incidentally although I’m a gunner fan I realyy hope the Blues get the title cause if the northern som wins the title,he would aim for the tenth one.
By the way he has been winning frequently and just for my satisfaction I hope Boro can bt his Rooney and company.I can’t satnd the guy who has been using money to buy pplayers and the title.
I just hope AW emulate him and not buy for potential awhen there are more immdiate problem areas.

6. John - 1 December, 2006

English grit is a bit of a cliche I think. I’m Irish so some of you might think I am biased but an argument can be made that its the attitude of the individual player and of the club which really matters, rather than nationality.

I know as well as any of you the kinda grit we had from Adams and co. over the years. But it’s not only England that produces these kind of tough tackling players and they don’t always do it anyway! Look at the current crop – are they any better than who we have? Or even as good?!

Lampard… My arse is he a gritty, tough tackling kinda guy.
Terry… tougher than Kolo? Doubt it. Better leader? Neck and neck.
Gerrard… If we think Henry has been quiet, what about this man?!
Cashley… Cunt.
Carrick… He tackles?!!

Vieira and Manu certainly stood up for themselves. So I don’t think it’s a question of nationality or cultural traditions, but individual attitude and also maybe the attitude of the club. I wonder if the Boss and players were affected by all the bad publicity of years gone by when the old red card statistic got recycled every week. Maybe we’re too disciplined now. We seem to have forgotten that until very recently we were seen as both the most attractive AND nastiest team in the league! We all know the players need to show a bit more aggression. Plus we need some big guys in there with the Theos and Fabs. I think that’s the aim with the Beast. And erm… Adebayor. Who I still think has potential for us. Though I hope Bendtner does too.

The one player, and he’s English too, I wish we still had, and instead we have Song and Flamini, is Steve Sidwell. In terms of a young and tough central midfielder, he fits the bill better than either of them. I can’t work out why he was sold and they were bought in. Some people may accuse the Boss of discriminating against English players (well Pennant and Cunt but they’re idiots) but I’d put it down to bad judgement. Sadly it happens now and then. Even the Boss sais at the time, one day he may have to buy Steve back.

7. Frank - 1 December, 2006

Thank you, John. Can’t add to that .

8. John - 1 December, 2006

man yoo to sign henrik larsson on laon in january. so says bbc.

9. Frank - 1 December, 2006

Good player. Good cover. A tad past his sell by..but life in the old dog yet. We need to watch out for him if he plays against us in the pl home game.

10. lasagnechef - 1 December, 2006

Nicely put Frank. When you think about it we’ve got a few players that could have the ‘english grit’. Toure, Gallas, Lauren, Diaby and Baptista are all strong physical players.

11. azza - 1 December, 2006


12. John - 1 December, 2006

Thierry is definitely out. As is Flamini. Fred seems to definitely be in. He’ll stay on the left I’d guess and be used to try and check Spurs’ attacking threat in the shape of Lennon.

Fred just ain’t the player he used to be. His pace is gone while 3 goals since the start of last season is scant. Furthermore watching him jump out of several tackles against Bolton last week really pissed me off, since it was him who constantly criticised the young players for not ‘sticking their foot in’. It seems a conservative move to play him so I hope Clichy and Eboue get a lot done on the overlap. Presumably Theo will be used to put out fires again with 20 minutes to go…

Interesting odds at Paddy Power… Tottenham to lead at half-time but a draw at full-time is 14 to 1… Arsenal to win 3-0 is also 14 to 1… Given the results so far this season they seem pretty tempting!

13. Justin - 1 December, 2006

I won’t be expecting to come away with anything if Freddie is included in the starting lineup. Sorry but he is WAY past his best and is not Arsenal material anymore. Every player has his shelflife, even DB10 and unfortunately Fred’s shelflife has come to an end prematurely.

14. Dan - 1 December, 2006

There is no way in a million years that that will be the team, you are in cloud cuckoo land, Baptista and Walcott will not play and Freddie and Adebayor will do. (I agree with your team wholeheartedly)

15. lasagnechef - 2 December, 2006

I hope we play the team I chose but I know we wont. We only have Hotye as a defender on the bench now so I suppose Traore or someone will have to come in on the bench.

Just about to leave for the game, c’mon the arsenal. Should win this one if we put our minds to it, we’ve got enough without Henry. I’ll even accept a scrappy draw. MAke it a day to remember boys. Wont be a match report straight after the game becasue 1. I am not coming home after the game and 2. I want time to calm down and write a proper report.

16. John - 2 December, 2006

Well don’t forget that Wenger has suggested a certain A.Song can do a job in central defense if called upon… Which, as Arseblogger said a while ago, is a right kick in the teeth to Matthew Connolly.

Just off out to game now. NOt sure what to expect. It reminds me of the game at the Lane 2 years ago, that insane 5-4 ordeal. It came off the back of some bad results for us including the end of the Invincibles run and Spurs had just appointed Jol so were hopeful of a fresh start… Arsenal games have been threatening to turn into seriously crazy affairs of late and nothing like the Derby to bring it all to the boil. I reckon it could be a mad one.

17. afrikgooner - 2 December, 2006

yipee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are beating the SCUMS……..:-)

18. Oliver - 2 December, 2006

Correction: We HAVE beaten the Scum:)

19. Justin - 2 December, 2006

Correction: We have humiliated the scum

20. Gunner 8 - 2 December, 2006


21. lasagnechef - 3 December, 2006

What a day. Only just got home since game but too tired to do a write up. will do in the morning. Sorry about the lateness but i need some sleep so I can dream about the game.

22. lasagnechef - 3 December, 2006

This makes me happy

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