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Man Utd Preview – Win takes us 6pts from Chelsea 20 January, 2007

Posted by lasagnechef in Premiership.

Asburton Grove

The final whistle has gone at Anfield and Chelsea lost 2-0. The result means we can’t get any higher than 4th this weekend but a win tomorrow would put us one point behind Liverpool and 6 behind Chelsea with both teams still left to play this season. If we did take all three points tomorrow we’d still be 12 points away from Man U, even that will be hard to catch up with so Wenger is right that if we lose we will be well and truly out of the title race. If we lose tomorrow United will have 60 points and will be well clear of the chasing pack. It’s been a two horse race for the title all season but Chelsea have been poor recently and now it’s 3 teams going for 2nd while United are pretty comfortable in 1st.

I’ve just started to get exited for tomorrow’s game and I’m quietly confident we’ll win. I know it’s going to be another fantastic day at The Emirates and the atmosphere should be electric. Every player will be up for this one, this match has so much importance on the top 4 a slip up is not an option.

Henry is often left out of the Manchester United game but I’m expecting his to start this one. He’s been on good form since his comeback and I think Arsene will chose to play him. There’s doubts over Van Persie and there’s talk that The Beast could play in what’s bound to be physical match. I’d be surprised if we went 4-5-1 for this one so I’m expecting one of these partnerships up front: Henry/RVP, RVP/Ade, RVP/Baptista, Henry/Ade or Henry/Baptista. Not exactly narrowing it down but I can see any one of those partnerships doing well. The only one that isn’t there is Baptista/Ade; I don’t think they would work well together. I just don’t see it. The rest of the team pretty much picks itself, the only thing is who’ll partner Fabregas come in for the suspended Gilberto. It’s very likely to be Flamini, arsenal.com even said so but there’s still other options. Rosicky can play centrally and Wenger has played The Beast there.

The Flam

United have been playing brilliantly this season and you have to give credit to them. Scholes and Ronaldo have been especially good and Henry has said Scholes should get player of the year. The only player who hasn’t performed particularly well is Rooney. He’s played alright but hasn’t been anything special. Rooney’s only scored 8 goals this season and you would’ve expected him to have got many more than that. The other strikers have been making up for him though, Saha’s got 12 and Solskjaer’s got 9. I’m not sure who’ll start up front for them tomorrow, I’m guessing it’ll be Rooney and Larsson but I really haven’t got a clue.

I just can’t wait for the game to start now; I’ve had enough of all the build up I just want to get down to the match. Hopefully we can keep our unbeaten run at our new stadium and I think that’s the main priority tomorrow. I’d take a draw but I don’t think the visitors will, they’ll be trying to extend the gap at the top with Chelsea losing today. I’ll have a match report up on Monday.

Arsenal v Man Utd

Our next game is the first leg of the Carling Cup Semi at White Hart Lane and I’ve managed to sort out a ticket. I’ve never been to the shithole before so should be a great experience. Hopefully our lads can put in a performance similar to the one in the last round😉 More build up to that one next week.

Today I added an About page. Nothing special, I just made it as somewhere I could give you my email address as a few people have asked for it. I’m having a bit of trouble with the setup of the account but it’ll be working soon. It should be lasagnechef@the-cannon.com when I sort it out but don’t email me yet, I’ll let you know when it’s up and running.

Enjoy the game.


1. Pabz - 20 January, 2007

When is Henry ‘often left out against United’? You make it sound like some sort of secret Wenger tactic. I can only think of 2 incidents where he didn’t start against them. Last season he was on the bench for the Old Trafford game, right after Juve away and with Portsmouth midweek… Other than that we’re talking the FA Cup semi-final in 2004, when he had scored a rocket against them the previous Sunday, and with the cup game squashed in with the CL quarter finals… Both at the same point in the year with similar fixture congestion. That’s the only pattern.

Fuck Rooney. His 8 goals aren’t even that impressive since they all came in just 4 games. He may be due one but our defence is playing well.

2. Kiria - 20 January, 2007

No doubt we are going to win the march 3-0, Hurrrrr the Gunner

3. Justin - 20 January, 2007

Just wondering, how much did we get for Ralphy? Or was he a free agent?

4. Pabz - 20 January, 2007

Heard 1.5 million on five live earlier. But dunno how accurate that is since it was another ‘undisclosed’ number.

5. lasagnechef - 20 January, 2007

It wasn’t a free but I can imagine it was a lot. 1.5m sounds about right.

6. Glo - 20 January, 2007

Confident, I don’t know. What I know is that they have very good players that are going to trouble us tomorrow especially Rooney and Larson. Ronaldo is good but Arsenal seem to know how to play against him more than any other team and the last game will be in his mind, those party tricks. If he scores then he scores but I think the major danger men will be Rooney and Larson, keep them quiet and we have a chance.

Midfield, I can’t really see how most team on earth will be able to cope with Arsenal midfield even with Giberto out. Cesc is class and you know he will perform well tomorrow because he is super-consistent. People are talking of Scoles including Henry but for me Cesc has being the most consistent player in the premiership this season. The thought of him getting better frightens me.

Attack, I know Arsene always does the right thing and want to protect his players, Adebayor just came back from injury and I think Adebayor will be very important for the next games coming as we have a lot. My guess is Arsene will go for RVP and Henry. Adebayor and Henry only if he thinks that RVP might injure himself in the game.

My prediction is well in my mind…I can wait for this game because I have a lot of things to do before the game. What a match is prospect, if Arsenal play like they did at their ground it could be the best game in a long time . Whatever happens Arsenal must forget this game as soon as possible and start concentrating against Spurs and Bolton.

7. Glo - 20 January, 2007

I don’t like the way everybody thinks we will win, we can also lose u know….

8. Pabz - 20 January, 2007

(1) We can also lose? no shit.

(2) What you know is they have good players… Funny that being top of the league and all.

(3) As for forgetting the game for Spurs, the team that beats United won’t be beating Spurs. They are two virtually distinct teams.

9. johnothon - 20 January, 2007

srry mate, i think my red devils are gonna win this one. our whole team is an incredible goal threat and our defense has been quite rock solid lately, so watch out gunners!

10. laurengoddard - 20 January, 2007

Go Arsenal! Man I never knew we had so many Arsenal fans! It stinks though cause their games aren’t televised over here in the US. But hey, I guess that’s what’s so great about the internet!

11. Pabz - 21 January, 2007

aren’t some big Arsenal fan clubs in the States which show the games? probably only in certain cities. definitely one in NYC.

As for United being ‘rock solid lately’ in defence … 6 goals conceded in the last 4 games is their worst run of the season. While we’re knocking them in for fun…


12. laurengoddard - 21 January, 2007

Yeah I’m from LA and we only get English Premier League games once in a while (like we got the championships last year–which was a bitter sweet game for me) Fox Sports carries them sometimes but usually only during the day while I’m at work. I usually track the games using FootieFox on Mozilla Firefox, ever heard of it?

13. Pabz - 21 January, 2007

No fortuately I hardly ever have to track games on the web!

LA… You’re stuck with Beckham so. $250 million?! Hope the MLS is pretty slow or he’ll die in the heat…

14. laurengoddard - 21 January, 2007

Yeah I’m lovin the Beckham trade! I’m already lookin for tickets! (Which won’t be hard to find!) Well, FootieFox is an add-on to FireFox that tracks the games and has the scores at the bottom of your web browser and it gives updates when there’s a goal scored. It’s great for us who don’t have it on tv.

You guys are so lucky to have it over there! I can’t wait till World Cup friendly’s start over here! Yeah although we don’t even have a coach yet! And right now, it’s about 17 degrees here so I don’t think Beckham will have a problem with heat yet!:)

15. Pabz - 21 January, 2007

yea its a pretty good deal for him. he’s not good enough to play at the top anymore and his image doesn’t suit a smaller team. LA, the crazy money, the sunshine… much more his scene. i take it lalas isn’t gonna manage the US now beckham has arrived?

16. laurengoddard - 21 January, 2007

I don’t know, he might still, but who knows. Do you think Beckham will still play for the English national team? I hope so. I’d like to see the English win it all this year. Even if he isn’t as good as he used to be and if his ego has inflated enormously lately, I still think he could be an asset to the team.

Honestly, I give him maybe a year before he renegs on his contract with the Galaxy and goes somewhere else. MLS is not suited for a REAL soccer player. I hate the small field.

17. Pabz - 21 January, 2007

ah beckham isn’t a real footballer anymore. for a while at man united he was excellent but he faded very badly as the ego and brand name got bigger. i am pretty much certain he’ll never play for england again, or leave Galaxy. The money’s too good – no other club in the world would pay him that much – and he has his football academies out there. plus it suits the wife. and the fact that the standard is lower means he’ll look great in comparison, hailing the ego!

18. laurengoddard - 21 January, 2007

True I can see your point about him lovin the limelight. He definitely will be soakin up the publicity out here. Plus the fact that Galaxy tickets have sold out since the trade was made. I’m sure he will make a bid to get back in the World Cup soccer scene, but I sure hope he doesn’t play for the US cause we already have too many superstars on our team. Honestly, I don’t know why anyone would trade livin in England and playin in the English Premier League for the MLS. Have you ever watched MLS soccer? Not worth the time. Well, I guess you’d trade great fans, a REAL field, and the great countryside of England for $250 million. I sure wouldn’t.

19. sanfrangoon - 21 January, 2007


you’re crazy. we get more games here in the states than they do in the UK. If you have digital TV, get Fox Soccer channel and Setanta sports and you get every game. besides, LA’s got a ton of soccer pubs to watch the games. I’m in San Fran and we’ve got about 20 pubs that have rabid irish people cheering drunkenly then bursting into song before dissolving into tears and talking of the famine.

I say the game is a 2-2 draw. A draw wouldn’t be the worst thing since bolton and Portsmouth both lost today.

20. laurengoddard - 21 January, 2007


Well maybe you guys up there get all the games but we don’t get that many. Oh sure, we get a few here and there, but definitely not as many as I would like. And as for watching the games in the pubs, the only thing on down here is hockey. Bleh. Plus I would rather watch the games at home, with my own friends who aren’t wasted. But oh well.

21. abdulaziz - 21 January, 2007

man united sucks my ass

22. Justin - 21 January, 2007

Malaysian Gooners for the win

23. Pabz - 21 January, 2007

I couldn’t give a shit about looking backwards at Bolton and Portsmouth. It’s about moving forwards after Pool, Chelsea and United.

24. Gunner8 - 21 January, 2007

Coe on you gooners make some fucking NOISE today… …and remind the loosers who leave early that they missed 2 goals last time!!!!

25. Pabz - 21 January, 2007

It seriously pisses me off the way punters piss off with 15 minutes to go. I can vaguely appreciate that midweek A FEW trains may not run late enough and so A FEW people may have to leave. But I do not believe between 10,000 and 20,000 people need to go every single game. It’s ridiculous.

Wait in a long and boring tube line or traffic or cheer on the Arse for an entire game? It’s a no-brainer. All these punters who choose to go home, I question whether they understand what it is to really support the Club. They’re not fans. They’re consumers. They want to pick and choose within the product that is a football game. If it’s boring, I’ll leave. If it’s looking all but over, I’ll leave. If I fancy a pint more than the rest of the game, I’ll leave. If I’d sooner beat the rush, I’ll leave.

That’s not what it should be about.

Don’t get me started on the wankers in the corporate rings. I know the stupid money they pay swells the coffers but they could at least feign interest. Roy Keane said it best – Prawn Sandwich Brigade.

26. ey - 21 January, 2007

Next time you see “Gooners” leaving late,remidn them of the two goals they missed against Hamburg and Cesc’s nutmeg of that cunt Savage…

27. LordPersie (Sydney, Australia) - 21 January, 2007

I was lucky enough to attend the Emirates in Arsenal’s 6-2 victory over Blackburn. First off, it was a fantastic experience and game (obviously). Of course I stayed the whole game, and when I left at the very very end, when the players were back in the tunnel, I was a little worried how I was going to get back to my hotel in unfamiliar London. To my surprise, the Tube station at Arsenal was splendidly organised. Sure, I had to wait 5-10 minutes outside due to the crowd, but I was able to take the first train and it was refreshingly easy and convenient to get home. There is really no excuse for so many people to be leaving .

On to more important matters: Go the Gunners! Any win will do me fine.

28. Justin - 21 January, 2007

Oh happy days… I still cant believe we won that game! Best way to win against manure ever…. We definitely werent at a 100% but our determination was more than ive ever seen. The first goal where Rosicky and Fab opened a can of whoop ass on the manure player (cant remember who it was) was something ive never seen before in the latest geneeration of Arse players and was splendidly refreshing! Fergie must be shitting bricks now. Oh and to all gooners at the stadium, YOU GUYS WERE THE SHIT. The noise was deafening even when we were a goal down! You guys deserve more than half the credit for the win!

I love my club.

29. Justin - 21 January, 2007

Steve Bennett was shit

30. Justin - 21 January, 2007

Oh and the skysports commentators are shites as well.

31. arsenalist - 21 January, 2007
32. sanfrangoon - 21 January, 2007

we didn’t play our best and we still friggin beat them! cesc was solid as a rock. clichy didn’t let a single thing get by him. we had trouble but as soon as manu switched off for a second we punished them. that’s how to play footbal!

Go on you gunners!

33. toped - 21 January, 2007

arsenal wonn!!! Go Gunners!!wehhoooooooo

34. Glo - 21 January, 2007

RVP is injured what a pity. I said it Rooney, Ronaldo and Larson where their main men. Arsenal know how to play Ronaldo as simple as that.

RVP was massive so where every player including Senderos that was shaky at the beginning of the game. Henry, well what can you say? Brilliant or a little better than genius. He fought throughout the whole game chasing balls upon balls and Adebayor backed him. Cesc and Tomas where key to the win. Cesc because he is Cesc and Tomas because he was Mozart, he kept the ball and defended very well so did Hleb.

We won this game because we not only played for each other we fought for each other. Let’s not forget Clichy and Eboue who stop Ronaldo from playing, best player this season?? Say what?? Clichy is beginning to build a massive reputation and I have being impressed by him. People were saying that he could be better than Asley and I didn’t agree but now I believe. We have arguable the best full backs in Eboue and Clichy in the premiership and you know what all of a sudden even the huge players’ list of injured players and we are coping. RVP might be out for a 2 to 3 months but Baptista, Adebayor and even Aliii will still be competing.

Okay great performance, but they must fight like they have in the last 6 games and continue. THE FANS MY GOD, THEY WERE THE BEST PLAYERS ON THE PITCH AND THEY MADE SURE THE REFEREE DID NOT MAKE ANY STUPID ERRORS. All of a sudden that Emirate stadium is beginning to be intimidating, and the fans made sure there were no time wasting. GOONERS WHO WERE AT THE GAME WELL DONE. This might be the beginning of a special bond between the stadium, team and fans. WHAT A STADIUM?? Now I can’t wait for the next games.

Bolton we are ready to fight. Spurs what?? What Spurs?? Nonsense that game is a bonus the might as well put us in the next round. Maybe not but I am beginning to like a new side to this team, big team metality and they are beginning to fight and you know what Eboue what fantastic, for those of you that get on his neck leave him alone. Eboue is special, so is this team. Next season, I can’t wait. They are learning and this season would have made them 2-3 years older. They learn faster than any other team and I include all the teams in the world. I am off……………

35. Glo - 21 January, 2007

Pardon my grammar, I am still jumping.

36. arsenalist - 21 January, 2007
37. lasagnechef - 21 January, 2007

Fucking amazing. Hopefully the people that leave early have learnt thier lesson now?


38. laurengoddard - 21 January, 2007

Sweet we won? Man that’s great! Wish I could’ve watched it! And as for those fans who leave early, tell them to not even bother going to the game and send me their ticket! I’d die to be able to go to a Gunner game!

39. Pabz - 21 January, 2007

What a day. I’m exhausted. Great game between two very good teams. We struggled to get clear chances and Rosicky was a touch wasteful at times, but when good chances came, he was involved in both, and we grabbed them. Eboue had Ronaldo in his pocket and his cross was excellent, proving again he is much better than people give him credit for and underlunung why Lauren was allowed to leave. Both defences were excellent, although United resorted to cheating, Neville especially and Ferdinand too.

To top it all off? Jens ripping the piss out of Van de Saar with a spot of time wasting in the dying seconds.

Brilliant game. Can’t wait for Spurs!

40. Lekan - 22 January, 2007

ARSENE’S ARMY!!!!!!!!! ARSENE’S ARMY!!!!!!!!! ARSENE’S ARMY!!!!!!!!! ARSENE’S ARMY!!!!!!!!! ARSENE’S ARMY!!!!!!!!! ARSENE’S ARMY!!!!!!!!! ARSENE’S ARMY!!!!!!!!! ARSENE’S ARMY!!!!!!!!! ARSENE’S ARMY!!!!!!!!! ARSENE’S ARMY!!!!!!!!! ARSENE’S ARMY!!!!!!!!! ARSENE’S ARMY!!!!!!!!!

41. toped - 22 January, 2007

im the first to update!! ehehehe ARSENAL RAWKKSS!!

42. Gunner8 - 22 January, 2007

yeassss and now to bed

43. Justin - 22 January, 2007

Glo: Eboue and Clichy best fullbacks in the league? Far from it i think. Eboue’s defending is still shoddy but that cross… words cant describe the feeling… anyways they still have a long way to go but i’m hoping im wrong about Eboue. Cesc wasnt at his best but still fought for every ball. If Tomas can improve his shooting, he’d contribute to 10-15 a season. I woke up today to read about RVP’s injury… that cant be good for us but we’ll cope. We always do.

Oh and isnt anyone else a tad irritated that we’ve had pretty much the worst injury list all season and no one says anything about that but when Morinho loses 2-3 players, everyone’s saying its undstandable that their form has dipped?

The only bad thing about last nights result was that we did the chavs a favor

44. Gunner 8 - 22 January, 2007


Can’t speak for the rest of the club level, but where I sit is massive… …we didn’t stop singing the whole match

Some of us had no choice, I always used my uncles tickets at highbury but now he has three grandkids I can’t get them any more… …the waiting list was massive

True there are masses of people that sit there like statues but in the NW corner it is loud and I sang for 98 minutes

What a game, what a day and what an atmosphere!!!!!

45. Pabz - 22 January, 2007

What’s with the stick still surrounding Eboue? He kept Ronaldo out of the game yesterday, forcing him inside several times or taking the ball off him altogether. and delievered a superb cross when it mattered. He is strangely under-rated by some fans. Yeah the play-acting is annoying, but he’s not the only one to do it. Jens, Shrek, Vidic, etc. all top players, all carrying on. I’m not saying I like it, I don’t. But I think people should stop singling Eboue out for abuse. Yesterday’s performance was not unusual for him, it was typical of him.

46. DeiseGooner - 22 January, 2007

He just needs to cut out the playacting and fucking about is all. He is a talented player but he doesnt need the stigma that (fake)Ronaldo has got. More often than not it works against us in that it annoys the opposition enuf to want to punish it. He just needs to tale a leaf out of Kolos book and put his head down and play. Good defenders go unnoticed most of the time by everyone except their own fans who know their worth to the team. Just look at the rock that is Kolo.

47. Pabz - 22 January, 2007

Well funny thing about Kolo is he and Jens both went up accusing Rooney of elbows. That hardly helps the situation. It supports it. Then Jens pulled the same gig in the dying seconds, feigning a daft injury, albeit ripping the piss out of Van de Saar. I’m not syaing Eboue doesn’t have to pull this out of his game. But if people are going to criticise him, there are others they should moan about too, such as Van Persie. I think he will sort that shit out so we should just support him as we do everyone else.

48. DeiseGooner - 22 January, 2007

Support him i do, hes a gooner. And you are right that others do it too. But right now its been the most highlighted part of his game and he continues to do it. He shouldnt be taking his q from other playactors but from say someone like Lauren, a tuff nut right back. Thats what eboue can become if he gets his head right.

49. lasagnechef - 22 January, 2007

There’s going to be a bit of a delay with the match report. The football licencing body have been contacting me this morning saying my site is an infringment of something and I need to get a licence.

50. DeiseGooner - 22 January, 2007

breakin the law
breakin the law
breakin the law


51. Justin - 22 January, 2007

No dont get me wrong. As an Arsenal player I fully support Eboue. Its just that I think he needs to (and surely can) step it up abit. Also yeah nuff said about the playacting.

52. Fofana Ayouba - 1 April, 2007

I like the way you play and also your temper of the game can be on normal way so i want to added some to it . i wish you will take this advice as serious you are. thank, and i love you too.

53. Luann Cole - 22 April, 2008

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Cincinnati: Ohio Buddhist Vihara

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