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Tottenham 2-2 Arsenal – 24/01/07 – (Carling Cup) 25 January, 2007

Posted by lasagnechef in Cup Games.


You’ll never beat The Arsenal, not even the Reserves. We found ourselves in an unfamiliar position 2-0 down to the scum but our youngsters fought on and could’ve even won. We started with Kolo and Senderos at the back, Fabregas in the middle and weirdly Diaby out wide. Denilson accompanied Cesc in the middle but I don’t understand why. Abou is not a wide player and neither is Denilson technically but he did an excellent job there at Anfield. Diaby didn’t get the chance to impress on the left, hopefully he’ll see a few games more centrally in his comeback. The man of the night was Baptista. He scored 3 goals, 2 for us and 1 for them; he had a nightmare first half but looked more like himself in the second.

Tottenham started well and were looking quite dangerous. They opened the scoring early in the 12th minute. Defoe crossed in, Toure wasn’t able to get to it and it arrived nicely for Berbatov who just had to nod it in past Almunia. A really simple goal and one we really should’ve stopped. The goal scorer was on form, he started very well but luckily for us he picked up an injury and was subbed off for the pikey.

I was feeling a bit more confident now but just when I thought we’d come back Spurs doubled their lead. Graham Poll (who was once again shocking, I can’t believe I used to respect this guy) awarded an extremely generous free kick to Spurs in a decent position just wide of the box. Huddlestone sent in a low cross with pace and went in off Baptista past the stranded Almunia. Arsenal 0 Tottenham 2 and the yidos were loving it. Our first half was terrible, we didn’t create anything and the full strength Spurs side were dominating the game. We nearly got one back just before half time. Fabregas’ corner cleared the heads in the box and the ball fell to The Beast’s feet, he swung a left foot at it and it must have hit his other leg or something and he missed an absolute sitter.

So 2-0 at half time but the Gooners were still in full voice. I love our fans. Losing by two clear goals to our most fierce rivals and still singing our hearts out. The teams came out for the second half and there was bit of a delay becasue Poll couldn’t remember who’d kicked off the first half, what a fucking twat. We started off much better in the first half but we were still lacking that final quality, a change was needed.

Within 5 minutes, Hleb and Eboue came on for an injured Aliadiere and unimpreisve Diaby out on the left. Theo moved up front and Eboue took over at right midfield, that extra pace and quality really helped us and Emmanuel was getting down the wing well. Also Hleb’s dribbling ability was penatrating the Tottenham defence and causing problems. It made an immediate impact, Dawson cleared off the line from Senderos’ header and Baptista’s free kick hit the wall. Our first goal came in the 64th minute. Eboue on the right picked out Baptista on the edge of the box. He drove into the box and whilst falling, played a one-two with Walcott. Julio got back on his feet and slotted the ball past Robinson. We were still losing to the scum but the Arsenal section went mad, everyone was on top of the seats and I got on the fencing next to me. Have some of that you bagel-eating cunts.

We had confidence now but Spurs nearly got their third. Keane was played a ball over the top and was through on goal. He was given offside but the replay shows Senderos keeping him onside. It would’ve been a very different game if it had gone to 3-1 but luckily it didn’t. Not long after that we equalized, Fabregas spotted Hoyte’s run down the right and played a beautiful pass to set him free. Robinson, the fucking looney came out to stop the cross and Justin simply squared it to The Beast who finished in the empty net. The travelling fans went insane; I fell down about three rows celebrating but it was well worth it. “2-0! And you Fucked it up!” we sang and that’s exactly what happened. ‘England’s no.1’ did us a huge favour coming out but that goal wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Cesc.

The yids shut up for the rest of the game showing they’re just as shit as the ground they play in. We should’ve won really, the home fans were desperate for the final whistle, we were on a roll. Tottenham nearly scored though but Almunia made a world class save. Manuel was forced to come out when Defoe got through, he tried a cheeky but Almunia pushed it wide. It finished 2-2 and probably a fair reflection on the game; first half we were poor but in the second half Spurs were equally as bad. It’s half time in the fixture and I’m extremely confident our boys are off to Cardiff to face Chelsea.

Three plays picked up injuries. Hleb’s going to be out for at least 4 weeks with a hamstring injury, he was only on the field for half an hour coming on for Diaby but Flamini had to come on for the last 5 minutes. Eboue’s and Aliadiere’s injuries aren’t as bad, both will be doubts for Sunday but are expected to be fit for the 2nd leg.

After the game there was a bit of violence in the streets between the rival fans. As we came out the stadium there were lines of police with dogs, I thought there might be a bit of trouble but nothing like this. Massive fights broke out and riot police tried to break things up. There was this one bloke in an Arsenal jacket being shoved around and getting stuff thrown at him. Me and this other bloke were trying to cover him up but the yids were ruthless and it became obvious I was a Gooner too so I just got out of there. I wasn’t up for getting my head kicked in. In the end a main group of Arsenal fans were diverted around the stadium and I was left with the Tottenham fans. I had my colours on underneath but I am never risking it by wearing Arsenal clothes there again.

Have a good day.


1. Clock End Gooner - 25 January, 2007


2. The Herd - 25 January, 2007

Just about the yids limit slapping shirts as usual on departure from the ground….! Funny how it happens year after year and the OB do fuck all… About time we became horrible fuckers at the grove…. Any yid in a shirt is fair game me thinks its about time Arsenal fans had a bit of payback and stopped moaning about the yids doing it to us…! Give em a slap next week lets see how brave they are against 55,000 Gooners……………..

3. Puskas - 25 January, 2007

That’s just daft, why would you want to behave as poorly as them? That’s the difference between The Arsenal and Spuds, class.

4. lc - 25 January, 2007

they’re just jealous cunts

5. Justin - 25 January, 2007

Yeah fair enough we have class but if ever i had the chance, i’d slap that wanker Zokora

6. Gunner 8 - 25 January, 2007

he fell down like a shot that punk, I would slap him too

7. gooner 294694638 - 25 January, 2007

get in wot a result

8. The Herd - 25 January, 2007

No puskas its nothing to do with class its saying enuff is enuff…!! Perhaps if it happens at the grove the OB wont let them do it to our fans anymore at shite hart lane…! they just bullies pure and simple little boys picking on normal fans.. shame they dont try it on with the big boys…!

9. laurengoddard - 25 January, 2007

They would never try it against us cause they know they’d get beat up! I’d take a tie over a win if we could humiliate the Spuds in the process by coming back from being down 2-0. Ha! Especially against our backups!

10. a real gooner fan - 26 January, 2007

You’re not a bad reporter, but why do you have to be so offensive?

Why ‘yids’ ….. do they give you a hang up of some sort…… are you just ignorant ….. or do you think that it gives you street cred?

We can all enjoy Arsenal ……they are the very best team in the Premiership ….. but please …. you don’t have to be insulting to be read …. and you do neither Arsenal not their players any favours by your race hate attitude.

11. Eric - 26 January, 2007

The Herd – “Any yid in a shirt is game”? I hope you don’t run into David Dein or Danny Fritzman – they helped make Arsenal what it is today and I would hate for them to be harmed by supports like you.

We are the Arsenal, not hooligans or some right-wing facist using football teams as a front. Every football supporter group has bad apples and if you take issue to what was done to you then go ahead and take care of your own business and don’t show up at the grove and cause trouble.

12. AussieGooner - 26 January, 2007

Very well said Eric ^

13. Josep Fradera - 26 January, 2007

Cesc’s fellow Catalan

I also find all the racist insults very offensive and you should also realize that they show Arsenal in a very bad light. Are you a member of the National Front or the BNP by the way? Both of those parties must be very pleased with people like you.

14. lasagnechef - 26 January, 2007

yids? They sing all game about how they are ‘yids’. it’s their own term for themselves. it’s like me saying gooner. same thing.

15. DeiseGooner - 26 January, 2007

It started as a derogatory name used by gooners but has been adopted by the spuds fans, like a badge of honour. The racial element is more or less lost nowadays as tottenham fans use the term themselves.

16. jc1989 - 26 January, 2007

you were mad to wear your colours to that shit hole, I didn’t
just kept my head down and kept my mouth shut got home safely.
They act like bullies picking on people who don’t want to fight its a bit poor reallly, I just hope their ‘hard’ fans realise how pathetic they are. A bloke in his 50s got in the face of my 16 year old cousin after the match, I pulled him away, but what a fucking prick starting on a fucking kid, no wonder everyone hates spurs. Come on Arsenal finish them off and put them back in their place.

17. john duncan - 26 January, 2007

listen to all you gooner homos , when youre man enough come on down .
cant wait to hear the crowd go silent when spurs bang in the goals next tuesday ‘
suggest you go and join arsehole wnger at the local school for little boys you pedos

18. arablondoner - 26 January, 2007

They are happy being known as yids:D Let them eat bagels for pete’s sake…or Abraham

19. lasagnechef - 26 January, 2007

john ducan, you can beat our kids on the pitch so you try beat our kids outside?

20. Top Gooner - 26 January, 2007

Dear Fellow Gooners

Yids or those who consider themselves of the Yiddish culture is not in anyway derogartory… It is however ironic that white anglo saxons call themselves YIDS… However you dont see Arsenal fans running up to Stamford Hill calling the residents Yid Scum so how can football references like that be rascist… I was slapped on the back and told who wants some and I tell you what if I was a members of the HERD eie and had some real Goons around me he would of got some… We should make sure they are locked in the stadiium for a longtime for their own safety…

21. cyganmeantwell - 26 January, 2007

Agree with a real gooner fan, I have been enjoying your blog for about 6 months but am considering not visiting again.

Yids is offensive, I’m Jewish and an Arsenal fan and it sends a shiver down my spine everytime I hear the phrase. Fine, I expect it at the grounds but do you have to buy into that mob culture so unthinkingly on your blog – where you have the time to look back at what you write and change it if you get caught up in the moment.

I wonder what arseblogger, the king of arsenal bloggers would say about you calling Keane a pikey too.

22. TresRapide - 27 January, 2007

Blogger would call Keane a pikey cunt becuase he’s a little pikey cunt, not because he’s Irish. He’s entitled to his opinion as is the author of this blog.

I’m Jewish and an Arsenal fan too but getting precious over the term Yids in this context is clearly a bit ridiculous. Until I see any abuse directed against Jews instead of against Tottenham fans then its no different to any other football banter. The only phrase I had even a slight problem with was “have some of that you bagel eating cunts” and even then I think thats just an oversight on the part of the author, plus it is quite funny. Any club that plays up the racial overtones of its support is asking for opposition supporters to take the bait. Arsenal have by far the highest proportion of black supporters and players of any premiership team, you don’t see us calling ourselves “The Niggers”. Just goes to show what an absolutely classless bunch of cunts Spurs fans really are.

What I would say is that those spineless cunts who attacked Arsenal fans outside the ground just confirm what an absolute shithole of a club Spurs is. As was said above, I hope we hammer them at the Grove but resorting to their pathetic tactics wouldn’t prove anything. Why wait to beat them up outside the ground? We’re miles better than them, we should almost be above caring about these cunts. Wenger even puts the kids out against them. Complete and utter rejection and it hurts them so badly.

We should be focused 100% on winning this game and hammering those shits at the Grove. We’ve never lost there and to do it against a Spurs team so much worse than us would be criminal.

23. lasagnechef - 27 January, 2007

thanks tresrapide, i am not a racist. i have meny jewish friends etc. spurs fans call themselves ‘yids’ i know its a derogitary (however the fuck you spell it) term for jewish people but i dont mean it in a racial sence. in fact i cant be bothered to explain myself. I. Hate. Tottenham. End of.

24. The Herd - 27 January, 2007

Fair play top gooner if you had a few chaps around you which is the problem then the little gutless fuckers wont be slapping shirts women and kids….! Them and the mancs are the only ones who do it but its becoming a joke… When “The Herd” did leave the ground wedndesday those brave spuds went and hid behind the OB and jumped up adn down giving it.. how brave…!!! As for you Eric wake up fella your talking out ya arse…..!!!

25. N17 - 1 February, 2007

you lot are typical arsenal fans…same old shit…ye you mugged us at our place, but only coz of our team letting ourselves down, you didn’t play well, 12mill walcott was pony, the beast was about as intimidating as pires in a skirt and your fans sung about two songs, funnily enough just after you scored. and im fed up of this shit about ”the kids” look at ur back four, toure senderos, first team centre backs, firght back Hoyte, first team right back, granted the youngster at left back but we got one of them too, midfield, diaby fabregas, upfront 12 mill ‘Beast’ baptitsta, and who did u bring on? eboue hleb and flamini, all first teamers, so bore off with ur extra wankin material and actualli try and become some fans that can actaully receive some respect from the rest of us..you didnt get hibrary the library for no reason, just coz u got an extra 20,000 fans dont mean its gona make a change…cunts

26. The herd e.i.e - 22 February, 2007

n17 you two bob tottenham cunt,what you doing on sunday you wanka…fuck all because your team got mugged off by a bunch of kids..two first teamers we had out there when we drew with you at shite hart lane, and not only did we draw we fucing ruined ya, afterwards we strolled back to the station with no hassle at all, told you cunts what we thought of ya n you were nowhere, probably waiting 4 the scarfers so u could give them a slap, and as for the return leg what a fucking bunch of waster u were there, come down holloway at 4 n took over all our boozers and then come 6 u were all in the ground with ya fucking hots dogs, after we waited n u were nowhere yet again, you had a mob once upon a time but now your just a bunch off buly boy cunts…E..E..E.I.E!!!!!!

27. chris - 22 February, 2007

you spuds think your hard but your pussys, come pick on me, a black belt jujitsu master, see how far you get then

28. Danny boy - 12 March, 2007

your so called mob, ran down the Holloway rd. sceaming like fucking schoolgirls. as usual! For fuck sake Arsenal, at least you used to give a bit of a run for our money, now your just a bunch of middle class wankers.

29. lasagnechef - 12 March, 2007

Nice to see you starting it off again at Chelsea. 10 people getting stabbed or something. You manage to fuck it up every time on the pitch so try and jump the fans afterwards. Twats.

30. gooner tommy - 13 March, 2007

danny boy thats cos the arsenal fans you were chasing probably were little schoolgirls. you only ever pick on the scarfers. why not come down the gunners pub on matchday and see who runs then.

31. JONBOY - 15 March, 2007


32. Herd 4 life - 15 March, 2007

lets see if those scum cunts can get over 38,000 for a youth match. The cunts couldnt even fill up for a uefa cup match- one of the biggest of their season. see they threw away a 2 goal lead again at those west london mugs.

33. Gooner w2 - 27 March, 2007

All you fucking Arsenal fans that are talking this peace and liberal shit really pisses me off fuck the yids cunts that right i said it fuck em top gooner the herd im fucking with you in fact i would love to have a firm to go and show those fuucking yis at the lane with RED ARMY

34. NORTHBANK GOONER - 10 April, 2007

All jokes aside, we have the yids in a week or so at Broken Hart Lane, lets see if the Old Bill have learnt from the cup game again, I know Id advise people with youngsters or birds that go to football to leave em at home for that one cos the mugs from N17 just cant realise how pathetic they are.

35. 2-0 and you fucked it up - 10 April, 2007

which of our pubs is a firm pub the t-bird the gunners , the @club????

36. ARSE - 11 April, 2007

T-Bird sent 50 to Anfield this year, good turn out, thank god for the police escort in!

37. goonerw2 - 18 April, 2007

So where are we all metting to go on the march to shit heart lane?

38. herdie - 21 April, 2007

it is hard to find out where the firm is unless u know someone but t-birds is finished now try holloway rd

39. pooxyminoarorp - 2 August, 2008

Very nice!!

40. dentongotdonebyapetshopboyfaggot. - 20 February, 2011

Lots of gooner mugs giving it the big one as usual , danny scriven demonstrated what you lot are , the herd ??? very apt for a group of gutless sheep who all run away ..
one question ???

Marriner , Pennant , Dodd , some of the most respected names on the terraces why in over 3000 pages do Arsenal not get one mention ???
wankers all of ya ! couldnt do watford !

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Tottenham 2-2 Arsenal – 24/01/07 – (Carling Cup) | The Cannon

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