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Arsenal 1-1 PSV – 07/03/07 – (Champions League) 8 March, 2007

Posted by lasagnechef in Cup Games.

A sad night

So that’s it, the European dream is over for another season, and so is any other chance of silverware. Most players gave their all last night but it wasn’t enough and we went out 2-1 on aggregate. All day I had been confident and really up for it but when there was about an hour left until kick off I got really nervous again. It was announced that Henry was on the bench and it was obvious that he’s nowhere near fit. Gilbertosilver made a good point that he should’ve started and then subbed off if he was having problems. When he did come on he went down after a few minutes punching the floor. I don’t know whether that was picked up during the game or he carried it into it but he was certainly not in a good way.

We started with Toure at right back and Gilberto at centre back. Denilson partnered Cesc in the middle while the other Brazilian, Baptista was up front with Adebayor. It wasn’t a bad looking team but it was nowhere near our best. We would’ve battered PSV with a fit Henry, RVP and Rosicky. Toure was incredible down that right hand side, he’s one of the few that really cares about this team. If it was up to me I’d make him captain, or vice at least. Not saying that Gilberto is a bad captain, but I am saying Henry is, I’ve always thought that. Kolo is my new Arsenal favourite but it’s not as if he’s just begun playing with this passion.

Another player last night who seemed to give a damn was Gallas. He’s only just joined from the scum but whatever shirt he sticks on he’ll play his heart out for the team. I really admire his commitment and if he’d been here longer, he’d have a shout for the armband too.

The players were at it from the word go last night and were putting pressure on PSV. We needed a first half goal and the boys were really pushing for it. The whole first half we were by far the dominant team. I was surprised we weren’t one up at half time with the possession we had but we never really created enough clear-cut chances. There were no subs at half time and at this point I was sure Henry wasn’t fit.

A few minutes into the 2nd half, Henry was warming up on the sidelines as the need for a goal grew. However, it was while Arsenal’s top goalscorer was being readied we scored. Denilson’s corner cleared Gomez and went in off Alex. The Emirates erupted in jubilation and relief, we were back in the Champions League and it was fucking amazing! The PSV fans who’d been singing all game just shut up and watched. We had a handful of chances just after the goal to take the lead on aggregate but n=we couldn’t seem to find the back of the net. We needed that final quality and Wenger thought that would be provided in Thierry Henry…


He came on in the 66th minute for Baptista but you could see immediately he was nowhere near fit. Soon after that Henry was down on the floor, clearly in pain. We were still pushing for a second when we gave away a sloppy free kick with 7 minutes to go. The ball was whipped in and Alex made up for his own goal by heading past the stranded Lehmann. Game over, we needed 2 more which was never going to happen. Gomez was running around like a lunatic in front of me and injured himself doing so. What a twat.

The stadium started to empty, I was pissed off at those who left but I could understand them completely. I just slumped on the seat in front facing the inevitability. In one way I didn’t want us to score so we didn’t have that pressure of only needing one more. The Arsenal chants when the game was clearly over were beautiful, a similar thing happened in Paris. There weren’t many joining in but those who were sang their hearts out. I love Arsenal.

So that’s it for this season. 2nd place? Unlikely but it can be our target. Thanks for reading.


1. Blog Head - 8 March, 2007

Dont forget to support the Yids tonight

2. Pabz - 8 March, 2007

What do you mean you could understand the fans leaving? I’m fucking sick of this attitude that has sprung in at the Emirates. It’s not acceptable. I stayed til the end as always and its with absolute shame that all I could see around me were empty seats. A comeback was unlikely. But it was never gonna happen with half a stadium. We could have at least gone out shouting. But no. Most people fucked off no doubt moaning that they paid £XXXX for these seats and they weren’t being repaid with performances, blah blah fucking blah.

It was not like this at Highbury. That’s not nostalgia. That’s fact. I know there were reansport concerns early in the season with the Grove but they have been resolved… In any case, when you see people able to hang on til the end of extra-time against Spurs you know they can stay REALLY late if they REALLY want to. So no excuses there.

I’m not blaming all the new season ticket holders (obviously some of them stayed, and some of the old joined the escaping crowd) but I think there’s an element at the Grove that wasn’t there before and it has damaged the atmosphere. It’s the classic prawn sandwich syndrome. ‘Entertain us or else’… Arsenal has become another item to buy and get your value out of… And if it’s not what you thought was ‘advertised’, then you get pissed off… These people are fucking morons. Not got a clue what it is to support a football club. No matter how much money YOU AGREE to pay, you have no right to success or glory. Your part of the deal is support. Not consumption. Support. It’s like a marriage – thick and thin til death do us part. But these arseholes. They leave if they are satisfied the points are in the bag or the game is lost. They’re just cunts. I’m sick of the attitude. They reflect badly on all of us at the club.

3. Pabz - 8 March, 2007


4. Pabz - 8 March, 2007

And the free-kick wasn’t just sloppy. It was stupid and naive. He was playing for the foul. Most people are smart enough not to give it and it ends up a throw-in or something. But Hleb, crowing a fairly rubbish game after a run of fairly rubbish games, shoves him over. Moron. OK we might have defended the free kick better but it should never have happened.

The team lacked composure overall. They got far too giddy after the goal and never pressed home the advantage. At that stage we could have done with someone like Gilberto and a fit Thierry to lead things. It’s mad though when you look at the changes since the team which started in Paris. Cole, Sol and Pires all gone. Reyes gone. Clichy, Gallas, Denilson, Adebayor and Baptista – all absent or not even at Arsenal in May. The team is still changing. I’m not too down over the result. It’s not a disaster and the seeds for the future are sown. But it leaves us in no doubt that some work still has to be done.

5. Goonergerry - 8 March, 2007

We are right at the business end of the season and we have been found wanting again. What happened in this game has happened all season when we have been faced with a well organised packed defence. Fatigue and injuries played the biggest part in our exit and Wenger must realise that our young players cannot maintain their edge playing this way, playing big games twice per week. He must strengthen the squad with a striker and a goal scoring midfielde-preferably one with pace.However, none of our midfieders yesterday carried any goal threat to a packed defence. Apart from Denilson, they also don’t defend well enough in the penalty box.

6. arsenalist - 8 March, 2007

This is a sad day, it really is. After the OG, Adeabyor should’ve scored and sealed this game for us but he couldn’t and PSV took the only opportunity they had. Baptista in my opinion was poor throughout the game and doesn’t deserve to be a first line striker for us, I hope his stay isn’t extended. He missed chances and sometimes didn’t even shoot. I’d even take Aliadiere over him and I though Walcott should’ve played instead of Baptista.

Star Sports highlights from the game.

7. Pabz - 8 March, 2007

I’m not persuaded that the squad needs a huge retructuring. We’ve had such shit luck with injuried. Mourinho loses Cech and Terry and carries on as if he had 7 defenders out… oh wait that’s how we were last January. United finally have a bad spell of injuries where they lose 5 in a week – that’s not unusual for us! Last night we had no Eboue, Hoyte, Rosicky, Van Persie and (I think it’s fair to include him) Henry. 4 of that 5 would almost definitely have started last night if fit (Eb or Justin you choose).

Goonergerry… you stay a goal-scoring midfielder. I’ll assume you mean a winger cause would you drop Fabregas or Gilberto? Fab does not score as many as he should. Not even close. But he’s 19. He’s phenomenal. I mean look at Utd’s Ronaldo – at 22 he’s scoring the goals people said he should always have been doing. I believe in the next 1 to 2 years Fab will be in amongst the goals and he’s capable of double figures.

Baptista’s transfer may be out of our hands. Capello looks likely to be out of Real for next season so a new coach might want Baps back, not want Reyes, etc. Plus Baps said he wouldn’t play under Capello so the move might attract him again. We also have the prospect of Bendtner… is he as good as he himself claims?!

We need wingers to get amongst the goals. Tom can get more but Hleb… I’m not so sure. Same goes for Fred. The Ribery issue is sure to resurface while Eboue as a winger might not be a bad thing to try during the rest of the season.

I’m not a fan of sabotaging the youth project by bringing in experienced players. These guys will be awesome. How many people heard of Zidane at 19? Very few. He was 24 before he went to Juve. I’m not saying we’ll have a team of Zidanes, but I think sometimes we judge them against the standards of players at their peak rather than for what they are – teenagers and very young men. They’re learning a helluva lot right now and they have to keep playing.

8. lc - 8 March, 2007

We are only short of three more established class players.
One striker, one pacy and scoring winger and an all around physical defensive midfield.
– strikers: Fred(Lyon), Antlaar(ajax), Elmander(Toulouse), Farfan(PSV), Eto’o(Barca), Defoe(Spurs).

-Wingers: Ricardo Quiresma(Porto), Lucho Gonzales(Porto), Robinhio(Real), Lennon(spurs), Ribery(Marseille), Richard(Manchester), Downing(Boro).

-Midfield:Xavi(Barca),Deco(Barca), Niesta(Barca), Diarra(Real).

9. veteran - 8 March, 2007

Clearly last night again demonstrated the fact to play the best football in the country is not much good if we cant score. I agree with Frank Mclintock who says the team over pass and need a cutting edge how we get this is down to Arsene but until we do we are going to be looking at other teams heels. As for the squad for next season The Beast is not for the prem im afraid he just has not got the touch or game plan perhaps Spain is his destiny. Senderos Flamini and Hleb have big question marks against them but I hope we get a good old fashioned goal scoring winger someone of the Overmars ilk. We should not get too down as I still think our future is very bright youngsters like Cesc Denilson Clichy Diaby are going to be Arsenal greats we just have to be a little more patient but for how long?

10. Pabz - 8 March, 2007

For as long as it takes. I’ve total confidence in Wenger. It’s easy for punters like McLintock to say ‘we need a cutting edge striker’ but in fairness, we were missing Henry and Van Persie and it’s Ade’s first season in the Champions League. Baps too hasn’t had many games and I don’t believe he has settled yet. Besides Baps didn’thave many great chances last night and it’s not like Hleb or Fred were putting in great passes to any frontmen. Wenger could have another season without trophies in my book. As long as there is improvement. Primarily that we are competing for the league next Spring. That’s the consistency we want to achieve, not cup competitions.

11. Pabz - 8 March, 2007

By the by… DOWNING? Are you having a laugh?! That must make 3 people in Europe who rate him as top class – You, McClaren and Southgate. What on earth makes you think he’s right for Arsenal? His slick passing game?! His goals ratio?!! His expense being English and coming from an English club? Fucking hell. And Robinho – the invisible kid who has achieved fuck all at Madrid. Had his chance to join us the summer before last and has gone backwards since. And Deco?! What so we now drop Fabregas even though he will be better than Deco?

They are lazy ass pub stool fantasy football sky sports news highlights suggestions for signings.

12. Pabz - 8 March, 2007

And I didn’t even see that you mentioned Defoe. So we have someone to score goals in case we end up in the Uefa cup?!! Fucking hell…

13. Shiza - 8 March, 2007

It has been a tough two weeks, but qualifying for the Champions’ League is still what Arsene has to do every year, and that is what he’s doing. Consistently challenging for trophies is good enough for any club that doesn’t have an unlimited budget, and that is what we have done and would have done better without ridiculous fixture congestion and injuries and the world cup. One proven goalscorer has to be added, either through development of the younger players or buy one it. Even without, Arsenal will be in the Champion’s League for certain over the next three years and the exciting but sometime painfully frustrating future of the club is assured.

14. sanfrangoon - 8 March, 2007

I’ve settled down after the loss, and thought about it a bit. And it seems to me, that more than anyone else, it’s been RVP we’ve missed.

Ade has been playing well (and no matter what anyone says, he had a damn good game last night), but he doesn’t just pull the trigger and shoot. Every goal he scores is a wrestling match.

RVP is the only one on the team who’ll just fire the ball from outside the box to see what happens. Rosicky started doing it and look at the way he took apart Liverpool in the Cup. But when teams are packing teh box the way PSV did, even Henry has had problems with that approach.

Let’s hope we get Robin back and fully healthy next year and he’ll rip teams apart. And by the way, no we don’t need any more physical defenders. We’ve got ’em. Toure, Senderos, despite his mistakes, and Djourou are monsters.

Honestly, we’ve had some flaws all year that we knew might haunt us in the Chpaions league (giving away dumb goals), and it did. And we got really unlucky with injuries.

Now let’s beat Pool and Chelsea in our league games, lads!

15. matt - 8 March, 2007

Hey get used to seats being empty more often, the not so avid fans will not cope with our play when it does not win us games, simple as that.

All the words in the world will make no difference. Wenger will carry on with more of the same next year, and we will win nothing, but we will play a few good games and people will say how great our football is etc etc.,

All the young talent in the world will not win us trophies, it’s the team who has mostly experienced top class players who end up with the winners medals!

And I don’t know about anyone else, but hey are you getting to the stage as I am now that I sit and watch our game and get fed up with the endless and mostly negative pass,pass,pass game without an end result??? It’s great when it works but more and more often now it doesn’t and passing is boring without scoring!

This current squad is way short of the right stuff needed to grind out a championship win, the likes of Senderos,Hoyte,Hleb,Baptista,Aliadiere,Almunia,Song,Adebeyor, and now Ljungberg – all very average or below average players. Lehmann has his good points but has his weaknesses but as Czech for Chelsea proved a great keeper wins you games Lehmann doesn;t do that for us. And sadly Henry I believe looks like a players who regrets not leaving last year, and is anyone else a bit sus about his injuries?

I’ve heard many names thrown around about who we could buy to bring us back to the top, again all very well but we know Wenger won’t buy big, he never does. Ideally we need Buffon,Babel,Ribery,Woodgate and a big striker/goalpoacher (dont’ know who just yet – would love to get Drogba as he would be great for us!)

And to those of you who keep on with the Arsene knows – does he??? well he hasn’t shown that he does for 3 years now!!

And for those of you who say stop the criticism or we who care enough to make comments against Wenger and the side- think about this – how long are you prepared to go on saying this? How long are you prepared to sit back and hope that AW does the right thing? Like I said it’s 3 years now since we won the Championship and things are getting worse not better – and just to make the point clearer, I am sure Liverpool fans back in 1993 when they had not won the league for 3 years after dominating it for 10 years were saying much the same – but here we are and they have not won it for 17 years, do we want to end up the same????? No well thats why something needs doing now, and that means the club spending money on players either with or without AW in charge. And by the way I have been a supporter who has not missed a season in 40+ years and I have been through some crap years and trust me I don’t want to see them return!!

16. hipe - 9 March, 2007

We don’t need more big players. We’ve got them and they just need to pull up their socks and do what they are handsomely paid to do.
Wenger was criticised -by gooners – last year when he was looking for forwards. He knew what he had assembled and needed that last link. RVP was one.
Losing JR was a big blow, his pace terrified the opposition and was one reason why we went so far in the CL last year. Hleb is a different player who needs movement in front of him. His vision is excellent but could release quicker.

We had enough chances last night and Ade should have taken them. Fab and bap missed their lot but it’s not the end of the world. I remember finishing 18th in the first div and no hope for the future.
We have a good chance of threatening chavs for 2nd and I think our boys have enough pride and mettle to do it.

17. longgone49er - 9 March, 2007

Dont have to spend big, efficiency is the key as we continue to create dozens of chances only that we are making it too easy for the opponent to defend as the whole world knows that the shots would only come from the two or most three players on the pitch.

I would love to see Anelka, Gamst Pederson (Blackburn) or even Damien Duff in our team.

18. DeiseGooner - 9 March, 2007

“I would love to see Anelka, Gamst Pederson (Blackburn) or even Damien Duff in our team.”

In place of who ?

Henry , The Cesc & Rosicky – em no thanks

19. longgone49er - 9 March, 2007

I would love to see Anelka, Gamst Pederson (Blackburn) or even Damien Duff in our team.”

In place of who ?

At least better than Baptista, Ljunberg, Flamini, Theo, and yes Henry (the 2006-2007).

20. longgone49er - 9 March, 2007

Oh how could i miss the biggest culprit, ADE,


21. lasagnechef - 9 March, 2007

You have to come to accept moving to a new stadium will give you a few years of decline. That’s why Wenger has thought ahead and bought these youngsters. We wont be able to spend big money unless we sell.

No blog today sorry, see you tomorrow

22. Pabz - 9 March, 2007

People like Matt are just amssive muppets who do not have a club about football. By your logic Matt, Ferguson was finished last season cause he was 3 years without the league. It might be a more complex and not quite as instantly gratifying as trophies every year, but most clubs DON’T win trophies every year. Chelsea and Pool won fuck all in 2004. United won fuck all in 2005. We’ll go without again this year and unless they win in Europe, so will Pool. It’s not as massive a disaster as some morons are hyping it up to be. Not what we would like, but not totally abysmal. We had a great campaign in the carling cup and we still have the potential to finish close on 80 points this season which would be an outstanding achievement given our youth and injuries. Had we gone backwards on last season, then I’d be concerned. But I think had we won just a few of the games we dominated and drew/lost, we’d still be in with a league shout. A little more consistency and better finishing mixed with luck over injuries, and we’re in good shape.

As for axing young players… why? These aren’t just average punters. They are the best young players in the world. Arsene is building a team of high quality that will last, at a time when we have less money as we invested in the future of the club via the Grove.

Plus the suggestions of Anelka, Gamst Pedersen and Duff. Wow.
Anelka’s 9 league goals compares so well to Adebayor’s when the latter is much younger. Great suggestion. Pedersen with 6 league goals from midfield is at best decent (Gilberto outscores him)… but really is he the best we could buy? And coming from an english club, the best value? No he is not. And Duff – well that is just great. Let’s buy an over-priced and injury-prone player who has banged in ONE GOAL this season. If we bought those players, it would probably cost us £30 million – more than our Carling Cup final team combined and with no boost in quality. Let’s make you manager.

23. Justin - 10 March, 2007

Ade wasnt that biggest culprit although he didnt have the best of games… the biggest culprit and the one that has been pretty shite for many MANY games is Baptista. I’m sorry i know hes sort of a cult figure and all but lets face it. He’s shite. Aliediere really should play and well im so frustrated. The only player i would replace or buy someone to compete with his position for is Hleb. I know hes got mad skills on the ball but he must be on drugs or something man cuz he keeps giving it away. I actually wouldnt mind Reyes comin back if he got his head in the right place….

24. Justin - 10 March, 2007

Oh and Kolo has always been my favorite

25. Pabz - 10 March, 2007

Fuck Reyes. How much more evidence do you need? Unconvincing and uncommitted for us. Crying for a transfer. Then crying he never wants to come back. And then Real not to keen on him anyways. There’s nothing to suggest he’d be a good addition. It’s always been the argument that he might get his head together but plenty of potentially great players never make it and he’ll be joining them on the pile. Keeping Baps would depend on the deal that is made. He’s not worth going crazy over and if the Boss has other ideas in mind, he may pursue them.

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