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Obafemi Martins £13m option 29 June, 2007

Posted by lasagnechef in Transfers.

Sam Allardyce has revealed that Martins has a £13m buy-out-clause in his contract and Michael Owen’s is only £9m. It’s really quite crazy for a quality player like Martins and I think he’s a player that would fit in at Arsenal perfectly. He’s strong and technically good but he’s also fucking quick and I can just see him now at Arsenal banging in the goals. I have always liked Martins, I remember saying when he signed for Newcastle he was a good signing and I wish Wenger had looked into him.

Wenger comes back from his holiday soon and I hope he has a think about Martins too. He’s got a nice little list of options now so I’m hoping we sign someone in the next week or two.

Wenger himself could be signing a new deal. Something about the BBC saying le boss and Grimandi holding an emergency meeting to have talks about a new deal. Grimandi being Dein’s replacement. I don’t really know what this is all about but I thought I’d let you know.

That Auxerre bloke, Sagna is looking more of a possibility too. Whether or not we need another right back I don’t know but it’s looking quite possible he will sign. Also there’s the option of converting him to a right-winger so maybe if Arsene is actually looking at him he could be thinking about moving him to the wing.

If we sign someone next week, I think that is a positive start. I’ve got to go, sorry about the short/shit post. Laters.


1. Marco - 29 June, 2007

Martins is a shit option. . . Full stop! According to all calculations we have enough money to sign Tevez, Babel and Sagna. Do that and i think all in Gunner-land will be ecstatic, and we willl soon forget about the Henry saga. Get Martins. . . and i am afraid its gonna be Uefa cup for us next time round, thats if we lucky! I’ll rather stick with what we have than get Martins!

2. Marco - 29 June, 2007

Or, get Huntelaar!

3. chidi ubadike - 29 June, 2007

marco ure a muppet martins is bloody quality,. he has a lethal left foot blistering pace, a great leap and strong in the air. well worth 13 million and better value for money than tevez and babel put together.. all arsenal nned is amlouda, martins, sagna and another central defender because senderos is a waste of space. just ask didier drogba

4. Tim - 29 June, 2007

Marco do you watch football? If you do, you’ll know that Martins hit 17 goals last season and that Babel is far from Arsenal quality (although he did miss for the Dutch u21s from 3 yards, so maybe he right for us…)

Maybe you will also remember Martins running rings around us at Highbury in a 3-0 home defeat to Inter. Or maybe you have only just started supporting Arsenal…

I am concerned about his crazy private life, with reports of him being shot at on his last trip home to Nigeria. Also concerned about him buggering off to the ACN, leaving us with only RvP, Theo and Bendnter for up to 6 weeks.

So long as we don’t buy Owen. What an overrated player he is.

5. Marco - 29 June, 2007

Its because i have been following Arsenal for so long that i dont think Martins fill the bill. Hell i agree that he is a good player, but IF we are going to sign someone, dont you agree we need a GREAT player? Agree with you on the Owen deal Tim, heaven forbid . . .

6. Marco - 29 June, 2007

And by the way, we ran rings around Ashley Cole at Stamford Bridge, and that doesnt make Ashley a bad player. . .

7. Dr.Gooner4ever - 29 June, 2007

Mr.Wood,are you there to make our team a history??are sure you want our team to collapse at this time?what a failure!!why don’t you give out money to buy world class players?English football is now money if you want to achieve something.you look like a traitor Mr.Wood,what are you doing if you can’t manage the situation??

8. samuel dele ogundere - 29 June, 2007

i think all of you are just showing the love you have for ur darling club.nice talks.truth is whoever we buy must be a high quality striker that will surpass henry’s exploit….

9. Marco - 29 June, 2007

Its not all money Dr Gooner, its expertise. That we have a lot of. Go easy on wood, he might be a pecker but he has always been good for the club

10. samuel dele ogundere - 29 June, 2007

all shld give wenger a chance to pick his players.

11. Marco - 29 June, 2007

Hi Samuel, where u from?

12. Franny Jeffers - 29 June, 2007

It’s all about Carlos Tevez.

Support the Petition for Carlos Tevez!!


13. já - 29 June, 2007

What position is Sagna guys???Central Defender???thx

14. Marco - 29 June, 2007

He is a right back but can also play on the left

15. Adam - 29 June, 2007

Shut up he is a fantastic player and he would fit in Thierry henry’s position any time. There is also a huge chance that Arsenal could by Carlos tevez up with Martians.

16. Adam - 29 June, 2007

There is a huge chance that Arsenal are going to buy some world class players so all fans don’t worry!

17. Marco - 29 June, 2007

Thats like pissing blood and being told not to worry. . .

18. já - 29 June, 2007

I just see Sp*rs has great team now and if we don´t buy some striker(not forward),we will have big problems with holding top 4.

Why right back???There are Justin and Ema so why???i don´t understand,so i hope AW has some other plans with him…we need striker and central defender

19. Norway Gooner - 29 June, 2007

Sign him. He got strength, balance, speed and a nasty kick on the ball. Just about everything we need.

20. Marco - 29 June, 2007

Spurs will never have a great team . . .

21. Jezzy A. - 29 June, 2007

Martins and tevez singings will let us forgate that crezy scipper and sagna will strenghten our back.

22. Rock - 29 June, 2007

I agree totally with marco’s first comment and chidi you really dont have a clue. I dont care if martins hit 17 goals he will still balloon 40 over the bar before scoring 1 u only say he has a lethal left foot due to his wonder strike against tottenham. it’s clear anelka’s out the picture cause if wenger wanted him he wudve got him by now, with torres heading to merseyside and babel staying put, (who is a top top talent by the way chidi..learn.) it’s whittled down to tevez or owen because there is no way weng’s spending 13 mill on martins hahahaha thats never happening.

23. samuel dele ogundere - 29 June, 2007

marco,i am a nigerian but i support good football and good players.

24. MJ - 29 June, 2007

IF martins is 22 then its a good buy, however i suspect theres something suspect about it !!!! Tevez couod potentially be idal for us, depending on his price tag. Switch Eboue to right winger and Sagna/Hoyte covering right back and we should be ready for the new season. Just need Wenger to sign up for a few more years to entice a few more players to the club and the present as well as the future will look bright…

25. Norwegian Gunner - 29 June, 2007

Marco & Co..

Do you think little Tevez can step in and fill Henry’s place in the team? Are you mad?? He is not even close. He doesn’t hva the pace, the shooting and not by far the physique.

Martins is a far better option. Seriously a player who bangs in 17 goals for a mediochre team like Newcastle, in his first season, what do you think he can do for the Arsenal? Omg, get real man. How many goals did the tiny Tevez score last season?

SMELL THE COFFE man. Martins is strong like bull, lightening fast and has a deadly shot. He’s even left footed. I actually think he can be a better player than TH14. Somehow I believe he might be a more effective striker than Henry was.

Go for Martins Wenger. Before someone else does. £13 million for that player is madness. No wonder Allardyce almost got an heartattack when he found the clause.

26. Rock - 29 June, 2007

jezzy wenger’s not gonna sign two strikers get real!! the sagna situation is clear he wants eboue to play as a right winger due to his lapses in defence, he has contributed to many many goals against us his defending is not the best, however his attacking prowess would scare any left back n the prem. sagna is a solid right back and would be a great signing. Tevez would be amazing he works so hard for the team n he’s what we need to trips against the lesser teams who try n bully us, the blackburns n man city’s of this world on those stormy rainy chilly nights, tevez is the man to fight and bang in the goals at the same time. top top player.

27. samuel dele ogundere - 29 June, 2007

all wenger need to do now is to recruit good players fullstop.

28. okla - 29 June, 2007

We have neva bought an high quality player to replace another one. Leave Mr Wenger alone and let him make the decision. Did u knw Anelka, Toure and Viera? was Henry great? Just watch d space.. The genius knows what he is doing.

29. Marco - 29 June, 2007

I believe you sam, same with me. I’m South African. Norwegian Gunner, Tevez scored 7 in his last 9 games for the hammers, and that was in his first season in the premiership. Guys, i never said Martins isnt a good player, i just dont think he is a gunner . . . Honestly, if money is a problem, i’ll buy Huntelaar, Babael, Sagna, and i’ll even try buying Jimmy Briand

30. Timmy - 29 June, 2007

We should sign a world class striker that can hit a ball and pass a ball and one that is influential so why not tevez or torres those are 2 strikers twice as good as martins but the price for them is high torres is looking cheaper and cheaper for us with athletico desperate to sign Reyes. so if they get reyes and we get torres we still have enough money for sagna and malouda. but we don’t need malouda cause we have rosicky has everyone here forgotten about him. i wouldn’t mind babel but we have walcott who is better and huntelaar is not as good as bendtner we don’t need anymore midfielders our midfield is the best in the world it is our attack that needs a new player and our defence cause i have had enough of senderos. So why aren’t we looking at 2 players who I think will fit in perfectly. Vanden borre and kompany they r young and strong and we need them. To sum it up screw Marins and get tevez or Torres and 1 thing is for sure no way in hell sign owen

31. okla - 29 June, 2007

By d way can any1 tell me more about Sagna.

32. Rock - 29 June, 2007

MJ knows what he’s talkin about, norweigen gunner u CLEARLY DONT..u refer to him as little tevez have u seen how strong he is??did u not see how he handled ferdinand on that last day of the season..martins is good but im sorry no way near arsenal quality..13 million, 3 million less than henry for martins?? r u serious? get tevez, veloso and davies in and we’r ready. senderos will be sold and djourou will be off on loan so we def need a quality centre back. as far as the left side i agree that rosicky is enough, however malouda s so over rated its unreal he’s hitting 28 too and wont be zipping past anybody. babel wouldve been ideal but he’s staying at ajax so im guessing either van persie gets shifted out wide or it’s walcott and rosicky occupying the left flank 4 next season with eboue and hleb on the right.

33. paul thor skinbakk - 29 June, 2007

Sagna plays for auxerre.

he is a right back.

he is right footed.

will that do Okla ?

34. Rick - 29 June, 2007

To be truly honest, I believe any good striker would fit nicely at Arsenal. Martins looks just right for Arsenal, I imagine him netting lot of goals just as Henry and Wright did, probably not as skilled as them but good enough to take advantage of such passing game as Arsenal´s.
If we can get close to 20 goals from him, and the other players (like RVP, Theo, Rosicky, etc) get independent and make more goals than in the Henry era, we will be there for some silverware.

Arsenal is a joy to watch, the nicest passing game on earth… Cesc, RVP, Rosicky, Eboue, Clichy, Diaby, Theo and Hleb will shine this season.

Just a question for the other fans who disagree on Martins, who would you prefer upfront, Martins or Adebayor ?

Rick from Costa Rica

35. Jumping Keown - 29 June, 2007

Martins is too young. He’ll keep Bendtner and Walcott out of contention for the next couple of seasons. If owen came it would be a signal our serious intentions and pacify any anxieties running through the younger players. But when he’s injured (as he inevitably will be) Nicklas and Theo can step up and gain invaluable experience.
With Owen on board we should be ok for 4th in the league, champions league knock out stages, 5th round FA cup, and another CC final.

36. Marco - 29 June, 2007

Rock, i am so happy that you reminded us of Velsoso! I agree with you, watched him recently and he would be a great signing.
I do however hope Hleb is not our only option, he gets rid of the ball in such shitty fashion that he might as well play for the opposition! Senderos needs TO GO!

37. matmos - 29 June, 2007

I’ve no idea who this Sagna chap is. All I’ve heard is the press going on about him and how he wants to come to Arsenal. I never hear that Arsenal want to sign him. For all I know hes just another chancer but if he can play anywhere across the back four then that might be a good buy.
I’m a little bored by all the silly season speculation. There are too many people playing Championship Manager all trying to dictate who Wenger buys.

Do we let them, the media & agents dictate who signs for our club? No, we let Wenger. He knows more than anyone about transfers. None of us had heard of Vieira, Anelka, Eboue, Toure, Cesc, Van Persie, etc, etc but that doesnt stop them being great players. Everyday some agent is trying to flog us a wannabe but doesn’t mean we want them. Most of the players linked with us end up going to Spurs and this tells you something about how good they really are.

Some of the names being thrown about are very tempting, others not so. Martins (& Emre) demolished us at home to Inter so is a good option. Huntelaar looks useful. Anelka would be too but I don’t know if I can sing his name. Babel, I’m not sure about – he doesn’t exactly score a lot of goals but then nor does Torres! Tevez could be rather handy too but not sure he can play as a lone striker which might be required of him. My choice would be Benni McCarthy and a decent winger who doesnt over-elaborate, someone like Malouda.

38. Voice of the fans - 29 June, 2007

I agree with both Marco and Rock.. Martins is a quality player, but not the type of player that can replace Henry.. He might fit into a UFEA cup team well, and we never know the real age of him. Take Kanu for an example.. I would say we get Carlos Tevez, Miguel Veloso (this lad is really good) and Jonathan Woodgate. I’m actually surprised that none of the big 4 are trying to buy Woody. He can be the solution to our leaky defense. And pls sell Gallas. He has been a problem for us at the back.

And as far as I’m concerned Mr.Woods gotta go and make way for Stan, which would eventually see the return of Mr. Arsenal (David Dein), the man of the fans.

39. gazzap - 29 June, 2007

first I heard martins was 22 now 23, next week 24! wikipedia says he is 23 in October. he seems older. he was playing for Inter first team at 18. I guess even if thats not his actual birthday then the oldest he is likely to be is 24 so still not over the hill.

40. Marco - 29 June, 2007

Rick, if you put it like that . . . i have to agree, Martins. Adeb just not up there yet.
What do you guys think of Jimmy Briand?

41. DB10 forever - 29 June, 2007

If Reyes came back now that Henry is no longer around to bully him, do you think this formation might work?
Van Persie……….Fabregas………..Rosicky………Reyes….

42. Rock - 29 June, 2007

matmos the sagna deal looks very close. u can always tell the diff between rumours and concrete stories because if there are quotes from a club, for this case auxerre its more than likely to be genuine. Jumping Keown please tell me u are joking, u’d be happy with 4th in the league again? knockouts 4 champs league? carling cup final? thats all u hope 4? lol wow..well then if ur wish comes true u can bet wenger’s out the door come next may unless the board actually start backing wenger or we get taken over.

43. maltese gunner - 29 June, 2007

with martins in front and teves behind him we come more strnger more technical and more youngest squad dont loose this opportunity

44. Rick - 29 June, 2007

DB10 forever: are you for real ?

Please discard Adebayor from that formation.


45. Mark saanem - 29 June, 2007

my insticnt is to sign martins, babel and sagna, all 3 will make the sq

46. Rick - 29 June, 2007

Marco, don´t know Jimmy Briand. Could you please provide information about him ?


47. Voice of the fans - 29 June, 2007

Ricks right. Adebayor needs at least 20 clear cut chances to score a single goal.

48. Prove me wrong - 29 June, 2007

We are not a big club. Even Tottenham are bigger than us now.

We will not sign any great striker.

The board has killed Arsenal.

49. Rock - 29 June, 2007

db10 reyes is def not comin back but i dont see that formation workin personally cause as much as i respect adebayor for working his socks off for the team he just misses way too many chances. he’s the difference between us finishing in the top two and finishing where we did, thats the harsh reality. him and baptista’s finishing were just incredibly poor. I believe bendtner will shine and adebayor will be left on the fringes im afraid, and to those always giving hleb and rosicky a hard time saying we need more width bla bla..they put chance after chance after chance on a plate for our strikers and we didnt put them away. it’s not rocket science to know if we had a top clinical finisher we would be right up there with utd and chelsea. Jimmy Briand looks a player i must say, he’s got pace, power and can finish, but not yet for a replacement for henry as i feel we need proven premiership talent to guarantee us goals (Tevez)

50. to - 29 June, 2007

no need talk a lot,all striker buy for arsenal.1st owen,second martin,third tevez or babel ok!!

51. Timmy - 29 June, 2007

btw that formation can’t work as RVP does’nt play on the right, and adebayor can’t play by himself but the defence looks good but i would prefer fabianski in goaled.

and why isn’t anyone here talking about us getting torres at the moment it is the most likely transfer so far with reyes off in most likely a part exchange. but i am not worried about henry wenger would not have sold him without a replacement either within the club or a definate future transfer, all this rumour crap never works, who here heard we were buying rosicky until the day we got him or the fact that reyes left. who here even heard about any rumours linking us with henry, RVP, cesc or any other arsenal great don’t worr y about a thing sir wenger has a plan, and i think the player to replace henry is at the club and is ready to play everyone here just watch for carlos vela trust me on this one

52. Jumping Keown - 29 June, 2007

Rock – perhaps just a touch of sarcasm on my part.
Henry is one of the very best players in the world today, and even with him me needed more signings if we were going to improve next season. Now that he’s gone we either need to sign a massively talented striker who’s the real deal right now, or be prepared to wait 3 years to allow this very young team to mature.

53. Marco - 29 June, 2007

Rick, He is a 21 year old french striker, plays for Rennes. He has been named the new TH. Saw him play only once and he looked good. We were linked with him earlier this season

54. Prove me wrong - 29 June, 2007

We are spending the summer watching great strikers come and go at reasonable prices. The board is playing on our naivety in thinking they are playing a clever waiting game and will pull a great signing out of the hat. But like every one of the last three summers we will sign no one who will take the team forward, only an embarrassing cheat like Eboue or an inadequate like Hleb.

55. DeiseGooner - 29 June, 2007

RVP plays on the right of a front 3 for the dutch national side

56. Marco - 29 June, 2007


There is a link to a page that gives a photo and previous info on us being interested in him. He looks the real deal, although the problem is he is still young . . .

57. DeiseGooner - 29 June, 2007

Tottenham will never be bigger that the Arsenal. How could a true Gooner even think that. They got mugged paying 16.5 mil for Bent ffs

58. Prove me wrong - 29 June, 2007

Our team has no heart.

Our team has no guts.

Our team has no decent striker. Even Blackburn, Everton and West Ham have better strikers FGS!

Our board has killed Arsenal.

59. MJ - 29 June, 2007

With Fab in the middle of the park all we need is someone who can finish and we’ll be fine, hence why martins or Tevez would fit in. Plus they can both create stuff out of nothing (althought not the Vava’s quality i doubt). If Wenger can do one of his ‘deals’ for Tevez then i’d say go for it but if not then martins will do the job as i think he’d flourish with the kind of service out midefield would provide him. Most importantly, GET WENGER TO SIGN and end the unrest in the Gooner camp once and for all.

60. DeiseGooner - 29 June, 2007

Go back to the spuds boards will ya

61. Marco - 29 June, 2007

Prove me wrong – – – -PISS OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!


62. Prove me wrong - 29 June, 2007

They did not get mugged. They now have Berbatov, Bent and Defoe. All three are better than our striking options. Plus Keane is not too bad either. Lennon is also better than Hleb.

Don’t mock me lightly. I have held a season ticket for well over 30 years, so you can guess how much this pains me. The thought of heading backwards so fast is awful.

63. Prove me wrong - 29 June, 2007

Don’t delude yourselves. Better invest your energies in complaining to the board. To Wenger even. This could be the darkest summer in the club’s history if we don’t get the current board out now, Kroenke and Dein in, and cash spent on those strikers not already snapped up by the clubs who had their acts together.

64. Voice of the fans - 29 June, 2007

I have a feeling the Prove me wrong is a Spurs fan

65. BERRY - 29 June, 2007

OKLA bakari sagna is fantastic player can play anywere across the back got the touch of a midfielder over laping runs and crossing brillint more grown up than eboue strong fast hungry good technique would b a very good signing…..i think babel aswell wenger would make him fantastic and he can score goals unlike hleb….striker i dont no cant see wenger paying big money i saw a striker i think would fit in well jefferson farfan very good striker …..

66. Wenger - 29 June, 2007

Hey how about reyes back. We can make that happen by shifting his whole family to London.. there we go we get a quality winger. Just a thought!!!

67. Prove me wrong - 29 June, 2007

I repeat that the current board is not up to the job.

It is time we the fans smelt the truth and acted.

God we have some lilly livered couch-potato inteenet junkies pretending to be Arsenal fans.

FGS if you are get loud and get the board out now!

68. Rock - 29 June, 2007

gooners the bottom line is the board need to fix up. hill wood’s comment’s a couple of days ago suggests he really does not care about the well being of the club. he clearly doesnt want arsene to spend. he clearly is willing to watch us fighting for 4th place season after season. it is beyond me how a man like wenger, with all he’s done 4 this club is not backed by the board when lesser managers are able to spend on whoever they want. It is a crime that wenger cannot do just that..bringing in who he really wants which is why he had no choice but to start this project with the young players. All we need is a healthy board..our club is in decline and i ask myself why..we have the best manager in the world, the best stadium in the world, SOME fantastic players..all we need is a bit more cutting edge and i repeat a healthy board BACKING wenger. I dont believe wenger will leave even next year he wants to finish what he started he woud only leave us in a stable position – but having said that..he will leave if hill wood, edelman, fizman continue to do what they do, bringing us down when others are moving onwards and upwards.

69. Voice of the fans - 29 June, 2007

Prove me wrong dont ever insult Wenger.. He is the reason why we are where we are.. Dont ever forget that.. I dont care whether u r a 60 year old Gunner fan or not.

70. Rick - 29 June, 2007

Prove me wrong, it is certainly a time of concern and unrest. But we have to trust Wenger and the team. We are a top quality team even without Henry.
If our strikers would have scored more last season we wouldn´t be complaining about our situation.
We are a lot more better team than the Spurs.

Go gunners.

Rick, who follows Arsenal from overseas (Costa Rica)

71. What about? - 29 June, 2007

For Henry replacement
David Villa?
And on the wing…Quaresma

72. Prove me wrong - 29 June, 2007

Rock, you are correct.

Hill-Wood clearly has advanced alzheimers.

Edelman is an administrator in a grey suit.

The Carrs, Harris, Bracewell-Smith and Keswick are just along for the money-spinning ride and clearly do not give a shit about the team.

Don’t know about, or understand, Fiszman’s motives at all.

Dump the lot, now, save for possibly Fiszman.

73. Voice of the fans - 29 June, 2007

Rock’s right.. we need a healthy boad.. Hillwood is too gready. We have to let our voices be heard. Let them know what we are going through.

74. Prove me wrong - 29 June, 2007

We are now all saying the same thing.

But I don’t know what to do. Does anyone else?

Could we get a protest outside the ground?

75. Jeff - 29 June, 2007

How good is this Carlos Vela?
I mean is it possible that Wenger won’t buy a replacement for Henry at all??!!!
He might say I have Van Persie and Adebayor, with Walcott(Henry MK2), Bendtner and Vela ready to step up.
Maybe without the egos of Henry (and Gallas), this young team can flourish. I can’t imagine Gilberto, Freddy or Kolo complaining.
Just really need a winger, a centre half, maybe a right back.
Remember we’ve got 3 quality 20 year old midfielders in Cesc, Diaby and denilson. Imagine if we can keep them together for the next few years….

76. DeiseGooner - 29 June, 2007

I know this guy, who knows a chap , who has this contact, who knows a fella with a gun. Will that be of any use ?

77. jas - 29 June, 2007

martins is a kind of player to get goal’s

arsenal really need him.

they need the goal scoring re-alive. Fukers

78. arsenalist - 29 June, 2007

David Villa, now thats a guy that I would like to see at Arsenal…

79. Rock - 29 June, 2007

I’ve got a sneaky feeling wenger may give the captaincy to fabregas and not gilberto, this would make sense because on the pitch everything arsenal do goes through fabregas, he controls the game with ease and though he may be young he is so experienced having played so many games for us. It may also help him realise how much the club value him and it could mean he’d like to stay for the duration of his contract, resisting the overtures of madrid.

80. Jeff - 29 June, 2007

Or it could mean history repeating itself with our Captain going off to Real Madrid or Barca….I’d rather have Gilberto as Captain, after all he is Captain of Brazil!

81. Voice of the fans - 29 June, 2007

Rock, I dont think Arsen would give the captaincy to Cesc.. Not yet anyway.. It would be either Gilberto or Toure. Im sure

82. Menace - 29 June, 2007

I think Martins is good particularly when he sings Living la Vida Loca!

13 mill for him is cheap. Maybe he’ll score another one against the spuds and piss Deins daughter in law off. That and the fact Bent is a Gooner must play havoc with their pretzels.

In all honesty who are we trying to kid? Wenger knows and he is after some 12 year old wonderbra! wonderbrat I mean. Wenger is not getting younger so he is at Arsenal for at least another 10years. There is no way he will leave a half created football heaven that he has dreamed of for some other club just to statr all over again. The young team is his set of talent that will play his style of football whilst maintaining his level of morality. It is his strict professionalism that denies many English players a chance, together with their own level of arrogance and hunger.

83. BERRY - 29 June, 2007


84. Rock - 29 June, 2007

Voice of the fan’s the captain has to be someone who has a chance of staying at the club for quite some time, e.g roy keane was given it early and was captain through a long period of time. Gilberto is 30 and who knows whether he will go to juventus or not that’s not clear, i dont think u can be a captain and be offered a 1 year deal after each season. Maybe toure but seeing way wenger works it wudnt surprise me if it was cesc as he influences the team with his football more than toure does. Though i do think toure would make a very good captain in his own right.

85. GreenGunner - 29 June, 2007

It would be crazy to make Cesc our captain. He’s too young and too fiery, Gilberto was our true captain even when Henry was still there. In fact the only reason Henry was made captain was to get him to stay. He was never captain material imo.

As for who we should sign, Tevez would be far too expensive and there’s as much chance of my my cat knocking out Ricky Hatton as there is of us signing Adriano. Martens may not be the perfect choice but he’s the best available and has a left foot that would put a hole in a brick wall.

86. Menace - 29 June, 2007

Rock dont be sure captaincy is a restraining position. Our last 2 fucked off with big paypackets. We made a few spondoolies but none the less we sold our captains. I would prefer Gilberto or Freddie. Gilberto because he is motivated by it, Freddie because he will glow with pride and get the team playing. Toure doesnt need any motivation. He is just an Arsenal player with cannon coursing his veins.

87. Voice of the fans - 29 June, 2007

How i think we would end up if these players come in

Players to come: Tevez, Veloso, Sagna, Woodgate
Achivements: Premier League champions, UCL champions

Players to come: Tevez, Sagna
Achivements: FA Cup, 2nd in the League, a good run in UCL

Players to come: Martins, Sagna
Achivements: 4th in the League, FA Cup final

Players to come: none
Achivements: 4th in the League

Sagna is almost a certain.. Thats y i put his name on every single list

88. Lanesra - 29 June, 2007

Sagna can play at left back too! remember that the African Cup of Nations starts again next year and we will lose Adebayor and Eboue for up to a month. Hence all the speculation about Sagna is good news. Clichy does a very good job but we have no cover if he gets injured or needs a rest.

89. Alan. - 29 June, 2007

Not sure about martins. Yes he had a good game against us in the CL, but Kolo said after the game he’d keep him quiet in the return. I was at that game and he never got a look in. He never did much for Inter after that and i reckon Newcastle is about his level. Plus no-one really knows how old he is. He could be 30 FFS.

90. gunnersgrove - 29 June, 2007

okla ( post 28 ) dont bother telling them they all seem to know more than wenger i bet they were saying the same things when wenger wanted to sign henry then, i wonder why none of them has never applied for wenger job. i believe wenger will sign whoever he thinks would benefit us so u all should relax. well if u feel like topping yourself cause we have not sign anyone feel free to do so you will not be missed

91. Menace - 29 June, 2007

Berry & Prove Me Wrong – you dont know anything about our board. They are truly magnificent business people with a love for Arsenal. Dein is also one of those who loves Arsenal but he made a bad decision. He’ll be back a little wiser and with more fire in his belly. Do not think that the Kronkes of this world give a fuck for your club, they care about how much money it can make them. If Kronke cares he can make a donation just like we do when we pay £50 for a £10 ticket or £4 for a £2 pint.

92. Rock - 29 June, 2007

vieira was young and fiery when made captain greengunner u think keane wasnt young and fiery too? uve just given two examples of what a captain SHOULD possess..I would never want adriano at arsenal he’s way too eratic, the best striker available on the market today albeit at a very high price – Carlos Tevez. I’m not too worried about the price because even if he’s 20 million wenger will deal the way he always has, for e.g the reyes deal which with the initial pay and the rest DEPENDING on future success. Tevez to sign. My 2nd choice if not tevez would have to be owen as he is a proven goalscorer and that’s all that’s need to be said about him. not worried about his injuries either as wenger would know when to use him and owen’s worked hard for a year to get stronger n is in great condition. wenger likes both, has stated his admiraton publicly and i think it will definately be one of them who are wearing the red and white next season.

93. Rock - 29 June, 2007

voice of the fans u are right about the players u want coming in but im sorry to burst ur bubble woodgate signed for middlesborough permanently this summer already so cross him off your list.

94. GreenGunner - 29 June, 2007

I’m not saying Cesc couldn’t be our captain in the future Rock, but I don’t think it would be the right move now. Gilberto is our rock in midfield (no pun intended) and even though a lot of our attacks go through Cesc when Gilberto doesn’t play we are a totally different team.

I’d LOVE to see Tevez in red and white, but because he’s owned by a 3rd party I think they are going to try and get as much as possible for him and that may price us out of the market. No matter who we sign we need a striker and another winger, I’m still not sure about Hleb and Freddy has been injury prone over the last few years.

95. Hillwood - 29 June, 2007

Im going to force Wenger to sell Febregas, RVP, Reyes and Toure in addition to the departed Henry. I will take all the money and give Wenger 5 million to buy Baros, Inzaghi and Baptista. Then we will play championship football the following season.

96. Rock - 29 June, 2007

greengunner i see what your saying..but i just feel as the owner of tevez is an arsenal fan..you just never know..

97. ger - 29 June, 2007


98. GreenGunner - 29 June, 2007

Yeah Rock heres hoping, plus, Tevez has said several times that he loves our style of play and that he wouldn’t be against a move to the Emirates.

99. Voice of the fans - 29 June, 2007

Ok Woody might come in to context, but we need a quality center half and we need to get rid of Gallas.

100. Yats - 29 June, 2007

As a newcastle fan, I felt as though I was being called to this room to voice my views on Martins coming to Newcastle… And also cos my brother “Rock” was banging on about taking either Owen or Martins to Arsenal lol. I must say, I would be very upset if either of the strikers were to leave, However, can you imagine with the amount of chances Arsenal create in a game with Owen or Martins sitting and waiting to finish? Its actually quite a scary thought..Other teams would be leaking it!

Why is hleb always in a rush to get rid of the ball?

101. tututut - 29 June, 2007

get martins if you dont who will score goals sorry but bendtner does not impres me get andy cole and marlon harewood both good players

102. tututut - 29 June, 2007

daniel carvalho looks good to

103. tututut - 29 June, 2007

he played really well 4 cska against us in the champions league

104. Rock - 29 June, 2007

andy cole? marlon harewood? bendtner doesnt impress you? ROFLMAO

105. BERRY - 29 June, 2007


106. CaribKid - 29 June, 2007

Couple of points to consider:
1. Sagna can play at Left Back and also some central defense.
2. With Toure and Eboue going off to the ANC for up to five weeks he is the perfect cover due to his ability to play multiple positions.

Knowing Aesene, I guarantee he will be a Gunner within the next 2 weeks.

Also, Arsene is only going to purchase one more striker period. Any more than that would stunt the growth of Ade and Bendtner and that’s not going to happen. I really don’t care whether we get Tevez, Huntslaar or Martins, they are all young world class strikers and would contribute significantly to our team. The only downside to Martins is his erratic behaviour and that he may be lost to the ANC for an extended period this year.

Forget Owen, don’t need him, don’t want him.

Anelka would be great short term acquisition and allow Bendtner, Ade and Walcott to be brought along slowly.

Babel is good but necessarily needed in the short term.

Just my take.

107. seagunner - 29 June, 2007

i think we don-t need a new striker theo is a great winger who can play up front remember the carling cup final that tututut guy does not know what he is talking about

108. GreenGunner - 29 June, 2007

@ Yats. Hleb always wants to get rid of the ball because he doesn’t seem to know what to do when he gets in the last 3rd of the pitch. Not only that but he ALWAYS wants to cut inside and that makes us too narrow and easy to defend.
If I had a choice between Owen and Martins I’d take Martins, Owen is a much better goal poacher but he just can’t stay healthy, there’s no point in having a Ferrari if its in the garage all the time.

109. seagunner - 29 June, 2007

if it’s not andy cole or marlon harewood than emile heskey or sorry rock but i cant agree with bendtner we need a tough local lad carlton cole?

110. Isa - 29 June, 2007

We cant go for Martins. He’s about 5yrs older than his stated age, prone to injury and has a lousy first touch. B’sides we’ve go to pair him up wit Van P…..toooo leftish a combination if u ask me. We really cant afford another african in the first team with the Nations Cup round d corner. We’d be looking at 4 first teamers (Eboue,Toure,Adebayor,Martins inclusive) out for 4weeks at least. He’s really an ok lad though. Anelka/Tevez wld be better, they’r better man-beaters than Martin. Tevez has the attitude we need in the squad….fight,fight and fight (ask West Ham) but also has a turbulent history. Wish he would, but not likely the proffessor wld bite. Tnk we shld trust Wenger, he’s done it before and except senility has started creepin in on d chap, he’ll do it again

111. GreenGunner - 29 June, 2007

Seagunner you’re having a laugh aren’t you? Are you seriously suggesting we should sign Emile Heskey or Carlton Cole? If we signed that cart horse Heskey I’d start supporting Accrington Stanley.

112. big ears - 29 June, 2007

we need a powerful bloke i agree with u seagunner

113. I said it ... WHAT - 29 June, 2007


114. seagunner - 29 June, 2007

soz green gunner but i honestly believe we need a big powerful local player for trips at bol ton or blackburn on those cold chilly nights

115. big ears - 29 June, 2007

imagine dahl tomasson as an arsenal player

116. big ears - 29 June, 2007

he plays for villareal

117. Rock - 29 June, 2007

ahhhh see…an arsenal fan clearly affected by the lack of transfer activity, worried we will not sign anyone in the end, roflmao

118. Rock - 29 June, 2007

seagunner those cold chilli nights is what tevez was made for.

119. big ears - 29 June, 2007

wer u talking about me

120. Isa - 29 June, 2007

also, owen is out of the question…….No beckham crosses to scramble in

121. norbit - 29 June, 2007

yakubu or simon davies from bolton

122. London - 29 June, 2007

Last season we had Henry and Baptista the coming season we will not. So f——ing buy Martins and bloody Tevez.

123. bal gill - 29 June, 2007

its not all doom and gloom guys just chill,the first priority is wenger signing his contract what i believe he will do by monday 2nd july, and are first player we buy will be martins but not as a striker but as winger(left) but who we can also use as a striker if needs arrises, and wenger is not going for tevez ,but some one else? not owen,tevez

124. BERRY - 29 June, 2007


125. BERRY - 29 June, 2007


126. stecy - 29 June, 2007

yah. I believed Martin cvan be better than Henry because the guy can left himself,very fast and very srng than Henry. I will be very happy if Wenger signed him

127. number2 - 29 June, 2007

sell flamini hleb rosicky and senderos and buy ivory coast arthur boka and bakari kone

128. GreenGunner - 29 June, 2007

@ seagunner. I’m not denying our lack of an out and out striker has hurt us in recent seasons, but Wenger has a philosophy that he’s going to stick with. First in his mind is someone who can play football the way he likes it, so any striker we go after is going to have to be a footballer first and a goalscorer second.
Everyone knows we could score an extra 20 odd goals a season if we had someone who lives in the box but thats not the style we play….whether thats a good or bad thing.

129. tututut - 29 June, 2007

i seriously believe in tough local english players heskey harewood c.cole
a.cole darius vassel

130. seagunner - 29 June, 2007

tututut has a point vassel is creative and has pace speaking of mancity damarcus beasley looks a solid player

131. GreenGunner - 29 June, 2007

Heskey is shite though. He’s shite now and he was shite at every club other than Leicester. Harewood and C. Cole aren’t good enough to play for Arsenal either, Harewood isn’t even wanted by West Ham and C.Cole was just sold to Ipswich (I think) which means teams don’t even think he’s good enough for the premiership.

132. gunman - 29 June, 2007

i think diaby should be our next skipper very much like vieira character and abiliy wise

133. seagunner - 29 June, 2007

ok maybe c.cole and harewood are bad but surely vassel and beasley

134. thomasthetankengine - 29 June, 2007

u speak shit mate seagunner the only good player for arsenal is tev and oba and maybe forlan although aliadiere could have been the next henry

135. BERRY - 29 June, 2007


136. Rock - 29 June, 2007

berry and seagunner, goodness me u both have no clue its frightening..andy cole? vassel? BEASLEY? ROFLMAO ROFLMAO ROFLMAO ROFLMAO ROFLMAO u must think we’r man city or birmingham!! i know we’r not in great shape at the mo but COME ON! geeeeez!!

137. clove - 29 June, 2007

i do support martins can substitute the loss of henry, compared to tevez but it would be better if we get both.

138. clove - 29 June, 2007

but here i do have question relating to our beloved club, why do arsenal manager always raise players for which he don’t buy, is there financial problem why not we buy big players that help the club and their fans

139. Rock - 29 June, 2007

clove, i kindly ask, where have u been the last, lets see..hmm…oh rite that it..10 YEARS????

140. I said it ... WHAT - 29 June, 2007

clove r u really a Gooner? eh eh eh

141. BERRY - 29 June, 2007


142. Rock - 29 June, 2007

it’s ok dont cry

143. BERRY - 29 June, 2007


144. Rock - 29 June, 2007

u didnt detect the sarcasm? tut tut tut, shame on you berry juice – shame

145. tututut - 29 June, 2007

shut up you stupid rock leave berry alone id rather c u die than sir alex ferg

146. BERRY - 29 June, 2007


147. tututut - 29 June, 2007

stinky old man u never wash rock soz i smell u here

148. tututut - 29 June, 2007

people want to come to us because of the training ground and the new stadium i.e bakari sagna

149. BERRY - 29 June, 2007


150. tututut - 29 June, 2007

you peple dont no wat ur talking berry ur fine but rock is just a retard never admits hes rong

151. BERRY - 29 June, 2007


152. Sensible - 29 June, 2007

And the Cannon readers’ average IQ sinks to new lows.

153. Rock - 29 June, 2007

mr and mrs berry-tuttutut, i apologise as it seems you have taken offence. but now i know why u call urself berry, ur beloved white panties turn into the colour of raspberry due to it clearly being that time of day for you. which is ok, relax. Also, mrs tut tut…dont be sad that you havent really got a clue about a club you claim to support, it’s ok that you attempt to talk rubbish and u express this with childish insults, but it’s ok, it’s not easy for the mentally spastic such as yourself to comprehend certain things, and thats completely understandable. you make a great couple and i hope this advice has helped.

154. Menace - 29 June, 2007

Berry – just pity Bent (a gooner) he has yids playing along side him.

155. Rock - 29 June, 2007

u read my thoughts sensible. everybody was having a good discussion until raspberry and tut’s came along. must b spurs fans, gotto be.

156. BERRY - 29 June, 2007


157. tututut - 29 June, 2007

berry dont u think rocks a retard

158. tututut - 29 June, 2007

rock sorry but you think martins is rubish just look at that goal he scored against those disgraceful spurs that shows his talent

159. BERRY - 29 June, 2007


160. big ears - 29 June, 2007


161. tututut - 29 June, 2007

rit you r berry i got carried away

162. Prove me wrong - 29 June, 2007

Hillwood out.

163. Rock - 29 June, 2007

tututut if u read my posts u’d clearly see most of us who were talking before u came along agreed that martins is a good player, i respect everybody’s comments. personally i just dont think he’s good enough for arsenal or will fit in as well as tevez would. it was a great goal but 1 goal doesnt make u a prime target to replace theirry henry – just my opinion, dont start cryin again..if u want good english players, which i do too..why not mention ones with talent, the owen’s and defoe’s of this world, but if u trrrrrruuuuuuly believe the likes of heskey, vassel and andy cole are going to take our club forward or help us on the pitch in any way…then i’m soz i hurt ur feelngs by laughing at that comment, but seriously, stop crying.

164. tututut - 29 June, 2007


165. tututut - 29 June, 2007

u didnt hurt my feelings mate no harsh feelings it was just my opinion too

166. okla - 29 June, 2007

paul thor skinbakk…thx but nt enuf. Am askin in terms of hw good he is? is he pacy? n all those sort of questions

167. Top Posts « WordPress.com - 29 June, 2007

[…] Obafemi Martins £13m option Sam Allardyce has revealed that Martins has a £13m buy-out-clause in his contract and Michael Owen’s is only […] […]

168. Gooner13 - 30 June, 2007

yerh he is a hell good player but afrian nations so we wont have him so no i dont wanna get him i would prefer Anelka or Tevez or both would be much better

169. big ears - 30 June, 2007


170. Spandiar - 30 June, 2007

Anelka for me. He is the closest replacement to Henry. Also what we need in the team right now is experience, which Anelka will provide. Martins doesnt seem an Arsenal material. DO u think he will stick around for more than 2 seasons. Also he wants to go back to Italy. On the other hand I feel Anelka really wants to come back. He really feels he made a mistake 8yrs back in leaving us. He can very well retire a gooner.

171. big ears - 30 June, 2007


172. Ton - 30 June, 2007

Some of the stupidest shit I’ve read is that signing a “big name” like Owen will appease us fans. Owen’s name has shrunk considerably over the past couple of years with his constant injury concerns and loss of pace, lack of improvement in his overall game, not to mention that many of us question how he would be able to adapt to Wengerball. He’s only still a big name to the media fools. Wenger expressed admiration for him, but that was a few years back, and there are multitudes of players Wenger’s admired but not bid for.

173. Voice of the fans - 30 June, 2007

Its obvious that we need at least one or two world class players. And im afraid the suggestions made by tuttutu and Berry are lame insults towards out beloved club.. Heskey, vassel and andy cole.. u must be kidding me. They would never fit in to our style of play. The beautiful game… All we can do at the moment is to have faith in Wenger.. Like he found a replacement for Viera (the then most infuential player) with the younger and more supirior Cesc, he will find a player that can compromise the loss of Henry.. ITS JUST A MATTER OF TIME BEFORE HE MAKES A SIGNING OR TWO.

174. BERRY - 30 June, 2007

boys idont want to fucking sign hesky vassel or cole were did that come from…we aint getting tevez y would wenger spend 40 million on 1 player he could get a hole team for that if tevez is worth that henry is worth 100 million and we let him go ….at the minute with wenger not signing a contract its fucking it up…i think players will be put off buy this…but saying that we havnt even gone for anyone..bakari will be comeing thats a good signing but strikers apart from henry and rvp and drogba no one really excites me or ther to much money i think babel would be a good signing for the money but start him on the wing

175. left philips - 30 June, 2007

pls get matins,takes time to get ready for d prem Lg. this guy made it in a short time, played for inter as youth got us in trouble in the champions lg. 17goals as a newcomer.rated as one of the best new recruits in prem lg last season, speaks english fluently i think.guess what all? proff knows. and bn making coments about matins sooo. matins= raw gold=lot of goals. if this guy flops i will start watching america soks no surkcer.

176. Rock - 30 June, 2007

Martins is GOOD, but the point a lot seem to be missing is both him and adebayor will leave in january for the african cup of nations leaving us short of strikers and we all know one month is the difference between finishing in the top two and fighting for 4th place. Tevez the man for us, i hope we get all the other signings out the way in the next two weeks for e.g the sagna’s of this world..we know babels staying for another year..i honestly think sagna, tevez and veloso and we will be ready to challenge 4 the title. WE CAN DO IT.

177. ArseNole - 30 June, 2007

Tevez is waiting till at least after the Copa America is over to decide what he’s doing next season, so I think we’ll probably make a move before then. Wenger is getting back from holiday soon so I’d think he’d be holding talks with Anelka or Martins pretty soon.


178. Paul - 30 June, 2007

Before going away Wenger laid down instructions on who he wanted the board to chase and top of the list was Lyon’s Brazillian Striker Fred, Wenger is eager to bring him in because he already has expierence in the champions league, he is young but has expierence and Wenger sees him as the perfect replacement for Henry. He hopes his relationship with members of the Lyon management will help him land Fred and the clubs are only a few million apart in their valuations of him so expect a deal concluded when Wenger returns as the player is eager to join

179. Rock - 30 June, 2007

i think that’s more ur personal wish rather than fact my friend.

180. I said it ... WHAT - 30 June, 2007

all you peeps apart from “Rock” are not Arsenal fans u r Judas’s. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh … in relation to Paul’s comment when the hell did Weng Cheng ever EVER express interest for Fred…………….. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i’m rolling on the floor laughing cos u lot seem to like making scenarios up. hahahahahahhahahahah

181. I said it ... WHAT - 30 June, 2007

cos don’t u lot get it … Henry is Superman in terms of football and no one … no one will come close for decades. and that my non Arsenal fans is thy truth and nothing but the truth

182. Rock - 30 June, 2007

damn straight he will never be truly replaced, it doesnt help people like u paulo making things up stating false news with regards to transfer targets, u must have a fred poster up on ur wall and he may be ur hero but its not rite u dissapoint arsenal fans because how on earth CAN FRED BE HENRY’S RELACEMENT. out of all the transfer targets mentioned – he has GOT to be the worst. Stop makin things up and wishing for things, that quite frankly isnt even worth wishing for. Fred is a player who will fit in very well for a team like tottenham BUT WE MY FRIEND – ARE ARSENAL F.C, u dig?

183. Olamilekan - 1 July, 2007

I want Arsene Wenger to help us get so many Good Players that can help the Team,Oba Goal is the Best We can afford and with the Kind of Midfielders we have..The sky is will be the Limit,All we need now is just another central back and a pacy striker like obafemi martins being supported by Van Persie.Then you will see That we will move the world cos all teams will be defeated.Arsene Wenger should do something fast cos time is not on our side.

184. Olamilekan - 1 July, 2007

Arsenal is the Best in the World…Tell all man and let them know that we are the best Playing Football Team

185. syahid ali - 1 July, 2007

martins is quite a decent player and young too. tevez? that guy wants to be in multiple clubs at once! now he wants to be a galactico!

186. CLOCK END GOONER - 1 July, 2007


187. ASHENAFIE - 1 July, 2007


188. michot - 1 July, 2007

I can see that all fans are frustrated about our clubs future, in any case be faithful on AW. he will bring some world class signing.

189. Mickey C - 1 July, 2007

What is the point of signing Martins if he will be missing for an entire month during the african cup of nations? That would leave us with Van Persie, Walcott and Bendtner as our only strikers. Im all for signing Huntslaar – he reminds me of Shearer, he dosnt set much up or create much, he just wants to score goals and dosnt care how they go in. Last few seasons we have been very light weight and have been bullied in games wich is why we need to bring in a player who is not scared to fight for the ball, someone who will throw themselves in where the feet or keepers fists are flying about.

I agree with many on here who say we need an out and out winger, a player who is able to use skill and speed to beat a man before playing a quality ball in for other forwards to attack – again he has to be able to take a kicking and still want more. I would move heaven and earth to buy (part swap Reyes) Robinho from Real Madrid. He is a small lad but anyone who has ever watched the Brazilan league will know that he will be able to take the physical side of our game. He should also be available as Real have made no secret that they are looking to sign another winger (Robin of Chelsea). I watched Robinho play for Brazil at the Emerates last season and warming up he was doing tricks that I have never even heard of before, during the game he was awsome and beat Argentinian players for fun.

190. Ruben Uria - 1 July, 2007

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191. Ruben Uria - 1 July, 2007

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Sorry for my poor english. Best regards!

192. DeiseGooner - 2 July, 2007

Arsenal.com have announced a deal to bring Crotia Striker Eduardo da Silva to the club.

Her is his record…

2001-2002 – Dinamo Zagreb 4 (0)
2002-2003 – Inter Zaprešić 15 (10)
2003-present Dinamo Zagreb 100 (73)

7 international goals

193. jammathon - 2 July, 2007

What is the point of all these rumours, when Arsene goes completely against the grain? You’ve only got to love him: http://thirdgen.wordpress.com/features/pointofrumours/

194. Rock - 2 July, 2007

well this morning i was happy that we signed da silva..but i must say since then his comments have made me think otherwise..for a start i’ve just recently read he’s signed for 24 million euro’s, basically all of the henry money, wtf!!! i thought he signed for 4 million pounds..16 million for da silva, it just cant be. with regards to his comments about the transfer, he placed arsenal firmly last when he said it’s everyone’s dream to play for real madrid, barcelona, manchester united, (AND then) arsenal. Furthermore he stated that he will be back playing for dinamo one day. i dont know how some1 who’s just signed for arsenal can say that. As far as his ability i’m sure he can score goals in the prem. he clearly seems to know how to finish and his record is 2nd to none. but i have to be honest most of his goal’s i’ve seen – are penalties. I still wish him good luck and hope he does well for us. I also hope the signing’s of sagna and davies r quickly resolved so we can start the season ready to go.

195. JOKEMA - 6 July, 2007


196. smaker - 7 July, 2007

So is Arsenal still buying martins?
i think they should buy him,he quick,strong and has powerful shot,besides,he uses both legs.

He is a goo buy at 13M.




198. JOKEMA - 7 July, 2007


199. aroso sola - 10 July, 2007

arsenal should try and sign obafemi matin for any amount heis a good striker

200. Creagy - 11 July, 2007

matins is one hell of a goal getter.Common Wenger what r u waiting for?

201. Creagy - 11 July, 2007

Anelka,Eto’o,Torres………….where r they? after all d promises.Pls don’t let Matins go like them

202. saad. manchester. - 11 July, 2007

imagine martins having a midfielder like fabregas behind him? sure total demolition of the opponent. a fabregas is all martins need to top the goal scorer chart. bring him in please. maco enjoys football but doesnt know it.

203. fujah - 12 July, 2007

U guys do not need to critisize players becos it is not easy on the feild of play.why cant arsenal replace henry with martins? Wenger has experience on the job and knows which striker in world fits Henrys cap. SCHEVE had few goals in Chelsea last season despite the midfeilders paraded by Chelsea. Martins had low quality and ageing midfielders to support him at newcastle but he netted 17 goals for newcastle.His 5 star performance against TOP premiership clubs last season still lingered in coaches memory. He had a couple of BRACES. These are HIENRY Qualities. OBAGOAL is the required striker to replace Hienry.

204. Scott - 15 July, 2007

i have been wanting anelka or martins for ages now and the way wenger is now speaking, i can bet you he will sign no big names even tho martins will only cost 13 mill and will be that extra 20 goals per season that we need.. martins and RVP up front with fab feeding from behind.. NICE!!

205. babatunde abidoye - 16 July, 2007

hi , i want martins to go there as a nigeria players who has being gifted from to show hi ambition so play for aresnal and get out from newcastle fc

206. Scott - 17 July, 2007

wenger is to much of an idiot to sign martins.

he is going to spend an extra 2 million on an unproven player instead… (what a knob head)

207. Wale - 24 July, 2007

have listened to all yah guys talking about Arsenal snapping up a lethal stiker, i have been an Arsenal supporter sine 1997 and have enjoyed the football they play, arsenal needs to repeat those wonderful years and moments! our footbal needs a stiker of proven quality, not strikers like Adebayor, Baptita who waste goals, the truth here is that if obafemi Martins can leave Newcastle virtue of the said clause, it will be a wise decision because it has all it takes to scare goal keepers and finish the job.
Hey guy let’s keep the spirit alive
Gunners till eternity!

208. Wale - 24 July, 2007

Any one knows how we can contact Wenger and probably suggest to him that he needs someone like Obafemi Martins to deliver for arsenal this season, if you took note last season, arsenal creates more chances than any team in the premiership and yet struggle to get draws, or what can you sya about the match we lost at Emirates to west Ham utd, you don;t play so well and lose matches you can never be happy about that. If we can reach this professor we hope he take suggestion for once.!
Arsenal till satan repents!

209. Wale - 26 July, 2007

Arsenal lost their last build=up game to the start of the season in Austria, i am sure they created loads of chances as is the usual case, i did not get to see this match but you can be sure they disappointed the fans again, i think Arsene Wenger should seriously consider signing a proven striker, before the transfer market closes on the 31st of August then and only then would we be ready to take on any team in the premiership and the champiuons league.
Arsenal 4EVER!

210. Scott - 28 July, 2007

yes the presaseason game against slazberg redbulls was a complete mirror match to that of many games from last season… “chance after bloody chance” and no goals.. even wenger said so him self that we should of scored 5 goals before they even got their 1.. and yet he is still content on keeping it all the same and not buying anyone else.. he needs to wake the F up and buy a fast paced prooven striker.

211. mulki - 2 August, 2007

if martins came to arsenal omg it will be so cool and adebayor will go i don’t like him he is full of shit i hope martins to came to the gunners i luv u guysss.

212. scott - 6 August, 2007

Martins will not move to arsenal, wenger is to stupid!

213. Sheba Olabode - 12 May, 2008

I will like martins to come to the gunners because he is very fast, and arsenal need a very fast striker like him. Up Gunners

214. Peace master - 12 May, 2008

pls tell wenger to go for the best and who is the best? If not martins.
Gunners for real and forever

215. Ayusmart in Irele - 12 May, 2008

Up Gunners

216. Akeem Adeleke - 20 March, 2010

To be honest if wenger can avoid to get Obafemi Martins n some body like Alneka Arsenal will be more solid n hopefull win atleast one title for God shake.

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