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A look at the team ahead of the 07/08 season 25 July, 2007

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.

I think it’s about time to weigh up our team before August comes. If there are to be any more departures I can only see that being Reyes and possibly Flamini, more on him in a bit. I’ll start at the beginning and that’s the goalkeepers.


Lukasz Fabianski was brought in at the beginning of the transfer market, predominantly as a replacement for Mart Poom who joined Watford. ‘A replacement for Mart Poom’ doesn’t sound too flattering does it? However at the time of his signing, Jens Lehmann’s future was in doubt and when Fabianski was brought in, it was as the long-term successor to Mad Jens. Now Lehmann’s future has been sorted (ish), Lukasz will be fighting with Almunia for that no.2 spot; I think for now he will be our 3rd ‘keeper but he is a young prospect who is due to step up and take the Polish no.1 jersey over the next few years which will do him a lot of good.

Back at the start of the summer after Jens sorted out where he would play Wenger said that if he had left, then Almunia would’ve been promoted. I believe this is still the case but if Fabianski shows his potential this season it might be another story.

For now anyway, Lehmann is definitely our no.1. This might be his last season at Arsenal, I’m not exactly sure, and if it is, well this season it is up to our other two goalies to see who impresses Wenger the most to become our no.1 for the season after. I believe Jens has another year after this left in him, but if he wants to go and play back in Germany then that’s fair enough.


At centre back I think we’re sorted, there is no problem there. Gallas and Toure are two of the best around and any striker in the world will find it difficult getting past them. Backing up them two are Djourou and Senderos who we know are good quality and can do a more than good enough job in our defence. However Steve Bruce is still trying to get Djourou on a season long loan which would ruin our plans. If that was to happen then we’d have to call up a reserve player or someone who isn’t traditionally a centre back.

At full back we’ve just brought in Bacary Sagna. He’ll slot right into the first team ahead of Eboue and Hoyte. It seems a bit strange that we’ve bought Sagna even though we have two right backs but it’s looking quite likely now that Eboue will be converted into a right midfielder with our current lack of wide players. Wenger was quoted the other day including Emmanuel in a list of wingers we have at the club so it looks like Hoyte is now the back up to Sagna. Also there’s Gilbert who has just come back from loan at Cardiff who’s a pretty decent play but I don’t think he will be called upon too many times this season.

Clichy on the other hand hasn’t got such a wealth of players behind him. Gallas can play at left back but you can see that it does not come naturally to him. Other than that there’s Traore. I’m a big fan of the youngster and whenever I’ve seen him he has impressed me. I think the combination of Traore and Gallas will be enough to back up Clichy. The luxury of another left back would be great but that’s not something we can afford at the moment.


Central midfield is probably the strongest area in our squad. We have Fabregas, Gilberto, Denilson, Diaby, Flamini and Song. However there are a few problems with them: Fabregas picked up a knee problem yesterday and has gone for a scan today. We’ll probably find out how bad that is when we play Salzburg later. Then there’s Gilberto who is having an extended break until September because of the Copa America. Song is just Song. Finally there’s Flamini, at the beginning of the summer he publicly announced he would leave and everyone knew he’d be off and thought a deal would be done soon. However it’s now nearly August and he’s still playing with us. The departures we’ve had this year have really shifted things around the club and possibly Mathieu might be staying. I’m a fan on Flamini; he has a great work rate and puts everything he has into every game. He put in some good performances in last season; one that stands out is Chelsea away so I think he is an asset to the squad. We’ll just have to wait and see on him I suppose.

I think this will be a great season for Diaby. He’s growing from strength to strength already but I feel the 07/08 season will be a big one for Abou. He’s third choice centre midfielder so there will be plenty of opportunities for him to play. I’m very exited about this player. Denilson too is looking good and at his young age has impressed me a lot when he’s got the chance to play. Definitely one for the future but I think he too could be in for a good season.

The central midfield is great; but out wide it’s another story. With Freddie going the other day we now have Rosicky and Hleb who are naturally central attacking midfielders, we’ve got Walcott who is really a striker who is just getting experience out wide before he moves up front and we now have Eboue. None of which are natural wingers. People I know out in Austria following the team have said Mark Randall is out there training with the first team squad. He also started the Barnet game out on the wing, this could mean he’s being brought up to the first team, but I don’t thing he is anywhere near ready yet and possibly he’s filling in until we make a signing??? Very optimistic I know. We need to sign a winger in my opinion.


We are considerably weaker in our squad for strikers now but I think we will manage this season with what we have. Aliadiere, Baptista and Henry have left now which does ruin things, I won’t go into that too much because we’ve heard it all before but we can cope without Thierry Henry. We have as strikers Van Persie, Adebayor, Eduardo, Walcott and Bendtner. This season will be an amazing one for Van Persie. I’m not guessing he will, I know it. He was our top scorer last season even though he was out for most of it but the few times he did play he looked brilliant. I think this guy is definitely a good bet for Premier League Golden Boot 2008. I believe Robin will flourish in Henry’s absence and from here on, become an Arsenal legend. Very exited about him.

His partner will definitely be Adebayor to start off with, we all know what to expect from Emmanuel. However, depending on how well Eduardo fits in, he might take Adebayor’s place. He scored more goals that appearances last season for Dinamo Zagreb but it’s just a question of whether he’s got the strength for the English league. I’m desperate to see how he does…he could be a right flop like Baptista or be the latest sensation to the Premiership.

Walcott will switch between striker and winger depending on the game and injury situation. His hunger in the pre-season games looks great and this could be another lad who’s in for a great season. Bendtner will be lucky to get the amount of games he thinks he’s going to get. I think he’ll be a regular in the Carling Cup and that but really, his first team chances really depend on injuries. He must be patient and realise that he is one for the future.

Right. A bit of a long post, sorry. It’s kinda a once a year thing. Well done if you read all that though. In conclusion, we need one winger at least. Laters.


1. Farrukh - 25 July, 2007


I think Rosicky should flourish now; it is his second season and I think Dudu will do well judging from his 20 mins in Austria.

2. andrew okundaye - 25 July, 2007

eboue is a winger before wenger turned him to a defender so he is going cack to his natural position.

3. Wingston75 - 25 July, 2007

five strikers – you mentioend Ade twice in that list of forwards…

no way should we loan djourou to brucie’s brummies – it’s a tricky one, it would be good for him to play regularly, but he shows such rich promise anyway that i don’t believe he is one we’d have to worry about. And remember Toure will be gone for a couple of months to the ACN.

»»Arsene Knows««

4. mjc - 25 July, 2007

“We have as strikers Van Persie, Adebayor, Eduardo, Adebayor, Walcott and Bendtner; six forwards is enough for any squad.”

Wow – we’ve cloned Adebayor.

Can we clone Fabregas next?

5. andrew okundaye - 25 July, 2007

Do not panic, dis season is going to be better than last. wenger is not stupid eboue scored his first goal for us against sunderland in the cc playing right midfield at the riverside. i think he wants more power and directness up front.

6. Farrukh - 25 July, 2007

No way should we let Djourou go!!

Or Senderos! Keep them both; we need back ups in case of injuries and the African Nations!!

7. Farrukh - 25 July, 2007

PS: I always preferred Eboue going forward but thought his defending needed a lot of work.

I’m glad we god Baggy Saggy Lasagne.

8. SuperGunner - 25 July, 2007

“Central midfield is probably the strongest area in our squad”
“The central midfield is great”

I can’t believe that u can say that??

in fact we only have 4 ‘capable’ central midfielders (Fab, Gil, Den, Diaby)… Flamster should go.. the same for Song… Denilson is not yet ready…
We need one bad ass def. central midfielder who makes our opponents afraid, and can defend Toure and Gallas (Gilberto is not hard enough, and nobody is afraid of him.. Im sorry).

I really hope Djourou stays, and becomes 3rd choice.. Sell Senderos to Juve for 4 mill🙂

9. Farrukh - 25 July, 2007

(should be GOT not GOD – sorry!)

10. fsd - 25 July, 2007

We got two Adebayor’s? whaaaaaat…. in my opinion, it’s terrible to “convert” Eboue to a winger. He got pace and a fair amount of physique, but where’s the flair? He’s only got one trick up his sleeve. – Trip on the ball, then go outside of the defender. It’s as obvious as Arsenals tactics..

11. gazzap - 25 July, 2007

hope Fab is not badly injured. want to see him at the weekend.
I would not be so sure that if eduardo plays well then he replaces Ade. I think its more likely EDS is a replacement for RVP when he is not playing. Wenger will want to play a big tall centre forward with a small nippy one. Ade will play a lot of games this season with Bendtner his understudy. Its not outside the realms of possibility that EDS could play as a winger as well though I appreciate wenger only listed 4 wingers, none of which I am 100% convinced about for one reason or another. however, I am looking forward to seeing Eboue play on the wing out of curiosity.
My main concern is the centre back situation. Djourou must stay and I think he should play. The Gallas Toure partnership lacks height and on set pieces prepared to be disappointed once more this season unless this issue is worked on.

12. Dan - 25 July, 2007

agree with super gunner, if centre midfield is our best area we are in serious trouble, they are no where near as good as our rivals. the fact that Gilberto and fab are without doubt first choice shows there is no real competition there. song and flam are useless and Denislon and diaby, (more so denislson are simply not ready to play week in week out). if fab has hurt himself badly or ever does we are in serious trouble.

13. One_Touch_Genius - 25 July, 2007

SuperGunner – Diaby needs to add more aggresiveness to his game, then he would be feared as he is the same size as Vieira. Denilson is a little terrier, never afraid to go into a tackle and believe me he is ready for the Premiership. As for a defender thats not going to happen as we have Toure, Gallas, Djourou, Senderos. We have Connolly on loan and have just signed Nordveit. Our team needs two wingers that is all. We should try and make sure we have one left footed winger at least.

14. Dan - 25 July, 2007

also agree that eboue is no winger, he is in fact overall a very average player. and a cheating git at that as well. then again helb, rosicky and diaby aren’t wingers either but that hasn’t stopped wenger playing them out of position.

15. gazzap - 25 July, 2007

playing eboue on the wing is one thing but playing Diaby on the wing is absolutely daft. the guy is a box to box midfielder, let him develop at what he is good at arsene.

16. okeba isaac newton - 25 July, 2007

buy a tough central defenda inform of APPIAH or DIOP 2 scare strikers.

17. okeba isaac newton - 25 July, 2007

Plz let le boss sign strength in mid field

18. Al the gooner - 25 July, 2007

Mr Wenger is not a stupid man, all you have to do is look at his wonderful record in the transfer market to see what he has achieved. Anelka, Vieira, Henry, and Ljunberg all bought for pennies and sold for millions (Henry 11m record scorer and sold for 16m)and none have gone on to do any better in their respective carrers. Overmars and Pires came in through their best years and were sold when they were on the way down. Yes we do look stronger this year with the youth coming through now and Van Persie back but I feel we still need an experienced centre half to cover through the african nations(Mexes or Davies) and a wide player to provide ammunition to the front men(Wright Phillips or Queriesma).
Apart from that I hope that the future is very bright, Vela and Merida to break through next season and Randall and Denilson this season.

19. Begeegs - 25 July, 2007

I reckon that we have a paper thin squad and if we get injuries, we are going to struggle. RVP may be a player that will be excellent next year, but he really needs to go with an injury free season which he has not so far. The year before last, he was looking superb and then he was injured. Last year, an improvement and then he got injured. Adebayor doesn’t have the finishing prowless to fill in and then after him, I would take Walcott over either Da Silva or Bendtner.

So we need a winger desperately. I’d rather not see and CM’s pushed out to the wings because they are ineffective there and will always drift inside. Ok – Da Silva has played there, but he is unproven.

Basically, this is a paper thin squad and we need about 2 more players, but I suspect that we will either pick up 1 or 0…

20. Hackersunseen - 25 July, 2007

Dan, if you think Eboue is an average player you should have your head examined. Actually, Eboue’s skills set is more suited to the wing than conventional right back. Take a good critical look at his Champions League performances especially the finals in Paris and you will see that he is more than just a one trick pony. AW is spot on with this one which further confirms his genius at not only unearthing obscure talent but knowing exactly where that player’s best position is in order to maximize his potential. Well done AW. I am looking foward to the coming season with breathless anticipation.
BTW, good article overall lasagnechef.

21. Hackersunseen - 25 July, 2007

And fsd,who cares if Eboue only has one move so long as it is effective. Everybody knew Maradonna was going left and he still couldn’t be stopped. I am not comparing Eboue to the great one but the point is that even when the opponent knows what is coming they can find it difficult to defend when the move is properly disguised.

22. Bubba - 25 July, 2007

Randall is not a winger.

23. emmanuel - 25 July, 2007

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24. solgooner - 25 July, 2007

I dont think Randall will make it, Merida is the one that will. Ebuoe must be give a chance, hes sometimes temperental but can get down the outside really fast.
Steve Bruce and the Sun are stirring things up about Djouru theres no way he can go out on loan, hes a natural to partner Toure.


25. sean - 25 July, 2007

its going to be a good season walcott and rosicky will be the wingers, rosicky will become our jewel with robin cesc will find theo in space, bendtner will be a revelation not prolific yet but a powerhouse with grace, helb will come in and always perform without many goals, diaby will outgrow gilberto by feb, sagna will fill in everywhere djorou overtake senderos adebayor is one of the hardest players to work out he and eds are still unknown eduardo will score 15 goals even thohe hardly plays. Basically our side is strong really strong and the balance is reaching perfect each player involved in the first team will learn adaptability because of the trust wenger shows. please all arsenal fans try to get behind the team, stop all this panic and fear if we don’t win the league then we don’t the forces of good must remain against the massive bottomless doping going on in the game financial prostitution of clubs may be the future but at least wenger tries to keep football reasonably sane. I would rather watch us finish second this season and in financial security playing the best football in the league maybe not always getting the results but playing wenger ball. If you guys translate your panic thru to the players they will not perform honestly forget winning and start enjoying arsenal forever

26. jay - 25 July, 2007

Thank you Hackersunseen, i was just about to correct the outrageous comments of both the Dan and Mr fsd before you did. Eboue is absloutley perfect to arsenals stlye of play. He unlike hleb
will get in behind and create chance after chance for our forwards, like he did at shite hart lane earlier last season in setting up about
10 chances for julio craptista in the carling cup.

27. Farrukh - 25 July, 2007

2007-2008 The record breaking year of the Quadruple?

28. solgooner - 25 July, 2007

Rosicky is very injury prone, and Hleb was lousy last season. Cesc is the engine of the team BUT he needs to be rotated last season he plaed too many games and was exhaausted before the end of the season.

29. bc - 25 July, 2007

Very optimistic about the new season.

I do have one or two reservations about the depth of the squad though. I think we need one decent winger to come in. This would mean that if our playmaker fabregas were to become injured someone like Rosicky could move inside if need be without sacrificing our attacking threat from wide areas.

30. gus_caesar - 25 July, 2007

song was charlton’s player of the 2nd half of the season, he’s not as bad as people say he is!

31. Farrukh - 25 July, 2007

Song was awesome in the first 4 games for Charlton and then was pants for them.

32. Pekka - 25 July, 2007

Walcott could be a good winger or is a good winger…. He has pace and skills enough to be better than booth Ljungberg and Pires as a winger!

33. Farrukh - 25 July, 2007

Yeah I’m just watching the friendly… about to kick off soon so hopefully we can see if walcott can do well against better opposition than barnet and glenfiddich (or whatever the turkish team are called!)

34. sanfrangoon - 25 July, 2007

hey farrukh,

if you’re watching the game, how about some updates?

35. Dan - 25 July, 2007

just saw the first half, all pretty lame, diaby looked very good, upfront looked light weight, defence and lehman especially looked solid. as for eboue HE IS NOT A WINGER!!!! we want wingers who can score goals not helb, eboue and rosicky who have no idea where the goal is.

36. solgooner - 25 July, 2007

RVP is off form, Dudu hasnt done much, Diably has done well and Denilson, Hleb is inefective, Traore is OK as is Sagna, but Im beginning to worry for the coming season, Dudu may not be strong enough for the EPL.

37. solgooner - 25 July, 2007

We have had 1 corner and maybe 2 passable shots, Dudu should have got a penalty when tripped. Hleb and Rosicky together is hopeless. . WE NEED A WINGER. LETS HOPE THEO WILL COME ON IN SECOND HALF

38. Dan - 25 July, 2007

i know people will all start on me again, but i am sorry to say i think we are going to struggle this year. they are simply not good enough, where are the goals going to come from? we have no goal scring midfielders. there is no one to grab the game by the scruff of the neck, no real leadership a group of talented youngsters. and we need more than that.

39. Dan - 25 July, 2007

don’t fear Flamini, Bentner, hoyte and fabianski are on!!!! what bolox!!!

40. solgooner - 25 July, 2007


41. Jamir Husina - 25 July, 2007

We have nothing to worry about, lets wait and see the real potential in Helb and Ronsicky now that Fredrick has left the team for Westham, The real flow of the game in not hampered by injuries is about to be seen now!

42. solgooner - 25 July, 2007

we are a goal down its terrible

43. solgooner - 25 July, 2007


44. solgooner - 25 July, 2007

Nobody is playing well

45. solgooner - 25 July, 2007

ALL over we lost….

Gazzap whats your opinion of Dudu? He could be another Jeffries.

46. Farrukh - 25 July, 2007

Nobody played well apart from Hleb in my opinion!!

Eboue on the wing was a waste of a player! He was rubbish!!

The goal was a deflected shot off gallas – nothing fabianski could do with that.

Bendtner made some good passes and runs but there was no end product! Same old arsenal!!😦

By the way – I counted Diaby’s passing. 30 pass attempts 12 successful. He didn’t play well so the commentators are wrong. less than a 50% pass success ratio is VERY poor!

47. Farrukh - 25 July, 2007

God that was a depressing match…

48. Farrukh - 25 July, 2007

I think all my optimism has withered away with that match… how poor was that…!

I thought Denilson did pretty well in the first half. Flamini didn’t do much. Rosicky had some awesome moments but came off so early… strange! :s

Ah well… lets see how they do in the emirates cup.

49. Dan - 25 July, 2007

it’s over, can not read too much in to it as still early, but like last year where are the goals going to come from. unfortuantely we are always likely to let in a goal a game. our midfield has no goals in it. dudu looked like he had some potential but he is a small fella, got into some decent positions on the left but didn’t get past the man. it is going to be long season!!!! diaby and helb were the best two players, and sagna looked very solid.

50. Farrukh - 25 July, 2007

PS: I don’t think dudu will be a jeffers but he doesn’t seem to have much pace and his finishing seems pretty poor. Might just be a case of first goal nerves though.

RVP was baaaaaad!

51. solgooner - 25 July, 2007

Without Cesc as the engine we are lost.

52. sanfrangoon - 25 July, 2007

I’m not going to go crazy after a pre-season. especialy since this wasn’t our full first team, but Wenger has to realize that this team is a player or two short of challenging for anything. doesn’t he? I mean, it’s obvious and he is a very very smart guy.

53. solgooner - 25 July, 2007

Dan you are right Dudu is small and he was knocked off the ball too much

54. solgooner - 25 July, 2007

Im sure AW will come up with his usual after game bullshit

55. Dan - 25 July, 2007

certainly not pleaseant viewing, how wenger does not see that we are simply not good enough is totally and utterly beyond me!!!!!!!!!!

56. Dan - 25 July, 2007

sanfrangoon, if he was that smart he would have done something about it already. eboue in midfield, you are having a laugh!!!

57. Dan - 25 July, 2007

we can not spend our whole season relying on Fabregas

58. luke d - 25 July, 2007

seriously…is wenger gunna buy a fukin midfielder or what!!!

59. luke d - 25 July, 2007

bollocks…its not being pessimistic to say that this team is not good enuff..there just arnt enuff bad boys in there..its being a realist and knowing that the team is weak!!

60. Rick - 25 July, 2007

Adebayor up front with RVP….
AW please get rid of Adebayor or get another stiker (like Martins) since Adebayor does not meet the Arsenal standards. He was (along with Baptista) responsible for all the missed chances last season. Believe me, he is not up to the task. I would prefer Dudu (based on what I´ve read).


61. Rick - 25 July, 2007

He was (along with Baptista) responsible for mostl the missed chances last season.

Rick (just to be fair)…

62. Uk bubbler - 25 July, 2007


Hey Dan and the others, i agree i know was pre season but no real change in our play. Lots of poss but not going anywhere. Someone mentioned wait for the 1st team, What u sayin Gil and Fabs thats it ( no TH remember)

Def looked short, set plays are going to kill us again. Med field forget it, without fabs very average. Diaby ok no essien/lamp/gerr, Up front Bendt looks like his got poten. Give EDS time RVP alot of people are putting alot on his shoulders.

Thats the point theres to much expectations on these kids, Wenger and the board should tell it how it is, 4th is good enough 4 us.

Sorry for the rant lads, just fex, ( still love the team thou)

63. Dan - 25 July, 2007

4th shouldn’t be good enough and that is not gauranteed especially with this lot. there is so much expectation on the kids because that is what wenger has has done, there is no one else for the repsonsibility to rest on. completely piss poor management. the squad is completely unbalanced.

64. Uk bubbler - 25 July, 2007

Agree, were like the English Ajax. Pretty on the eye but no real weight. The team has become smoke and mirrors, other teams know this now. Stay solid for 20mins and you’ll have this lot.

I think in any team sport with transfer sys, their comes a time when you have to sign someone for the supporters. That time is NOW!

65. Vieira4 - 25 July, 2007

Flamini is rubbish – he does not belong at Arsenal – he is like a little kid that the other sides play piggy in the middle with. Sell him, sell him IMMEDIATELY !! I cringe when I see his name on the teamsheet.

66. solgooner - 25 July, 2007

Well we were all wrong see AW comments

Meanwhile, the Arsenal boss praised new £8million striker Eduardo, who looked sharp despite missing several chances in the defeat.

“Eduardo could have scored four,” Wenger told ArsenalTV. “He looked very dangerous, and he has shown he is top quality.

“Sagna was also solid, it was his first game but he did well.”

Wenger insisted he was happy with his side’s display and felt it provided important practice for breaking down defences in the Premier League this season.

“I’m happy with how we played, and with the spirit shown, the result was not important,” he said.

“We knew the last 20 minutes would be difficult, but we should have scored five before they scored.

“They were very defensive, which is what we face in our league, and we created plenty of chances.


67. Uk bubbler - 25 July, 2007

Starting to sound like a MP, page 6 of his hand book. We heard all this last season. Maybe its time to realise we witness a golden era, and another one aint round the corner we’ve been spoilt.

When I was recording the 2003/4 season people thought I was silly. I’ll sell copies online any takers.

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69. Charlie - 26 July, 2007

Hleb looks better on the left than when he plays on the right. the combination of Walcott and him on the wings seem to be a good prospect.
Robin maybe destined this season to be our Cristiano. If his works out, we could be champions in May.
Needs a fast start for the new season against the smaller teams, then, we will have a good chance of finishing with the TITLE.

70. Blog Head - 26 July, 2007


Lay of the crack

71. Denis S - 26 July, 2007

new wordpress site: unexplained.wordpress.com

72. Sami - 26 July, 2007

I prefer Fabianski,Sagna,Clichy,Gallas,Toure,Gilberto,Rosicky,Fabregas,Eduardo,Van Persie and Hleb for starting line-up

73. Blog Head - 26 July, 2007


I prefer blondes and men named Sami

74. Mickey C - 26 July, 2007

Wenger brought in Eduardo to finnish the countless chances that we missed last season, after last nights performance he looks no better than what we had already – gets in good positions and has good movement but still fails to score. I know this may be a bit harsh to some of you given that he has only been with us a few weeks, but as I have said before, we need to hit the new season running because if we dont we will get left behind and 9 months is a long time to be playing catch up.

We are going to be without Gilberto until September some time – even then he will have to get match fit again. As everyone knows we will not have Eboue, Toure and Adebayor during January, this is not counting injuries that we will almost certainly have. The team is short of at least 2 players and by 2 players I mean in their mid 20s with a bit of experiance not some 16 year old who may or may not be a world beater in 5 years time.

The games over the next 2 weeks should be interesting as we are up against very good teams in both tournaments, I just hope that we dont end up embarassed.

75. Browny - 26 July, 2007

Good article. I agree with most of what you have said. I do however feel we are better covered out wide than you think. We have Hleb and Rosicky who were mostly in those positions last season. My one concern with them is that they are not natural wide players but a change in formation may address this ( more on that in a minute). Walcott will be more effective out wide this season but I feel we have a third option. We all know that Eboue may give us that option on the right and I for one think he will do very well there. He caused Spurs all sorts of problems when he came on there in the Carling cup with both our equalising goals coming from that flank. Sagna has given us this option on the right but I am also aware he can play left full back also. This means that if necessay we have Clichy, Traorae, Gallas and Sagna as left full backs. What this means to me is that we have the option of dropping either of the naturally left footed, pacy, attacking duo of Clichy or Traorae into the left midfield position with one of the other 3 behind them. Up front we don’t have anyone as individually brilliant as Henry but I believe we have the best balanced strike force at Arsenal for the last few seasons. I believe the combination of these strikers will be prolific this season. I think Bendtner may see more action than you predict as I have a feeling that AW may opt to use a 4-3-3 system at times. This would suit Hleb and Rosicky if they were sitting behind a front 3 and were coming more infield. Anyway I feel that if you look at it this way we have a potent team that can adopt either a 4-4-2 or a 4-3-3 system.

76. acordabrasil - 26 July, 2007

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77. JBall - 10 February, 2008

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[…] in my look at the team ahead of the 07/08 season, my big tips were Robin van Persie and Abou Diaby. I wasn’t right about Diaby, he has just […]

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