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Quick update 1 August, 2007

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News, Transfers.


Sorry I haven’t been keeping the site very up to date this week…there’s a little bit of news to talk about.

Van Persie believes we still have a shot at the title this season. Realistically I’d say it’s going to be another year minimum before the Premiership trophy is back in our hands but I do admit our side does look a bit tasty for this year. Robin has been talking about how our age doesn’t matter:

Football is not about age. It’s not about money. Football is about if you want to run for each other, if you want to fight for each other, if you want to really play some ball. Liverpool have spent lots of money, Chelsea have been doing that the last few years, I respect that. This is their way of winning things. But we can win things as well. We are young. So what? Age doesn’t matter. It’s about the way we play football and the way we like to play together.

“If we win the title with this team that would be great. I really believe in my heart we can do it. I think the manager is thinking the same. I started pre-season on June 18 and I’m with these boys every day. I see their ability. Yes they are young and young people make mistakes but that doesn’t really matter.”

Encouraging words from RVP. If we have good luck with injuries this year then maybe we will cause the United, Chelsea and Liverpool some problems? Who knows? I’m really exited about the new season. To be completely honest though I wouldn’t bet on us being champions next year. I think we could go all the way in one of the cups, but I think for now the league is a bit of a long shot.

Robin’s also been talking about Henry’s departure. He says that he’s not thinking about how he must fill Henry’s boots. I know he will be the successor to Thierry, and he will be our top scorer this season. However, he shouldn’t think about this and let the pressure get to him. He must carry on just doing his thing and his natural talent will come through. I’m so exited about RVP this season, I’m quite sure this will be an amazing season for the Dutchman. I can just see all those important goals going in now. He looks really hungry from what I’ve seen this pre-season, lets hope that continues.

Jose Reyes has completed his move to Athletico Madrid. Apparently the fans were saying something about him playing for Real but I think they’ll realise they’ve got a decent player. Arsenal aren’t telling us the fee but I’m pretty sure we’ve made a loss on him. Oh well, I’ll remember the good times, especially those goals against Chelsea. Good luck Jose.


Cesc Fabregas has once again told us how committed he is to Arsenal. This summer there’s been a bit of speculation about him leaving and it’s been quite unsettling. I think it’s quite well known that one day Cesc will play in Spain again one day, it’s just a matter of how soon it is until he decides to go. I love Cesc, we all love Cesc…he could stay at Arsenal his whole career and be one of our greatest ever players. We’ll just have to wait and see what the future holds I suppose.

See ya.


1. Mr Picky - 2 August, 2007

Good rea\d – but please spell EXCITED right😉

2. NicktheGooner - 2 August, 2007

Once the matches start, i hope u’ll be back to your best.:)

3. arsenalist - 2 August, 2007

I’d rather RVP come out and say, “I want to be the top scorer for Arsenal and want to do it in the context of the team because I am that good!”

4. xfancier - 2 August, 2007

but that would put him under a lot of pressure and thats the thing that u dun want to be happening. have u never had a time when u r really nervous/stressed and u just started to stumble and all that. yeah.. we dun want that. we want robin to feel confident and pressure free and then he will be as free as a bird and score more goals for us.

5. sanfrangoon - 2 August, 2007

I hope all of you knock on some wood today. yes, RVP can be our top scorer, but not with the amount of jinxes we’ve just thrown down on him.

6. Blog Head - 2 August, 2007


But first we want Pat Rice to take his dick out of Walcott though first innit, ya get me though, wicky wicky wild, easy now, ere me now, bumber clot. Boo-ya

7. Blog Head - 2 August, 2007


Be silent while I place the tip of my penis on your lips and then slap you on the back of your melon head, Boyakka

8. blog head's dad - 2 August, 2007

This blog Head is a wannabe rapper with an imaginery bad chill hood.. well not really bad, i suppose he just fantasizes about getting it on with old blokes. get help mate. As your dad I should not have done that to you but the thing is your mom was half a man anyways hence looking at your pathetic face makes me wanna to stick it in up your ass son

9. Blog Head - 2 August, 2007


How the fuck did you get out? I’m busy you crazy old fool. Ok give me a second i’ll just finnish up here and then its back to that dirty old peoples home for you. We’ll go past our old estate and get some crack first though yeah, cheers dad

10. david dein - 2 August, 2007

i will be back…….

11. david dein - 2 August, 2007

too bad about Bojinov if he signs for City, he would have been ideal at The Arsenal.

12. Rock - 2 August, 2007

according to “myles palmer” on anr there’s a couple of signings on the way and he’s not permitted to disclose any information. this ofcourse could be utter bullshit by the man who want’s to give the impression that he is that close to the matters behind the scenes at arsenal or it might well be true. I think the diarra deal will definately go through soon. Other’s linked are n’zogbia, davies, kanoute even (hopefully no truth in that 1, a possible back up idea incase eduardo is not granted his permit, which i find shocking just look at how anderson got his with ease). Watch this space i guess.

13. DeiseGooner - 2 August, 2007

“myles palmer” is an utter tool who likes to think he knows whats going on at the club, like he has inside information. He predicted joe cole and reo coker to arsenal , as done deals. He also reported we signed Palacio, again info from a friend of a friend when it was all a hoax started by another arsenal blog.

I do thibk we might see one player come in, and then myles will say i told you so.

14. afc - 2 August, 2007

who is this myles fella?

15. gunnergaz - 2 August, 2007

ere wo go then…….im predicting a 3 nil win against lazio!

16. Louisa - 2 August, 2007
17. txetoo - 2 August, 2007

1-2 Da silva, Bendtner

18. DeiseGooner - 2 August, 2007
19. DeiseGooner - 2 August, 2007

Well 2nd string starting lineup beat last seasons 3rd in seria a. Not bad.

Almunia = second choice keeper
Hoyte Senderos Djourou Traore = second string defence
Walcott Flamini = backup
Song = 4th choice centre midfield
Bentdner = 4 choice striker

It was a lazy performance but we won the game. There will be a totally different team come saturday

I have to say though Almunia has won me over. He looks solid and dependable as a backup keeper and i wouldnt be nervous about having to rely on him for big games. He has really turned it round in my opinion. And Eduardo should have no trouble settling into the premiership.

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21. the pilatesbiz - 8 February, 2012

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