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Tonight is very important 15 August, 2007

Posted by lasagnechef in Champions League.


As arseblogger pointed out this is the most important game of the season so far so we really have to focus on this one. I think a goal is absolutely vital. A clean sheet at the Grove is quite a rare thing and we have to kind of expect that Sparta are going to come here in the second leg and score. 1-0 tonight would do the job but I think we could get more.

The team is set to be pretty much the same as Sunday’s; Eduardo, Adebayor, Gilberto, Diaby and Denilson are all out of the squad with minor problems.

Just writing that list there, that is 5 top players missing from our team. Yet we are coping fine with the players we have. Maybe Wenger was right about our squad is big enough? To be fair thou, another forward or central midfielder injured then we’d be in trouble.

Anyway yeah, I’m expecting exactly the same team as Sunday. Maybe Walcott could start instead of Eboue but I’m pretty sure it’ll be the same 11. That team should be more than enough to beat Sparta’s side; gunnerblog outlines the main stars of their team and to be honest it doesn’t look like that much to worry about.


Thomas Rosicky is looking forward to returning to his old club and ‘m sure it’ll be an emotional return:

“It will be the first time I have played against them. I grew up there. This is my club. I was there from seven or eight until my 20s and Sparta Prague prepared me for all the steps throughout my career. My brother played for Sparta Prague and my father played for Sparta Prague so it is a bit emotional. It will be strange for me because I have feelings for the club.”

He’ll be looking to make an impact on tonight’s game so hopefully we can look forward to a good performance from him.

Jens Lehmann will play tonight. Arsene admits he made a big mistake at the weekend but this won’t mean he’ll lose his place in the side. Hopefully now next time he’ll think about playing the safe ball.

Right I’m off to find a pub showing the game. I’ll try get a match report up tomorrow.


1. ron - 15 August, 2007

ist gun??

2. ron - 15 August, 2007

sorry, got excited, i meant 1st gun.

whooo hooo

3. Titi - 15 August, 2007

Dumb gun, sorry i ment 2nd gun!!

4. eBigGunn - 15 August, 2007

wouldn’t normally bother, but at least top ten right?

5. eBigGunn - 15 August, 2007

oh right top 5 then. not much to say about the blog really i’m off to find a pub too. For anyone stuck at their pc, check out http://www.livefooty.doctor-serv.com for all the days matches live.

6. Blog Head - 15 August, 2007


You’ve got a eBigmouth.

May I put my willy in it?

7. desigooner - 15 August, 2007

it would be interesting on what formation does wenger use today .. will he go for the same formation as against fulham with Hleb as a withdrawn striker ? or the traditional 4-4-2 with Hleb/Rosicky on the flanks and Bendtner n v. Persie upfront ??? last season, his favorite formation in champs league was 4-5-1 but with Gilberto, denilson, ade, diaby and edu out of the squad, i doubt he would use it to the full effect ..

8. solgooner - 15 August, 2007

if we have to use Song then we do have a problem

UNless Walcott improves dramatically we have a striker problem, if RVP gets injured we are in deep trouble, and against Blackburn we face Robbie Savadge one of the dirtiest players in the EPL. Lets hope we get through tonight scoring at least one goal and wihout injuries and a clean sheet.

9. eBigGunn - 15 August, 2007

Yes you may.Though it’s not like it would take an eBigMouth to accommadate it really.

10. Rock - 15 August, 2007

i just cant wait for diaby or denilson to be back, any of them so that flamini realises he isnt first choice and move on. he is the definate weak link and i really dont care how hard he works or how many scruffy goals he scores every 3 months, he’s not good enough. everytime he plays i worry and i see nothing but a huge hole in the middle of the park. prediction for tonight 2-0 arsenal.

11. eBigGunn - 15 August, 2007

Fair enough point really, you gotta appreciate Flamini’s heart and effort but her really is just too far down in the talent stakes to be used out of anything other than desperation. Better we have him than not though since if three midfielders are injured as they are now you have someone in the pecking order ahead of Song.

12. herdee string - 15 August, 2007

blog head – how are things old bean? long time, no speakie…

saw your boys last night – they sucked so bad. i thought they were gonna challenge us this year.

take care matey.

13. Blog Head - 15 August, 2007

herdee string,

Mate we was ground breakingly shit. Jenas needs to be taken somewhere remote and left there. With no food. And nothing to drink

14. Jack Scurvy - 15 August, 2007

I’ll say 2-0 arsenal tonight as well. 3-0 would be nice.

Is it me, or does RVP seem a bit delicate? I don’t remember him being this slow to get up so much after a clash. I think he’ll do great this year if he can stay healthy, but I can’t help but wonder how long that will be. I hope I’m wrong.

15. jules - 15 August, 2007

does’nt this just highlight how short we are , a few minor knocks and
we have to play flamster and have song coming off the bench . why won’t we strenghthen . ade will go in jan to a n c and a knock to rvp
which lets face it is likely as is rosi being injured and we are in trouble . not buying anyone else is a too bigger gamble for me. eboue and walcott did,nt exactly set the right alite on sunday and we lack hieght . i would would still buy anelka , he would score loads and us fickle fans would soon start singing his name when he scores a few. we have lost th , jar , beast and ali and bought one player who is … ermm injured. madness , gamble or both ????

16. solgooner - 15 August, 2007

I hope we end up tonight with Bentdner up front, RVP to his left. Hleb behind them This could happen after the first half.If we play Ro9sicky and Hleb together which has not worked very well so far.

17. jules - 15 August, 2007

god , we are playing champions league and ‘hoping’ . rvp is surely better coming from the rite to cut in onto his left foot.bentner , wenger himself said is not ready yet. sorry to sound neg but concerned . also frustrated to see malouda slot in and look so good
already , did we even try and sign this guy?? I am not a sign big names for the sake of it merchant but we need more than we have if we are serious about the champions league as we seem to be very vunerable to injuries.

18. herdee string - 15 August, 2007

but bloghead –

can’t jermaine have some cock to suck on while he’s all alone in that place. he needs some degree of familiarity no?

19. ethan_gooner - 15 August, 2007

coping fine??? lasagnechef
beating fulham in the 90th minute ..
yes that was killing them off early !
to have this many players out with the nac comming up should register alarm bells .. dont you think ? after only 1 game and 5 out ?

i do feel thou that arsenal seem to try harder in the CL ..
maybe our internationals cope better .. most having come from europe .
lets hope gamst pushes blackburn for a new deal ..
and they reject it .. then he pushes to join us !
he actually would add something .. im sure thats why arsene bidded 8 million for his ass !

20. ethan_gooner - 15 August, 2007

hey sol gooner !

i havnt seen the line up but im sure it will be a 1-5-4 with rvp up front
and rosicky on the left .. it would be good if walcott got the green light too ! id like to see wenger show some confidence in the lad .. as he
could really grow this season .. but it will be a tough test ..

ill be watchin !

21. joefootball - 15 August, 2007


they will win

22. Lola - 15 August, 2007

bleh, sports😛.

23. solgooner - 15 August, 2007

Ethan although we won Song came on and made 2 terrible mistakes, theres no way he should play again hes becoming a libilityl Jans atoned for Sunday with some good saves, Clichy, Sagna very good.
and Hleb is becoming a goalscorer

Bentdner should play against Blackburn

24. lase - 15 August, 2007

solgooner i hope by mistakes you do not include the one that almost became an own goal but if he did not touch was going to be a sitter for that sparta guy. and song was not the only arsenal player to make mistakes.

25. Gunner 8 - 15 August, 2007

Hleb 2 goals in 2 Games WOWOWEEWAA!

Sagna was awesoe coming in from the left to set up that goal and also CLichy for the Fregas strike

Arsenal FC, We are by far the greatest team, the world has ever seen

aiiright bloggie, spuds can sniff my nutsack!

26. Top Posts « WordPress.com - 15 August, 2007

[…] Tonight is very important Yep. As arseblogger pointed out this is the most important game of the season so far so we really have to focus on this […] […]

27. Mickey C - 16 August, 2007

Good win, Im not happy that we are not playing well, but if we continue to play poorly and still pick up points then I can not really complain.

I thought the Eboue was crap again tonight, he simply is not good enough in midfield. I really think we should give Walcott a run of games on the right.

I also think that Roscky is struggling for fitness at the moment and until he is fully fit, he should be dropped.

Once Gilberto and Eduardo are fit again I would love to see:-


Sanga Toure Gallas Clichy

Walcott Fabregass Gilberto Hleb

Van Persie Eduardo

28. Jack Scurvy - 16 August, 2007

Yeah, Mickey… that would be a nice starting XI. The only thing that will make that better is a healthy Rosicky in there.

Eduardo is fit for Blackburn, so we’ll see him this weekend.

29. Harlan - 16 August, 2007

I want to see Bendtner play in this match with Blackburn. The guy showed us what he can do in preseason and when he came on in our match with Fulham. He comes with power and physical presence and very good in the air, a style of non of the current Arsenal players possess. In fact I rate him now than Ade who needs 5 chances to score one. Arsene should start using Niklas and he’ll score goals for us.

30. CroGunner - 16 August, 2007

its great to see that the players like rosicky and hleb have realized it takes shots on goal to score goals.

31. Mickey C - 16 August, 2007

Totally agree with Crogunner – last season was so frustrating when we constantly tried to walk the ball into the net.

I also think from a fans point of view that there is nothing better on match day than one of our players thundering home a pile driver of a shot from 30 yards out.

Hopefully this season we will see a few.

32. Rock - 16 August, 2007

I agree with mickey with the team with the exception of gilberto. i think there is simply more talent than him available within the squad (diaby, denilson) and it’s near certainty he will be playing as a back up central defender this season if he is still at the club come two weeks time. I think he’s done well for us but this year something different is required in the middle if we’re going to progress from last year, so i’m pretty sure both denilson and diaby have the nod over gilberto now. I do agree however with walcott coming in i think given a run of games he will get better..i dont think eboue is crap i just think he’s erratic. some days he’s outstanding on the right and was last season at times coming on as a substitute aswell as in pre season against inter, but i guess given time he will be a force on the right too…i also agree rosicky was quiet against sparta but was lively against fulham…so i think he’s another that needs to add consistency to his game, at the moment hleb is more reliable and quite rightly merit’s his place in the team. I think our strikeforce is absolutely frightening if everybody is fit…i think bendtner is proving now he has what it takes just like harlan said..he has the ingredients to be explosive for us, a top talent. eduardo is another 1 i cannot wait to see..looks a top player someone who isnt scared of any1 and is willing to work hard for the team, his movement is unparallel and i think he will score a sensational amount of goals this season and i think he will cement his place upfront alongside van persie sooner rather than later. Ade is a good player but is wasteful as quite rightly pointed out, but his strength and link up play is a big plus for the team and i still believe he will get better, coming on as a fresh substitute with 15 mins to go in games he’ll give us something different and he has the ability to change a game, remember portsmouth last year at the emirates? i expect a good game and i think we’ll keep a clean sheet too and wont be bullied. i’m getting more and more impressed with sagna..and clichy is proving to be a real real force and i cant wait for sun i smell another victory and a better performance than the other two to go with it.

33. Mickey C - 17 August, 2007

Rock – I think you may be right about Diaby and Denilson playing more than Gilberto this season. To overlook him for captaincy after last seasons performances may well spell the end of his days at Arsenal (the dreaded curse of the captains armband) also with him being 30, Wenger will be looking to replace him some time soon and having the 2 youngsters chomping at the bit to play i think that you will be proved correct.

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