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Cesc’s secret revealed: Aspiring footballers read 30 October, 2007

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News, Premiership.


There’s no doubt that Cesc Fabregas is an incredible talent, so you must wonder what his secret it. Well, he has told the world in the Sun Newspaper:

“Sometimes on a day off I go to the Krispy Kreme doughnut shop. When we play at home, I go there after the game and it’s like a doughnut party! Everyone is eating doughnuts inside their cars – it’s like a disco!”

Yep, Cesc ‘Homer’ Fabregas’ talent is down to the delicious doughnuts from America. There you have it. I know where I’m going after matches now, fuck the pub, Krispy Kreme’s it is.

In other news Almunia has been playing down Saturday’s game and saying how he’s happy with the point at Anfield. The Spaniard made some great stops on Sunday and we’ll be looking for more of that this weekend. Manuel also said, “we just need to take the three points at home.” If we won on Saturday that’d be brilliant, and it’s good we are concentrating on the win and not worrying about trying to draw. More about that game later in the week.

William Gallas has been talking about The Doughnut One. He says that because he is so keen, he can tire himself out in games. He adds: “He can be the best player.”

Just quickly there’s a bit of team news for the united game; Ferdinand is a doubt, Scholes is out and Neville could be back.

Right, there’ll be a Sheffield United preview later today as I haven’t got time to do it tomorrow. I’m off down Krispy Kreme’s, see you there.


1. DeiseGooner - 30 October, 2007

New nickname for The Cesc – ‘Disco Doughnut’

2. gazzap - 30 October, 2007

Will Evra play for united? I think he is a dangerous player. he did not play last week. I dont know if he is injured or not though.

3. DeiseGooner - 30 October, 2007

Dont worry Sagna apparently owes Evra a smack from a few years back when Evra got sent off for a career threatening tackle. Sagna looks like the sort of player that pays his debts too.

4. St Goonner - 30 October, 2007

yeah, didn’t Sagna slide on someone recently for arguing with Almunia and basically communicate the message, ‘don’t f*** with my goalkeeper,’?

5. DeiseGooner - 30 October, 2007

Yeah it was in the spurs game. Fat Tom Huddlestone barged Almunia. Then as soon as the ball goes near Huddlestone in pops Sagna and lands him on his arse. Nice. Took the booking with a shrug, like he says , yeah so what ref, it was worth it.

6. Goons_with_Guns - 30 October, 2007

Love that last bit about Sagna on Huddlestone! Made my night. Wonder if he’ll get the chance to defend Lehmann someday soon? Happy that we’re unified in the back four and that they communicate well with Alumnia, nonetheless.

7. ZA gunner - 11 April, 2009

dont you think ourhatred towards spurs has a direct affect on the players, maybe there is also a rivalry inside the players

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