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Friday Round-Up: Diarra wants to play 16 November, 2007

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Not a great deal going on today, hence the late blog. I suppose the main story is that Lassie Diarra finds his situation at Arsenal ‘puzzling’. Here’s what he said:

“I am a midfielder. The French team coach recently used me on the right and I was pleased to play. But my position is in the midfield. If Willy (Sagnol) was here I would not be in the starting XI. Each time I join the French team it is a big pleasure. But it is true that my situation for my club is puzzling. But it will be sorted out soon. To be called again by Les Bleus I have to play for my club.

So that situation has to be settled quickly, I am not getting mad with that. I am patient. At Arsenal I don’t feel in competition with Bacary Sagna, as I am a midfielder. The midfielders are outstanding, but I work fine in training sessions and I am waiting for an opportunity.”

This is not the first time he’s reminded us that he’s reminded us that he’s a midfielder, not a right back. In fact it’s about the 100th time. I said the other day about how Diaby’s not happy with the lack of appearances he’s getting and it’s not helping that Diarra feels the same. He joined us from Chelsea because Ashley wants his bum he wasn’t getting played at Chelsea and thought he might be able to get first team football at Arsenal. I don’t really know why he thought he’d come straight into our first team but fair play to him to have that self-confidence.

It’s good news that Lassana has said he’s ‘not getting mad’ and that he’s just going to wait until he gets the call. Like Diaby, he’s got a hell of a lot of potential and is certainly one we’ve got to keep. However, if I’m being honest, I think that Diarra might just be the bigger talent out of the two and Diaby might make that summer move he hinted.

There’s been a lot of talk about our lack of English players recently. I haven’t really spoken about it because it’s a load of crap. England’s lack of success has nothing to do with us, they’re just shit. In fact, there are quite a few players that we’ve brought up but they’ve moved on either because they’re not good enough for Arsenal or because they like to put mobile phones up their bums. Anyway, Arsene says we’ve got homegrown talent coming through. He also says he hopes England go through to the Euros.

Tomas Rosicky got linked with a move away from Arsenal the other day but these quotes assure he’s going nowhere.

That’s about it for today I’m afraid. Don’t forget to enter yesterday’s t-shirt competition! Thanks for reading.


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