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Usmanov / Walcott Loan? / Flamini 24 January, 2008

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.


Not really a lot going on today. A few little stories but nothing to really get excited (or depressed) about.

We haven’t heard a lot about Alisher Usmanov recently have we? I’m sure you remember him paying £75m for David Dein shares in the summer and he started buying up a decent percentage. Well the fans launched an attack on his bid to take over the club and we haven’t really heard much about that since.

Well he’s completely stalled in his buying of shares in Arsenal and now there’s suggestions he might even be trying to sell them. This is great news for us; we don’t want Jabba, or anyone taking over the club. You have to give some credit to the board who agreed to freeze all their activity with Arsenal shares making it impossible for a takeover to happen.

It looks like we’re safe for the moment then, until someone else comes in to try and buy us but we know now that if they do, someone else who has tried it has failed.

Also today, there are suggestions that Theo Walcott could be sent on loan at a lower club. The move would be good for his confidence and match experience but with our current situation with strikers and wingers I don’t think Wenger would want him to go. He’ll probably deny these stories tomorrow, but maybe he should think about it? I mean Theo is obviously lacking confidence and a spell at a Championship side might really help him. I dunno, I’m not the manager, but it’s a decision that he’s going to have to make.

Flamini’s future’s still in doubt but he’s said in this months magazine that Arsenal is his priority and that talks our on going. I think he’s going to stay but it is quite worrying as time ticks on and nothing has been sorted out. With Diarra now gone his new deal is even more important to us.

Finally, Bendtner’s Dad has got involved in the whole thing that happened with Adebayor against Spurs. His comments are really not necessary. This whole thing has been over-hyped by the media way too far; it was simply a push. These things happen all the time when players get irritated. The fact that the FA are getting involved is ridiculous, it should be a purely club matter and I’m sure Arsene will know what’s best to resolve the matter.

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