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Transfers Imminent: Jens, Nasri, Aquilani + Miquel photos at training ground 20 May, 2008

Posted by lasagnechef in Transfers.

We’ll start with the outgoing; because for the first time this summer there are more stories about players coming in, rather than going out. Jens Lehmann has been linked with a Stuttgart move. It’s believed that he met officials from the German Club yesterday morning. Stuttgart’s general manager Horst Heldt has said that they cannot afford Jens’ high wages, but if he wants football it now looks like there’s an option in his home country. He’s played his last game for Arsenal, but whether he retires or moves on is not yet known.

Right, so who are we being linked with? The big story going around at the moment is about Marseille midfielder Samir Nasri. If I’m being honest with you, I’ve never heard of him, but since this interest has been raised I’ve heard great things about the 20-year-old. Don’t be fooled by his age though, he’s an established player, he’s just been named in the French squad for the Euros and the reported signing fee would be around £13.5m! You have to wonder if Arsene is going to pay that kind of money, however if this guys does end up coming to Arsenal, then he’s going to be the nuts.

He plays on either wing (Hleb replacement?) but is well known for his fancy football giving him the reputation in France as ‘the next Zidane’. He won the young player of the year and Marseille’s player of the season this year. He does sound quite exciting this kid. If you think we’ve got Vela coming in too then it looks like we’ll actually have some wingers next season.

The next tasty link is for Roma’s Alberto Aquilani. He’s 23 and would apparently cost us around £12m if we were interested. Once again, I’ve never heard of him, I’m rubbish aren’t I? I don’t really follow football outside England you see. How has this rumour come about? Well his agent, Vincenzi Morabito has actually said we’re in negotiations:

Aquilani is speaking to Arsenal. We will have to see if Roma will be able to match his demands.

Sounds another exciting prospect, but to me that quote sounds like it’s been purposely planted by his agent to get more money/a better deal out of Roma. I dunno, he said we’ve inquired about him anyway and that’s a start.

Lastly, UE Cornella youngster, Ignasi Miquel’s club’s President and Sports Director have been pictured at Arsenal’s training ground along with our Spanish stars Fabregas and Almunia. For that picture to be taken, and for that article to be on the clubs website, you can tell how much of an honour it is for them to be negotiating with us. They are only a small club, and this is only a young player, but he must be half decent if someone in Spain has scouted him for us. He’s a lazy translation of that Article:

    Gálvez and Manzano in London to negotiate the transfer of Ignasi Miquel

    The president of the EU Cornellà, José Gálvez, and the Sports Director, Andrés Manzano, have travelled to London to negotiate the transfer of the youngster, Ignasi Miquel to Arsenal.

    [Pictured] Cesc, Manzano, Almunia and Gálvez

    The Cornellà player, Ignasi Miquel, is set to sign for Arsenal. Last week, representatives of the club travelled to London to discuss details of the transfer. Currently, he is in company in London to finalize the details.

Click that link above to see the picture if you really want. But he looks like the latest Spanish signing to our reserves. More on that when we get it I suppose.

So it’s all quite exciting this week. Hopefully we’ll have a new signing to announce soon! Thanks for reading.


1. Franny - 20 May, 2008

I find it hard to believe that some people have never heard of Nasri… we were linked with him about 2 years ago for the first time FFS!! How can you not know about him???

2. Jimmy Crack Corn - 20 May, 2008

Samir Nasri was the young player of the season last year, not this year. This year was given to Ben Arfa of Lyon. And Nasri is more of an attacking central midfielder than a winger. But we just wait and see where Arsene plays him if this goes through.

3. John - 20 May, 2008

Cesc was once “the latest Spanish signing to join our reserves” too!

4. arsenal is in my blood - 20 May, 2008

lol. i was under the impression that this is a pretty good arsenal fans blog but it doesn’t seems to be the case now… because u have not heard of players like nasri and aquilani. manure was chasing aquilani but roma didn’t want to sell last season. and nasri, i have seen him playing for france a couple of times. looks decent but wenger can easily make a decent player a legend. hleb on one wing and nasri on the other. i cant wait to see what kind of out of the world football we are going to play next season.

5. lasagnechef - 20 May, 2008

How does that not make this a good Arsenal Blog? Becasue I don’t follow the other leagues and I haven’t heard of every single player out there? You don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m doing my best to report the news thats out there on the knowledge I can find.


6. arsenaloyal - 20 May, 2008

samir nasri 4 arsenal
micah richards 4 arsenal
senderos 4 sinbin lool

7. qwerty - 20 May, 2008

@ arsenal is in my blood :

With Hleb on one wing and nasri on the other we shall be playing 2 wide midefiled players who cant hit a cows a*se with a banjo. Not exactly free scoring midfielders either of them.

ps: would love to see Ben-Arfa here if possible

8. charles King - 20 May, 2008

Don’t blame yourself about anything mate. Keep up the good work. I don’t want to get my hopes up on any new signing coming in. Arsene in a way has ensured that in 2 to 3 years time, he won’t have to sign players. He will simply promote players from the reserves. In a way, he is making hay while the sun shines. He is laying down the foundation for the glory to come.

9. goerge - 20 May, 2008

If Arsenal don’t want any more heartaches, get rid of senderos.

10. California Steve - 20 May, 2008

From the time I’ve seen him play, I’d call Nasri — still a young guy with room to develop — Alex Hleb with a little more desire to get to the goal. And maybe actually shoot, which he can do with either foot.

I guess a better comparison would be a cross between Hleb and Ribery.

Not going to produce goals from a wing position like Pires, for instance, or even a healthy Rosicky. But yeah, he’ll score more as he gets olders and he’ll set up plenty of chances.

Also like Hleb, he’s really a central, run-the-show sort of guy being converted to something else because we’ve already got the best central, run-the-show guy.

A bonus there is Nasri is far quicker and more incisive then, say, Denilson — so he could play the middle when we need to rest Cesc or he’s picked up a knock.

Together Cesc and Nasri could be magic — assuming there’s a holding midfielder still in the picture someplace.

No matter what anyone says, Nasri will take Hleb’s spot. He can, however, play the other side if Rosicky’s injured, Vela hasn’t adjusted, whatever.

This would be a classic Arsenal player. Quick-footed passing wizard for a developing eye for goal. Super.

Now what about the defence — where the next title will be won or lost?

We’re never going to lack goals under Arsene. But can we hold a 1-0 lead? Answer that and you’ll know whether we’re about to take the next step.

As excellent as Nasri might be, I’d spend ALL the money on a big, tough, commanding central defender and develop Flamini or Diaby into Flam’s replacement.

I think AW sees this far better than we do and he’s on the right track. And said track will NOT lead to a stop for Aquilani. We’re never going to spend that kind of money on a DM. Never.


11. California Steve - 20 May, 2008

Oops, meant to say “develop Denilson or Diaby” into Flam’s spot.

Don’t think Matty’s coming back for his own job.

I’d kind of like to see Song take a crack at that one, but AW seems convinced Song is a centre back.

Sorry I’ve lost my typing touch, folks.

12. elias in usa - 20 May, 2008

U guys I wish we cud sign nasri this dude will be a good signing for us trust me guys.he’s off the shizzo

13. charles King - 20 May, 2008

Yeah Song can play the defensive midfield role and he has an eye for a defence splitting pass. For me it is not all doom and gloom for Arsenal. With a few tweaks here and there and lady luck of course, we can win something next season.

14. glen - 20 May, 2008

Unless we watch French football and Marseille and Lyon religiously, who out of us can really say Nasri or Ben Arfa are what we need? Im only going off what others have told me and the fleeting glimpses Ive seen of them.

Out of the 2, I think ben Arfa is really what we’ve been missing since Reyes decfided to cry back to mama; a direct pacy winger, with an eye for goal. And he’s young enough to debelop even more.

Saying that, I think Nasri will be signed… as Hleb’s replacement. Which, for me, wouldn’t be such a bad idea really.

I couldnt handle havin 2 converted wingers who don’t like to shoot!

15. col - 20 May, 2008

in wenger we trust i know, but i feel that 12 goals from nasri in over 120 apperence’s is not good enough. now he could be the bee’s knees but i could feel more comfortable wit some guy who got, say 12+ (which is a nice number think about many strikers struggle to get that number in the PL) goals in his last 2 season’s.
If rosicky was capable of this it could off been so different.
maybe this season after his sugery

16. Matt - 20 May, 2008

Im convinced Hlebs gone, we can forget about him for next season. Sad to see him go but yet again hes replaceable.

Rosicky on the left (I’m guessing he should stay fit as he has has an operation on his knee) Nasri in the Centre alongside Cesc with Theo on the right. Or maybe Nasri on the left and Tomas in the middle…??

Rosicky Nasri Cesc Walcott….

I believe that if Rosicky could stay fit for an entire season he would become one of the best in the league, hes creative, links up well with Cesc and certainly has goals in him, which is something our midfield has been lacking in the past few seasons since the departures to the likes of Ljungberg, Pires and Reyes etc.

The signing of Nasri and having Diaby, Denilson, Randall etc in the squad would leave us more than prepared to afford Cesc the odd rest when hes looking tired or picks up a knock.

Im really looking forward to next season, we will have some new fresh signings and some exciting youngsters who should be getting ready to play 1st team football in the very near future.

We will win something!

17. Sue - 20 May, 2008

Oi leave Senderos alone and stop blaming him for the heartaches.

18. glen - 20 May, 2008

Rosicky scored 7 league goals last season! Thats pretty effin good considering he was injured for so long.

19. glen - 20 May, 2008


Senderos played his part in the heartaches tho didnt he?

Not as much as Eboue mind!

20. Stef - 20 May, 2008

Hey guys. I’m a bit concerned since I’m both a Marseille and Arsenal supporter (but in that order). Letting Nasri leave my favorite team to go to Arsenal would be not as bad as leaving for another team. Still, I regret we can’t keep our best players, same with Ben Arfa. But believe me guys, Arsene won’t recruit both Nasri and Ben Arfa. At least not this year.

21. col - 20 May, 2008

hey stef, any chance you could give us as much info on both of them, who would make it over here out of the two?
which do you feel would make the greater impact….etc

22. El Tommo - 20 May, 2008

We will sign BOTH Nasri and Ben Arfa – those two (along with Benzema) are going to be lynchpins of the French national team for the next ten years. One holding midfielder and one central defender and we’re done.

23. glen - 20 May, 2008

Likin the optimism El T!

24. maxi - 20 May, 2008

you never heard of nasri? do you wach football? u said the same thing about aquiliani. well. nasri is one of the best marsielle players (cana, nasri and cisse). what about aquiliani? the same thing (best players this season in romas shirt were aquiliani, de rosi and maybe vucinic

25. harry khunthol - 20 May, 2008

seems to be very little news regarding nasri to be honest. i think us gooners are getting ahead of ourselves again. no news, no proof of signing and some ppl are still penning him in to the team for next year.

i for one wont be getting all wound up about this until it is on arsenal.com, or marseilles official site.

we need to chill out.

26. scottpuffin - 20 May, 2008

Ben Arfa is the player we need. He will give us the natural width we’re looking for on the wings. I like the idea of Ben Arfa on the left and Nasri on the right, gives a nice balance. It’s like having a young Overmars and Pires in the same team.

Great blog by the way.


27. lloydlife - 20 May, 2008

for real arsen will not sign ben arfa and sami nasri unless helb is going, so dont get ur hopes up, i will love to see all three with us but chances out off a hundred, one, so keep dreaming

28. harry khunthol - 20 May, 2008

if we signed both it would be like the signal of intent united sent out last year when they brought in nani and anderson on the same day for over £30 mill.

i cant really see Arsenal doing something like that to be honest. Would be amazing if we did.

29. Emir Gooner - 20 May, 2008

I just can’t believe how much stick Swiss Tony gets from our fellow gooners.

The guy’s young (21, 22?), and does make a mistake or two a game but so did the real Tony at the same age. FFS, give the guy a break – no defender could have stopped Torres’ goal in the QF CL match at Anfield – the guy is a more of a confidence player than most at this stage of his career, but mark my words: 3 years from now, Senderos will be our captain, and the worlds finest clubs will be chasing to sign him .

In Arsene we trust…..

30. Peter - 21 May, 2008

Im sick of all this crap about senderos
he had one bad game this year – one!
it was costly but we still could have beaten liverpool that game and the ref screwd us over the two legs in truth with penalty decisions

apart from that senderos was very solid and particularly excellent against milan keeping pato quiet
the “heartaches” came about due to combined failings coupled with bad refereeing/luck
I think people are quick to scold senderos because hes not a regular first teamer and its easier than blaming people like toure and gallas etc.

31. Peter - 21 May, 2008

im pleased about aquilani tho,
hope we get him, hes mainly an attacking midfielder but he could be used to replace flamini as i believe he has all the necessary qualities and an awesome shot!

32. since55 - 21 May, 2008

It seems plain to me that Senderos is not good enough at the very top level. He lacks mobility which means he gets out positioned by the best players and moves and too often causes him to make a panicky misplaced clearance. Improving our central defence is easily our number 1 challenge. Toure and Gallas together lack height and playing Song there does not help this problem. But who is the world class, mobile, tall and commanding CB that we could get ?

33. Rohit - 21 May, 2008

Watch the full Cesc Fabregas show by downlaoding the torrent or direct download


34. sonaz - 21 May, 2008

compare David Villa and Ben Arfa, who is better?

35. Blog Head - 21 May, 2008


Paul Dickov

36. DeiseGooner - 21 May, 2008

Nasri ? I wont believe it until i see him in his arsenal kit playing keepy uppy at the Grove. And who the hell is Clement Chantome ?

From shy sports and other sires too…
Arsenal are closing in on a triple French swoop with Samir Nasri, Clement Chantome and Francis Coquelin all understood to be on the verge of moving to North London.

37. UNPREDICTABLE - 21 May, 2008

We need Villa, Nasri and Barry, otherwise Song should be in the middle of the park, the guy is capable of doing a good job.

38. DeiseGooner - 21 May, 2008

Sidwell is apparently on the move to Villa….Barry to leave ?

39. mikiyas - 21 May, 2008

my nam is mikiyas from ethiopia i
am a fan north londen arsenal
i am very happy first for your wbsite
b/c you are indepted fan opinioun
this is good and i say continue
when i come to my point i am convinced with hleb gone
but i am very happy for signing sami nasri am supporter of nasri
i need thomaas roscky play on the back attacker

40. Blog Head - 21 May, 2008


Whay are your views on the Dickov?

41. londerner - 21 May, 2008

seen nasri play hes just like alot of our other players too lightweight and thats our downfall need some rocks like mascherano or essien thats why we struggle against the likes of bolton the more physical teams

42. Jimbo - 21 May, 2008

My friend (the author), i think either u did not play or haven’t played enough of Football Manager game or Championship Manager game.:) Nasri or Aquilani should be some of the big talents in the game.

43. egg head - 21 May, 2008

yeah nasri was linked with us a fe years back but he didnt think he was ready for premier league
now he will do well i think with fabgregas running the midfield. if we still had flamini (defensive) and rosicky not injured, we could of had one of the greatest attacking midfields in the world

44. Blog Head - 21 May, 2008

egg head,

If, if, if, if, if, if, if

45. Stef - 21 May, 2008

Hey guys, I’m currently listening to a national football show on the french radio and they told Nasri was very close to signing a deal with Arsenal. Another french player of the Marseille squad denied to comment, but still said he would be able to play where Nasri today plays. Signs…
Samir Nasri did a fantastic season last year (2006-2007), was elected best young player and he integrated the national team. But he had lots of troubles this one, injuries, sickness and stuff. Still he managed to score 6 times and deliver 10 passes. Not too bad for an average season.
Hatem Ben Arfa had relationship issues with both Alain Perrin, the Lyon coach, and Karim Benzema, the best player of the squad, elected best player of the year (2007-2008). He’s a fantastic player with great technical skills, but lacks something important: humility. I think a coach like Arsene Wenger would find the words to make it become one of the best players (remember Adebayor?).
Clement Chantome is a midfielder from the Paris Saint Germain. Despite a bad year for the whole team, he emerged as a talented player. I wouldn’t be surprised if he he leaves the capital.

Note that both Nasri, Ben Arfa and Chantome were born in 1987. Like Jeremy Menez (Monaco) and Benzema. They won the U17 EUFA cup in 2004. This is a golden generation we have, I wish they’ll find great clubs to rise and shine. Arsenal might be the best one for that purpose.

46. lasagnechef - 21 May, 2008

Jimbo, that’s true, I have never played any of the manager games. That’s probably why I haven’t heard of anyone!

47. willie young - 21 May, 2008

Until these players everybody keeps going on about actually sign on the dotted line we aint bought no -one so stop getting your knickers in a twist and more importantly your hopes up, its the same old same old season after season and the bottom line is, on our wage structure and transfer fee policy we are only going to be scratching around the edges for players with potential and not the finished article, and then when they are the finished article they will piss off, apart from the odd one like cesc.

I hate cole with a vengance and the thought of those two bob fancy dans lifting the champs league will be difficult to take but would rather them to united anyday. Too bad they both cant lose!!

48. willie young - 21 May, 2008

…………… and leave the old chef alone, i hadn’t heard of Agnasi Miquel until last night, its impossible to know of every player on the radar and the perception that everbody should is very nieve.
Keep up the good work.

49. Timus - 22 May, 2008

Gooner since the mid 70’s here – i never hear of him either.. or more accurately I probably heard the name mentioned but as he wasn’t one of ours, in the same devision or someone we had played against I promptly forgot!

Thats the trouble I’m not a ‘football’ fan, I’m an Arsenal fan.. I don’t have a clue about other leagues, who the best player in the French, Spanish or Russian league is, who won the Belgian cup or who got relegated in Spain, but I can remember the haircut Perry Groves had when he scored against Everton.

50. Hilary Atagana - 10 July, 2008

Yes most already said it. If you just heard of the likes of Nasri & Aquillani for the first time then you haven’t followed the next big things in world football and these are the real joys of the beautiful game because just as we anticipate the season start and the gallant hustle for silverware so should we anticipate the close season for exciting transfers and see how true predictions made in world/regional U-16, U17, U-19, U-20 etc. are fulfilled (refer to fifa archives/website). With the new kid to be signed Miquel – I am optimistic because it looks like our spanish scouts mean real business as usual. Vela will be King at the emirates I believe.

51. raj - 10 November, 2008

nasri on left rosicky n cecs on center theo on righi rvp n adi on top we have d best team .we wish rosicky n eduardo to come back soon

52. osita eneh - 17 February, 2009

arsenal…arsene wrenger for life…we are the best team,the best club side…..the best football playing side too lol arsenal

53. osita eneh - 17 February, 2009

we are real…..hillary atagana,nice to hear from u here,longest time:)

hilz - 29 September, 2009

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