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So, are we good again? 11 November, 2008

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.

Beating Man United is always a brilliant thing, but under recent circumstances it was a fucking miracle. Something got into the players and they produced a fine game beating the champions 2-1. We tend to raise our game a lot for the big matches and find it hard to get inspired playing the lesser teams. We need to try and get out of this habit though and be more consistant.

I was not expecting anything going into the game hence not being nervous at all, however it turned out to be one of the most tense games I have seen in a long time. United had some great chances but the difference was that we took ours. 2 fine Samir Nasri strikes won us the three points, but what an important win that was.

Another loss or even if we’d drawn after taking the lead and it would’ve been the same old negativity. However after just one win spirits are on the high again and the dreaded month of November doesn’t look so daunting.

So does that mean we’re back to normal then after just one win? Well, no. Wenger will talk as if everything’s all rosey again but there is still cause for concern. The real test now is if we can carry on that form and confidence from the United game. The big test will be Aston Villa next week.

It was a great win though and I don’t want to take anything away from it. I think it officially puts us back in the running for the title after being written off in the last couple of weeks.

Wenger says he never even thought about losing and never lost confidence in his side. i can’t say I shared his optimism but fair play.

I do admire Wenger’s belief in his set of players. Even when they’re not doing well he sticks with them. Fabregas says the team won it for the manager, which they really did. Wenger was under a bit of pressure and was losing a bit of support from the fans so another loss here wouldn’t have done him any favors.

As I said before, the true test now is whether we can carry on winning or whether it was just a fluke one off. We play Wigan in the Carling Cup next up but that’ll be the kids so you can’t judge form. Wenger says it’ll be 90% of the team from Sheffield United 6-0 thrashing so expect Vela, Wilshere, Ramsey and crew.

Fabianski will be in goal but Almunia will be back for the weekend. Fabianski had to replace our no.1 on Saturday after he was kicked in the head by Michael Carrick. He looked pretty shaken up by it but he’ll be fine to start against Aston Villa.

Right that’s all for tonight folks. Speak to you soon and thanks for reading.


1. Gunnergordon - 11 November, 2008

It is almost impossible with this squad to tell what will happen next.

If people talk up the next game we tend to do badly and conversely if most of the chat is doom and gloom we do well.

As such I reckon Wigan could give our youngsters a bit of a lesson tonight.

2. Blog Head - 11 November, 2008


A lesson in love?

3. Kash - 11 November, 2008

It was a great game to watch, though i couldn’t believe it when the fourth official put up 6 mins on the board right after Man U scored in the 90th minute.

It was a good display by all the lads bar one: Nick Bendtner. It honestly felt like we were playing with 10 men because his contribution to the game was so bad.

Anyway, onwards and upwards as they say!

4. Gunnergordon - 12 November, 2008

Yes Blog Head.

They taught us how to lose. How civilized of them. Hopefully many other teams will follow suit.

My money’s on a draw with Villa, edging past City, beating Kiev and ending the month with a draw at the bridge.


Three points from a thriller with Villa, a high scoring draw in Manchester, beating Kiev and ending the month with a draw at the bridge.

5. Connolly's agent - 13 November, 2008

I don’t think it’s a turning point. The turning point will be the next match against Stoke, or Tottenham, or any other really poor club that we should be flogging with our dirty underwear.

6. Mickey C - 14 November, 2008

Why should there be a turning point? our season is not going as bad as some idiots make out.

We have been sitting in the top 4 for most of the season languishing just off the pace – yes we have been beaten by some poor teams, but we are still there or there abouts.

We are in both domestic cups – looking very good in the Carling Cup.

We are top of our Champions League group.

And we have Rosicky and Eduardo due back soon.

How many clubs would love to be where we are right now?

7. Connolly's agent - 14 November, 2008

Mikey, this idiot likes things bookended with critical games. Makes it easier to judge when to be optimistic and when to be pessimistic. And what I’m saying is that our real test isn’t against the Man Utds of the world, it’s against the shit sides we should be beating 1-0 without much effort.

The answer’s 16 or 17 clubs (Man Utd probably doesn’t care for 4th). But do we want to only be better than 16, 17 clubs, or better than the whole fricking country?

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