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09/10 Away Kit, Gazidis on Wenger & more 13 May, 2009

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.

Well the away kit for next season has been leaked and Arseblog has the pictures. It’s a navy blue number with lighter blue pinstripes and a collar. Initial reaction is not good, seems like everyone hates it! It’s not the nicest kit I’ve ever seen and I don’t see it going down as one of the classics, but it could be worse I think. I think it’s ok; it’ll look better worn than in those pictures. Some people have a problem with it being blue but I’m not that fussed – it’s better than white and it’s more navy than blue anyway. Soon enough we’ll get some better shots of it with the players wearing it and we’ll see. What do you think of it?

Ivan Gazidis has been defending Arsene Wenger saying his is open-minded after being criticized recently. This after accusations of Wenger being so bogged-down by his own ideas he’s not taking in anything else. Gazidis says that he’s constantly asking people for opinions and taking advice. Seems hard to imagine but that’s what he says anyway…

Robin van Persie has been saying how we must keep the team together if we’re want to go forward. He is one player that still needs to tie up his new deal so if he’s saying this I’m confident he will sign on. It’s true what he’s saying though; the players need to be patient. If we have to build a new team every summer every time a group of players gets fed up and leaves we’re going to get nowhere. I’m expecting maybe one or two to move on this summer, it’s inevitable but we should be doing our best to keep this squad together.

One player who will be linked with a move away is Kolo Toure. He’s been explaining his January transfer request saying he wasn’t sure if the club wanted him anymore and,
“When you love somebody it’s important that they love you back.” Although he’s lost his touch a bit, he’s still a quality defender because you know he will give everything to the cause. Sometimes effort is more important than talent; for example look at Adebayor, got bags of talent but hardly bothers trying to apply it. Kolo Toure might not be quite the player he was in 2004 but he puts in the extra effort to make up for that. I love you, Kolo.

Fabregas has been talking about our failures this season saying how hard it must be for the fans. It’s difficult for the players too though, they are the ones who have to do the business and Cesc has said how it’s hard not to feel like they’ve let us down. The good thing about football is there’s always next year. I just want it to come now; I’ve had enough of 08/09.

I best be going, I’m off to a gig in Southampton tonight. I’ll speak to you tomorrow, hopefully there’s a bit of news to talk about. Let me know in the comments what you think about the new kit.


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