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NEW 2009/10 3rd Kit?? & 20 years on – another trophy at Anfield 26 May, 2009

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.


I came across this image today of what could possibly be next season’s 3rd/European Kit. I just assumed the current yellow shirt would become the 3rd shirt but apparently it’s strictly one season only and we’re getting another shirt for just one season – a bit like that navy and redcurrant hooped shirt we had. The yellow shirt has now been renamed the ‘Sale Shirt’ on the online store as opposed to a ‘3rd Shirt’ so I guess we might be getting another kit then.

This photo of the white shirt looks pretty real to me, the badge is always the telling point and it is an official quality version even with the new (incredibly shit) ® logo. However It could be a Photoshop of the new navy away kit. I’m a bit worried that this is the real deal though, because it’s awful. Not only is it ugly and boring but take away the logos and it looks like a crappy polo shirt. Not only that but add a cock on a basketball and a Mansion.com logo and you have a fucking Spurs shirt.

It’s awful – I hate it. Remember the green kit we thought could be next season’s away kit? Well I’m hoping praying that will be our 3rd shirt next season if we do bring one out. I wasn’t a fan of the last white shirt but it sold really well so another one isn’t going to be far off I’m afraid. If I hear any more news regarding a new kit I’ll keep you updated.

tony adams steve bould david o'leary anfield 89

Twenty years ago tonight many of us were partying in the streets after winning the title in extraordinary fashion up an Anfield. There’s a load of stuff on the official site to celebrate the St. Michael Thomas Day including a couple of excellent photo galleries. We all remember where we were 20 years ago tonight – I was crying my eyes out as a young boy as my Dad went mental jumping around in the living room after Thomas scored, good times.

Well by coincidence Steve Bould, now manager of the youth team took his side up to Liverpool tonight in the second leg of the FA Youth Cup. They won 2-1 winning the most prestigious youth trophy 6-2 on aggregate. It’s a great triumph by the kids and they should be congratulated for it. So congratulations, kids.

They didn’t have quite as big a task as when we won the league up there 20 years ago it has to be said but it’s still a great win. Our youth academy is just getting better and better, this current group of players is probably the best we’ve ever had coming through and I’m sure a decent number will make it through to the first team, if not they all have great careers ahead of them.

And finally, a bit of old news regarding Walcott but it’s something I have covered on here yet. Wenger is concerned about Walcott possibly playing for both the full England side and the U21’s this summer. It would mean hardly any break from football for Theo all summer long when we really need our players to get a rest ahead of an important season. Here’s what Wenger said:

“My feeling is that I am against it. I have let the FA know that he should not play in both national teams during the holiday period. First there is an international on June 2 and June 5, then he joins up with the Under-21s.

It is not logical that he plays for the first team and the Under-21s. They finish on June 28 and we start training on July 6. It is difficult for us to accept that, but the rules are on the side of the federation and we cannot do anything about it.”

I think it’s ridiculous that he might play in both. England should pick him for one or the other – either include him in the squad for the full side or save him for the U21 championships later this summer. It’s a joke. This has never been done before, a player has always been one or the other, never both. Wayne Rooney at one point was eligible for both whilst being a top player but he never played full and U21 level at the same time so why would they do it now?

Cesc Fabregas is another one who might not get much of a rest this summer, Spain are playing in the FIFA Confederations Cup in South Africa. I am a bit worried about Cesc and Theo being tired for pre-season but there’s nothing in our power we can do about it. In a strange way I’m kind of glad now that both players had a bit of a rest this season due to injuries. I know they’ll be ok but it’s a bit annoying that they wont be 100% fresh for August.

Oh and I almost forgot, before I go I just thought I’d show you this hilarious story. The Rome authorities have banned the sale of alcohol for the entire day tomorrow for the Champions League final. HAHA! Nice way to spoil United’s little trip. Right I really better go now, Thanks for reading.


1. Wrighty - 26 May, 2009

According to this link – http://tinyurl.com/psll9s – the club have announced that we’re releasing a third shirt on the 23rd of July. I really hope that this is just a photoshop job, not just because of how shite it looks, but because of how similar it is to the away shirt.

2. Alcovinco - 26 May, 2009

It’s already been made in Indonesia🙂

3. Duckster - 27 May, 2009

Theo is the goose pushing the issue- There is no way Rooney would even think about declaring availibility for both national teams.
For me this totally sums up the different approach & influence of both managers.
Anyway I’m really excited about the possibilities this Summer- really hoping Wenger goes for it in the transfer market.

4. iceman - 27 May, 2009

What is the point of a 3rd shirt anyway.
We hardly used the on we had 2 seasons ago.
But gotta disagree, I’d take this over the green one anytime.

5. Emz - 27 May, 2009

OH MY GOD – I hope this is a joke.
To be honest, i’d rather see the green one than this old fashon looking piece of shit!!!!!

6. Doughnut - 27 May, 2009

Henry is gonna prove people need to leave to win shit unless man U win, cheer for man u or our two good players will leave

ps – that shirt is a fucking eye sore

7. damiern - 27 May, 2009

What an ugly piece of shit that jersey is….
the sleeves are tooo short to be a real jersey

8. Gunner - 27 May, 2009

WE ARE HAVING A NEW 3RD KIT, AND IT WILL BE WHITE (WITH GREY SHORTS), i dont know whether this is it but what a said is true. My girlfriend works in the arsenal shop and her manager has seen it.

9. Kids Football Shirt - 6 September, 2009

I liked the whole stuff and also my boy get crazy about these things. The most i liked the jersey and the logo really match the jersey.

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