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News Update: DB10 speaks the truth 13 June, 2009

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.

dennis bergkamp gold

It’s Saturday, and there’s no football. It’s so depressing. However it does mean we are another week closer to action and it’s only five weeks today until we play Barnet at Underhill. I’ve been going to our opening pre-season fixture against Barnet for a few years running now and every year I get even more excited about seeing us playing again.

I’m hoping there’ll be some unfamiliar faces on show that day and Dennis Bergkamp agrees that we need to make some signings:

“It’s wise to get some new players in for the team’s sake. It’s always a good feeling when you get four or five new players in the dressing room.”

It’s true, spirits will be high if the players know the club means business and goes out and makes some quality additions. Dennis also talks about van Persie’s current contract situation saying you have to respect a players decision to make his mind up; maybe a few decent signings and RVP will see that Arsenal are going forward. When asked, Dennis did admit that Yaya Toure could be a decent player to bring in:

“He [Yaya Toure] would fit in straight away, of course, because of family there. He was training with us I think for a few weeks.”

The Yaya Toure rumour has come up so many times but recently the players agent has come out saying he’s upset with his current Barca deal, however it looks like a pay rise is more likely than a transfer at this moment.

We’ve also been linked with Paris St Germain defender Mamadou Sakho after his agent said he will be leaving the club soon. He’s only 19 but apparently Bayern Munich and Barcelona are interested but we are the front-runners. His agent also mentions Man United, not to say that they are interested but just to say they are a better club than us. Cheers. Whether we are actually interested or not, who knows? All we do know is that his agent seems like a bit of a prick.

Lukasz Fabianski has signed a new long-term contract today and Arsene Wenger has been singing is praises. He might’ve made a few mistakes last season and he might not be every Gooner’s favourite player but I have patience for him. He does make some excellent saves but his decision making is 50:50, he doesn’t fill me with confidence but I know it’s early days yet for him. I do wish that we used Almunia for the FA Cup but it’s all great experience and soon enough we will have two solid ‘keepers that we can rely on. For the moment though I will admit that I don’t think he’s quite ready.

senderos-fabianskiPhilippe Senderos, we haven’t heard from him in a while. Well he’s due back from his loan at AC Milan around about now and it looks like Milan have turned down the opportunity to take him permanently. Now, apparently he’s returning to Arsenal to fight for his place after a year’s experience in Serie A.

I don’t think Big Phil’s return is such a bad thing you know. He’s as bad as some people say he is and we could do with a few more players in the defense pecking order ahead of Silvestre. He did actually get a fair few games for Milan this season but they don’t see him as Maldini’s replacement, which is fair enough because they are massive boots to fill. I think they will used some of the money for ‘Kaka to get a big name defender. Gallas’ name has been thrown about but we’ll have to see.

With links to Vermaelen and Sakho this week I don’t know if there will be a place for Philippe when he returns but we’ll have to wait and see.

Jack Wilshere says he’s been taking tips from Theo Walcott on how to break into the team whilst Theo himself has been thinking about becoming a striker. I’m sure he’ll get lots of experience this summer up front with the U21’s and maybe if Adebayor does leave this summer then maybe TW14 could get a chance to play striker next season for Arsenal.

Right then, I better be off now. Bit of a long post today but then I guess I missed out yesterday. I’m afraid I’ll be missing for most of next week too, Monday afternoon I’m off to Kent until next weekend and I really doubt I’ll be able to update the blog over there. I’m sorry!

Anyways, I’ll speak to you tomorrow and Monday morning before I go. Until then.


1. rosicky7 - 13 June, 2009

great post l agree with you its so boring without football cant wait for the season to start. Hope we do sign some new players .
Good news Cesc is going to stay with Arsenal ,Hope Robin stays too.
just need to sell Ade……

2. keith - 13 June, 2009

Again we are being linked with inexperienced players why have we got so little to spend even Bolton can outspend us you cant blame the new stadium
It is the board that needs to go fitzsimmonds and Hill wood are out of touch
We will be lucky to finish mid table if we dont buy experience as Man City,Everton,Villa,and the rest will buy

3. ahmed sorour - 13 June, 2009

Wut about Vermalean ? I thought he penned a deal but now everything seem calm???

4. Sidcup Gooners - 13 June, 2009

What gives Bergkamp the right to talk on anything regarding Arsenal when the lazy fu(ker spent the last 8 years strolling around Highbury like a big tart doing fu(k all!..Useless cross-eyed tw&t!

5. jakartajive - 13 June, 2009

Sidcup Gooner. You’re a disgrace, mate. DB10 was God and one of the finest players ever to wear the shirt. Given that he retired in the summer of 2006, you’re saying he did nothing from 1998 onwards.

You clearly are either too young or too stupid to appreciate gold when you see it.


Since when did abuse become the acceptable face of being a so-called supporter?

6. tomthegooner - 13 June, 2009

err…i’ll assume you’re being sarcastic, sidcup.

7. tomthegooner - 13 June, 2009

must be the most skilful ‘big tart’ i’ve ever seen, sid.

8. brdgunner - 13 June, 2009

These comments were prompted, and are taken out of context. He does not urge Arsene to sign.

In addition, you have missed the part of the interview in which he states that Arsene should be trusted, and will do what is necessary.

DB10 The Dutch Master, how I would love him in the side now.


9. Jay - 13 June, 2009

Sidcup, you most have been cross eyed watching DB10 you stupid little prick!

10. gunners88 - 13 June, 2009

alright the gloves are coming off, no one speaks ill of dennis the footballing god bergkamp ever!! what he said were true and all for the good of arsenal.

Then again, maybe sidcup gooners could be joking…

BUT still, bergkamp and bad/swear words shld never be used in the same sentence together even when you are only joking.

11. Gooner4life&beyond - 14 June, 2009

Bergkamp is THE best player to wear the shirt, and the best the premiership has seen. DONE!

12. Piojo - 14 June, 2009

Please look at this web page, it is a bit shocking really, I do not like Cesc giving this kind of interviews.


If you cannot read spanish, please use a translator it is an interesting story.

13. Ken Dennis - 14 June, 2009

Hopefully Rosciky will return like a new signing, he was missed. Could use another defender, maybe another striker however, Almunia – Sagna – Toure – Gallas – Clichy – Arshavin – Fabregas – Diaby – Nasri – Adebayor – Van Persie is an excellent team. Rosicky, Walcott, Eduardo… Hopefully players like Denilson, Song and Gibbs will continue to improve. Yaya Toure would be a great signing but I can’t see Barca selling him, Barca haven’t exactly got the biggest squad and he has played well for them.

14. aryan - 8 July, 2009

v need 2 centre backs n a defensive mid…dats a must…a striker n 2 wing backs wud b gr8…they need not b expensive but like sagna…

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