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Fiorentina confirm Arsenal offer for Melo & they want Eboue to go the other way 4 July, 2009

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.

Felipe Melo only signed a contract extension at Fiorentina a few days ago but that has brought no halt to the transfer speculation. When he re-signed on the 30th June I ruled us out of a move for him but it looks like I could be wrong. His agent says they are not in talks with any club yet but names Juventus as a club Melo would like to play for. It seems his recent contract extension was meant for one purpose only – the buy-out clause. By creating this they have made it impossible for clubs to bargain with the price, so if they want him they have to pay for him. The price tag on Melo is £21.4m but we rarely spend over £15m for a player – only on special occasions do we splash the cash. I think Wenger has seen the price tag and done his best to get around it by offering a player + money deal – Fiorentina have confirmed we have a made an offer for the player which was not up to the valuation but they would consider a price reduction if the deal included Emmanuel Eboue going the other way:

“Fiorentina sporting director Pantaleo Corvino, in denying the transfer rumours of the past few hours, which sees Felipe Melo definitely at other clubs and reporting potential meetings to finalise the transfer of the player, underlines the following:

“In case the footballer has already reached an agreement with any club, the release clause fixed with the player himself is €25million. We would not contemplate any exchange, unless it is to the liking of Fiorentina.

“Arsenal is the only club to have come close to the sum established by the release clause.

“Fiorentina in turn proposed to the aforementioned club a reduction in the amount set by the release clause by including right-back (Emmanuel) Eboue in the deal.”

I think many, many Gooners will be delighted at this news. A lot of people want Eboue out of the door at any cost, I am not like that but I will admit that I wouldn’t be too upset if he left! He has changed for the better recently but that doesn’t make him my favorite player. If we can sort something out with Fiorentina then I would be very happy.

I don’t really seeing us paying the £21.4m so by sending Eboue the other way (a surplus player anyway) we can bring the price down to our level. The sooner we enter negotiations the better because now they have announced they will sell Melo for that set price there are bound to be a few clubs interested. Juve might be Melo’s personal choice so if they make a bid we could lose out on him.

This is quite big news, for a club to come out so clearly talking about their transfer business isn’t common. We know Wenger is very against it so hopefully this announcement won’t put him off. More news on this as it comes, it seems the Melo story isn’t over yet.

The Independent are reporting that Robin van Persie has signed a contract extension until 2014. It hasn’t yet been announced on Arsenal.com so I’m not taking this as set in stone just yet. Yesterday I spoke briefly about how I was concerned by him not signing on yet but it looks like it will be wrapped up shortly. Hopefully The Independent do know something and it will be officially announced soon.

I also spoke yesterday about Marouane Chamakh and Wenger’s possible interest in him. Well the Bordeaux coach has said any deal must the be sorted out quickly so he can plan ahead of the new season. We are tied down until Adebayor’s future is sorted so we can’t offer anything yet. On the subject, Arseblog has a leak of a Michael Owen-style brochure for Ade which is worth checking out.

Right I better be off, I have my second work shift of the day in an hour and I need food. See ya.


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