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Sky ‘understands’ City offer for Ade & Gazidis’ no.2 man 13 July, 2009

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.


The top story today is a possible shock move from Man City for Emmanuel Adebayor. It’s only really been Milan who’ve shown any interest but Sky Sports News say Man City have held talks over the transfer. Sky are saying their chief football reporter was told talks are in early stages, no bid has been made yet but it could be £20m+

As I said on my twitter this morning, there is nothing to say there’s any truth in this story and there’s also the fact that Wenger doesn’t like selling to Premiership clubs; especially one of his top players. However if Man City came in with an inflated bid then he might just change his mind! There’ll probably be reaction on this story in the next couple of days from his agent and we’ll find if Sky are talking rubbish or not.

My initial reaction is mixed. I don’t think I really want him going to another English club seeing as he has proved already he can cut it in this league. Although if want the most money for him as possible then City might be the place to look.

It’s early days as far as this story goes so I guess we’ll just wait and see what happens.

It looks live we’re going to appoint a no.2 to Ivan Gazidis called Tom Fox. He refused to comment on the story but it’s believed he will join the Arsenal staff as ‘chief commercial officer’ next month. This is a move to make more of the Arsenal brand worldwide and bring us up to the level of global promotion as the rest of the top four.

It could mean another American getting involved behind the scenes at Arsenal. He’d be coming over with an impressive CV, he has held top brand marketing positions for the NBA, Nike and Gatorade. He sounds like the perfect person to promote Arsenal around the world and bring us more revenue. There’s nothing official from the club but I don’t see any reason why this story would be made up, so don’t be surprised if there’s an announcement on Arsenal.com in the next month.

I’m sorry but I’m going to leave you with a bit of bad news, ex-striker John Hartson has been diagnosed with cancer. Whatever your memories of John (if any) I think I speak for us all when I wish John the very best with his recovery. He took himself to hospital in Swansea where they confirmed he has contracted testicular cancer and it has spread to his brain. I remember Hartson at Arsenal quite well, I remember reading in the Arsenal magazine about his signing from Luton and remember the day quite clearly when he left for West Ham back in 1997, I was at an Arsenal soccer camp and they announced the news to us that morning that he’d left. One of the coaches wore a ginger wig for the day to mark his departure. A touching tribute.

If there’s any news on John’s fight I’ll bring you right up to date with it. He said in today’s Sun that’s he’s going to fight it all the way and I know he can do it. Get well soon.

Ok that’s it for today. Thanks for reading.


1. Eboy - 13 July, 2009

Adebayor will be sold – but it wont be a huge fee because Wenger is desperate to offload this lump. It’ll be under £25m and possibly include a swap deal. Wenger wants Jonson but will probably get offered Richards + cash.

Sell Adebayor for anything in the £20m range. He’s despised at Arsenal so best to get him out now.

2. Farrukh - 13 July, 2009

Good luck to John Hartson in battling the disease. Shockingly young to be having to battle that but he’s a battler.

3. Harry Barracuda - 13 July, 2009

If you don’t remember John Hartson then fuck off back to school please.

He always battled for us, and deserves our support at this horrendous time.

If half of our kids could learn how to fight for the team like he did, we’d have won the last two titles.

RobM - 13 July, 2009

Hear Hear. Well said Harry.

John was a great pro who gave it all for every club I saw him play for. I kinda liked him at Arsenal because he gave us something different to the rest of the forwards at that time.

4. micheal joseph - 13 July, 2009

greeting to arsenal football club

5. micheal joseph - 13 July, 2009

how is the emirate stadium

6. micheal joseph - 13 July, 2009

help me to greet wenger that is real good man for the job. next season we need good perform

7. Fred Red - 13 July, 2009

maybe man city can take almunia as well. Here’s hoping

8. Rock - 13 July, 2009

this blog reaks of spurs. sort it out – u knob sack.

“there is nothing to say there’s any truth in this story”- you are so dumb. there’s obvious truth to the story why would sky’s sources make it up.

Ralph - 13 July, 2009


Sky are just a cheap tabloid and make stuff up all day long!

Edd - 13 July, 2009

Cos’ Sky is crap all the way?

9. fanele - 13 July, 2009

If Almunia wants to enjoy his football he should stay clear of the England call up. Only one error in an England shirt and the media which has been vying for him, will reduce him to a piece of pooh.

10. hoff - 13 July, 2009


Fuck off. This is one of the few sane Arsenal blogs left.

11. ad - 13 July, 2009

Thoughts to John Hartson – he definitely had his moments at the club (1995 CWC final goalscorer) and most West Ham fans remember his first season at Upton Park with real affection (didn’t he get over 20 prem goals???). Did a decent job at Celtic too over 4 or 5 years there.

No mug then and deserves all of our thoughts at this horrendous time for him.

Speaks volumes that most AFC fans are more interested in continuing spewing out torrents of bullsh*t transfer speculation than discussing this genuine piece of news.

12. nickynicknick - 13 July, 2009

Sky sources are always making it up ‘we understand’

13. iain - 13 July, 2009

best wishes to john Hartson………
We owe him for his part in Arsenals 1st goal and ultimate victory in the semi final of the cup winners cup 1994/5 against Sampdoria…… one of the most exciting Arsenal games EVER.

14. Rhy1e - 13 July, 2009

i understand that half the people who believe half the shit that Sky peddles half the time ain’t half knobs.

15. the mole - 13 July, 2009

Remember what i told you some weeks ago? Check it out on trackback…………..

The Mole,

Ade was seen in restraunt in wilmslow with top manchester lawyer and ade was overheard saying ” its a deal at 22″.

I Knew it.

my contact in cheshire reckons we will have martins by friday.

16. N19 - 13 July, 2009

“The most expensive tickets in world football”

We really are taking the piss out of the fans

17. gary, northants - 13 July, 2009

Good luck John,

You was a proper mans man who took no shit and i wish you all the best for the coming months. You and wrighty were awesome.
Good luck fella,

18. lawro - 13 July, 2009

city must pay 50 to 40m

19. pauly h - 13 July, 2009

pls pls pls pls pls city take the donkey from us ………….i think anything over a fiver for him is a blinding deal

20. jack - 13 July, 2009

good luck to john harston… best wishes mate… all the rest a u bitches show some respect

21. MistaKen - 13 July, 2009

Replace him with Huntelaar. Cant understand why anyone does not feel this guy will score 20-25 goals for Arsenal in his first season

22. jeffers - 13 July, 2009

must be some truth or surely he would have started training with us like the rest of the squad?!

23. Am - 13 July, 2009

Hartson was a ledgend, ok a lil chubby but he wanted to do well with all his teams, Ok he didnt get the chance to score as many goals as he should of at Arsenal but still he was bbehind Wrighty.

Back in the day when half our team were true fans.

24. VanPerry - 13 July, 2009

I was a kiddy when Hartson played for us but i remember him well. He’s a million miles from what we are today; an old skool forward, a big fella who was strong bulky and direct in his approach. Ironically his kind of brute force would be exactly what we need right now, but more importantly it is that strength that will hopefully see him beat his illness.

Huntelaar has already moved to the BundesLiga, i reckon Ade may not be replaced at all if he does leave. The only viable and rumoured replacement would be Chamahk although this would be a bad move for the club. Despite his attitude, Ade is important to us and even if he is replaced, it would be a step backwards ahead of a defining season for Arsene Wenger.

And lol at the mole, so Ade decides his transfer fees now, hahah!

25. Jeremy - 14 July, 2009

If Ade goes I really hope AW brings in an experienced forward not someone with potential to become a world star in x years. We have enuf of these guys. Is there any guarantee that such a player will fulfill his undoubted potential like Febragas?
Having said that all fans hope the problem areas can be resolved asap and not wait until Dec when by then the gunners campaign could effectively be over.
Of course football is an unpredictabel game and the yg can suddenly click and take the epl by storm.What about MC?With the signing of top quality players they will be expected to mount a fight for honours if not for one of the top four places.
So AW will probably face his most daunting challenge this coming season.

26. Damian - 14 July, 2009

We need a no.2 to Gazidis ready 4 when ManC makes him an offer i think the ball boys/girls are also in the process of signing good contracts 40000 a week

27. Damian - 14 July, 2009

Ps so we could need a Dm & ball B/Gs

28. Gooner4life&beyond - 14 July, 2009

Gazidis would really earn his stripes if he got us more than £25m, if he is dealing with this transfer. It should be more like £35m at least. Benzema went for that and City have more money and less sense then Real Madrid, plus if you don’t think Ade willturn around and score against us, you are crazy.

No matter how you look at it, a forward line that can choose from Robinho, Tevez, Santa Cruz and Adebayor is pretty fucking sweet. All players linked to Arsenal at some point. I hope we get loadsa money for him and don’t spend it on Chamakh, get Inler and Villa or someone else who can bang in goals.

29. Ian Ure"s Shorts - 14 July, 2009

£170K a week and as much carrots as the donkey can eat.Get rid of the arrogant cunt

30. James Riise - 14 July, 2009

Boro supporter coming in peace, I hope John Hartson get well soon having battled cancer myself I know how hard it is.
I only hope Arsenal win the league for John Hartson, and we can win the championship and back to the prem.

31. ken boogaloo - 14 July, 2009

20 million is peanuts. nigel de jong cost them 18 million. adebayor is african footballer of the year, in his prime, and has scored a load of premiership goals.

Now, thanks to moaning arsenal fans, his value has plummeted. Honestly, how can anyone one be happy with anything under 30 million? his total cost to us including wages is probably over 20 million anyway.

And all the best to john hartson, ofcourse. Illness however does not change the fact that he was rubbish for arsenal, and the subject of abuse and ridicule by arsenal fans after his 5 million pound move. i remember..

32. honeyelize - 14 July, 2009

hi, I’m from Vietnam. Nice to visit your blog

33. bob mcnabs cat - 14 July, 2009

The days of finding anelkas has long gone, their are too many agents and the scouting network has ballooned out of all preportion in the last ten years.

I say good luck to city on their exciting journey, they have spent years in the shadow of united and i hope they get to where they want to be before it ends in tears…. because it will even if it takes 5 or ten years, eventually the circus will pack up and move on.

Adebeyor is just another mercanary joining the queue for a tidy nest egg. Our trouble is we will replace him with dross because realistically thats all that is available.

Wouldnt mind getting Bojinov and richards in return for Ade though.

aah well, gunners dreaming again….

34. Wenger dont fucking know - 14 July, 2009

I feel sorry for the City fans they thought they were getting Eto”o but they end up with a lazy “What is offside” cunt,I would have sold him for 10m so 25m is a nice bonus.

35. willie young 76 - 14 July, 2009

Adebeyor is SHIT, i would have sold him for 2 chickens and a bag of buttons. He fucked monaco or wherever it was about and togo as well so the writing has always been on the wall.
Adebeyor you have got TOGO !!!

BOJINOV in part ex

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