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Arsenal 0-0 Manchester City – 24/04/10 – (Premier League) 25 April, 2010

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.

Some 0-0 draws are exciting, full of action and totally don’t reflect the score line. This game however was the most undeserving of any goals for either side I have ever seen. You’d think Arsenal vs. Man City would guarantee goals with their attacking threats and shaky defences but that wasn’t the case yesterday. It was a midfield battle and a more physical game than we’re used to giving and Wenger admitted it’s not the sort of game he’s used to seeing.

It was quite dull but I kind of enjoyed it to be honest. It could turn out to be my last match this season and it’s nice just not seeing us lose! It was the Arseblog 5-a-sides before the game, I didn’t get to play for The Reds much because of my injury but it was still good. We got knocked out in the semi finals to eventual undeserved winners, The Greens. Then it was a few beers at the pub (where I bought this badge) and then off to the match.

I wasn’t so confident before the game but we showed a lot more commitment, which was great to see. Unlike Wigan a week ago it looked like we actually gave a shit about the game and fought for a result right until the end. It was also nice seeing Toure and Vieira back at Arsenal but also a reminder why they no longer play for us; Kolo was ok but Vieira lost his midfield battles with Song and Diaby. I like to think we came close to buying him this season but I can see now that he would’ve only been back up and I don’t think he ever loved Arsenal in the same way that say Thierry Henry does. I don’t think he really cared if he came back to Arsenal or not, he’s just happy with his pay packet up in Manchester so fair play to him.

The first half was quite frankly dull. Not a lot happened at all and Match of the Day last night I think just showed two highlights being two off target attempts. Whether Mancini tried to make a tactical change or he was just bored and wanted a bit of excitement I’m not sure but he introduced Adebayor for Vieira just a few minutes into the second half. As you can imagine he came on to a chorus of boos and a range of different songs were directed at him. It brought the game into life and both teams really started going for it. I think it was Rosicky who had a shot saved and then another after that from Diaby, which dislocated Shay Given’s shoulder. He was down for some time, which was a perfect opportunity to reel off some more Adebayor songs as he stood at the near post with his new 6-year-old girl’s haircut.

City brought on Gunnar Nielsen who is the Faroe Island’s no.2 ‘keeper, I was hoping that it might inspire us to test him and have a few shots but it didn’t really happen. Robin van Persie came really close with a curling free kick but that was about it.

It ended up 0-0 and that was all the game deserved really. City couldn’t afford to lose and spent most of the game playing for the 0-0 and time wasting. We just couldn’t find that killer ball or individual piece of skill to score and we’ll take the point.

The highlight for me was probably van Persie coming through the back of Adebayor to stop a break/get one back on him. Well worth the yellow card and a shame it wasn’t shown on Match of The Day. Fabianski and Silvestre actually had alright games; they didn’t have a lot to do but made no mistakes so you can’t have any complaints. Sol was excellent again and had no problems dealing with Tevez, Bellamy and Adebayor.

That result moves us closer to securing third. A win would’ve done it but we don’t need much now to guarantee that third automatic qualification spot into the Champions League. A win next Monday at Blackburn would be nice and set up a relaxing final day match against Fulham.

Build up, news and what have you to come in the week. Thanks for reading.


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