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Time for Szczesny to become The One and Only 3 February, 2011

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.

There have been rumors all week about Lukasz Fabianski being ruled out for the season, and they’re true. Arsene confirmed today that he will undergo surgery on his shoulder in Germany and that means his season is over. It’s a terrible shame for Lukasz as he was just about establishing himself as Arsenal’s no.1 this season. It’s now a chance for Szczesny or Almunia says Wenger:

“The competition for the places at the moment will be between Wojciech and Almunia. Wojciech will play the next game.”

So Chesney Szczesny has the head start and he will be hoping to become our number one and only. The 20-year-old promising ‘keeper has been preferred in recent games to the more experienced Spaniard and I expect that to continue. Almunia played the FA Cup game against Huddersfield so maybe Wenger’s plan is to keep Manuel in goal in the cup and see how Wojciech gets on in the league.

It’s a massive chance for the young Pole and I expect him to grasp it with open arms. He has the backing of the fans, all he has to do is not fuck up. I say ‘all’. It’s rare for a top club to go with a guy as young as him for their first choice ‘keeper but it’s worked before for Real Madrid with Iker Casillas. I don’t want to draw any comparisons or hype up Szczesny too much but it’s obvious this guy has talent and if he’s willing to put in the effort, 2011 could be the year he cements himself as Arsenal’s no.1.

I hope Manuel Almunia will be quietly working away to earn his spot back too though. There’s nothing better than competition for places and I would love nothing more than Wenger to have the headache of selecting one of the two every week. All it takes is a couple of mistakes and you can lose your place as a goalkeeper, however on the same scale it only takes a great save, a vital stop or a penalty save to escalate a ‘keeper to a fans’ favorite.

All we can do is wish both Wojciech and Manuel the very best and hopefully this is the year we find our first proper replacement for Jens Lehmann. And if it is the Pole, I would love nothing more than hearing this ringing around the Grove:

He is, the one and only!
We’ve got Wojciech Szczes-ny!

On to other news and there’s been a load of reaction to David Moyes’ comments at full time the other night about Cesc Fabregas apparently saying something to the referee at half time worthy of him being sent off. I never mentioned it yesterday because it was quickly dismissed as nothing but at today’s press conference it was unsurprisingly brought up again. Cesc issued a statement saying he respects the officials and he was upset at half time as was 60,000 others but the referee made no comment of anything wrong in the tunnel so that’s that. He didn’t exactly deny it but why should he have to, it was just an honest statement declaring his passion for the club. Today Wenger had a bit more to say about it and he doesn’t sound over the moon with Moyes:

“I believe it is wrong for Moyes to come out with what he pretends to have heard in the tunnel. If I come out with what I have heard in the tunnel in the last 10 years you would be amazed. I think there is a rule in our job to never come out with what is said in the heat of the moment. That usually is respected by everybody.

If Cesc is guilty, he would have been charged. He has not been charged by the FA, there is no action against him, so I don’t see why we should spend any more time defending someone who is not guilty. For me, the incident is closed. If you play football with your friends you sometimes go in at half-time and say something that you are not very proud of 24 hours later, but it is in the heat of the moment.”

David Moyes has a history of trouble on the touchline (as does Arsene to an extent) and this whole thingseems like bollocks to me. He’s obviously pissed off with losing a goal lead and it’s just him trying to deflect attention away from the result. It all stinks off Phil Brown and Hull City’s attack on Fabregas when we beat them and I couldn’t give a toss. I love that Cesc shows passion for Arsenal whether it be arguing with the referee in the tunnel or not. It seems a lot of attention is on our captain at the moment and people aren’t exactly happy with him. I think he’s being picked on a bit in the media and Wenger agrees:

“Yes. We are long enough in the job to know that somebody picks on you for a while, and you are in the heat of the moment. But for me what is the most important is the player behaves well. When Cesc is on the pitch, he tries to play football – I cannot say everybody who plays against him tries to do that.

For example, some people reproach him for not exchanging shirts with a player after the game – but I hope he will not exchange shirts with players who try to kick him for 90 minutes and them come to say ‘please can I get your shirt’. I think that is a normal and natural reaction. Overall this guy is an example on the football pitch and shows you how to play football.

Cesc is 24 this year, he has played 250 games in the Premier League – at that age, it is absolutely remarkable. He has gone through a lot, difficult moments, but has always come out stronger – this guy is a fantastic leader.”

That incident with the shirt swapping he’s referring to was against Huddersfield… Yeah I think it was Huddersfield or Ipswich. They’d been kicking and fouling him the whole time he was on the pitch and then they get all pissy about him not giving them his shirt at the end. Give me a break. He can do what he wants with it.

I love Cesc as the Arsenal captain and if everyone else hates him – I couldn’t care less! He does everything possible to lead us to victory and that’s what I love about him. I’m sure none of this will affect him in the slightest but when rubbish like this gets reported I feel the need as an Arsenal blogger to stand my ground for him! We love you Cesc!

Moving on and there was news on Walcott and Song’s injuries ahead of the weekend, Alex will miss the Newcastle game but Theo is alright. I did hope that Song would be back in time for this but he’s probably still got a bit of bruising and hopefully he’ll return next weekend against Wolves.

Koscielny has been called up to the French squad for the first time. Well done mate, don’t get fucking injured.

And finally, those who applied for Wembley tickets have to check their application today. It was everyone who had less then 3 away credits and entered their memberships into the ballot last week. I’ve heard quite a few people say they’ve missed out but I’m sure you’ll be pleased to know both my memberships were accepted and I’m going to Wembley! I’m looking forward to the big day in three and a bit weeks and I hope all my readers who applied got theirs too.

That’s it for today, hopefully I’ll get a chance to write again before Saturday afternoon’s game but no promises I’m afraid. Until next time.


1. simon - 3 February, 2011

Just watch the joyless, suicide brigade slaughter him after a mistake that costs us a goal. Then slag off Wenger for not signing a new keeper in the window.

All too predicatable bed wetting from them.

2. Martin - 3 February, 2011

What about Vito Mannone – now on loan to Hull? He had a few games in the Premier League and never let us down. Seem to remember an excellent performance against Fulham? Could he be recalled?

3. HR - 3 February, 2011

Simon is right.
One mistake from him and these ‘fans’ will be on his back straight away.

4. lasagnechef - 3 February, 2011

I expect Mannone would only be recalled if we got an injury, or god forbid two injuries! He’ll be with us full time next year when Almunia leaves in the summer.

5. Joey B - 5 February, 2011

ooooooooooo! That’s got to hurt.

6. sixyearsandwaiting - 5 February, 2011

Bet you wish you were one up with twenty five minutes to go with bunch of sadcase problems drinkers at the back this afternoon.

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