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COMPETITION: Win a Toffs retro Arsenal shirt 8 April, 2011

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.

Hello to everyone on this fine, fine Friday afternoon. What a glorious day, I’ve missed this sun I really have. Sorry for those of you stuck at work, the weekend is set to be a belter too. I’m here to try and make your weekend even better by giving you the chance of winning a Toffs retro Arsenal shirt of your choice. All you have to do is answer this simple question:

    Q: What year is the earliest Arsenal shirt from that Toffs currently offer on their online store? 

    Is it: A. 1913, B. 1927 or C. 1950

If you know the answer email your entries to: competition [at] the-cannon.com replacing the [at] for an @ sign.

If you don’t know the answer well click the banner at the top and you never know, the answer just might be there. I’m not saying cheat, just look for reassurance I guess. The prize is a Toffs retro Arsenal shirt of your choice so you can have any one of those beauties, I’ve got a few myself actually and you can’t go wrong – they never go out of date because they’re already out of date! If that makes any sense.

Good luck everyone, I’ll close the competition on Monday at midnight (GMT) so get your entries in. In the last competition I ran I didn’t get loads of entries to be honest with you so give it a go you never know you might win. Please enter just the once though. The winner will be announced on Tuesday.

A quick round up of the news and we’ve got some fresh injuries surprise surprise. Song is out and Sagna and Walcott are big doubts for Blackpool. Cesc Fabregas is fit to start but it’s a shame we’ve picked up more niggles.

I’ll fully look at the news tomorrow and build up to an important game in Blackpool. Speak to you then, make sure you get those entries in.


1. Mervin k tuaire - 8 April, 2011

A. 1913

2. the-young-gunner - 9 April, 2011

When you point out that we got knocked out by a brilliant barcelona side you’re forgetting the only reason we had to play them at that stage is because we couldn’t beat shaktar and braga, two teams who are much weaker than the AC milan side beaten by the spuds. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed seeing them getting a spanking, but theres no hiding the fact they’ve been much more impressive than us in Europe this year……

3. the-young-gunner - 9 April, 2011

Fuck it, sorry posted this in the wrong comments section……many apologies…….

4. tukgo - 11 April, 2011

I think the answer is A.1913

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