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Arsenal 1-1 Liverpool – 17/04/11 – (Premier League) 19 April, 2011

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.

I’ve had a couple of days to calm down from this one but to be honest I was never really angry once I left the stadium. I was fucking furious at Eboue for that ridiculous push and the rest of the team for not just booting it out whenever possible but then I soon went into the all too familiar state of disappointment. I’m just about beginning to accept being constantly let down, it sucks but it’s been a recurring theme. If I earned a pound for every time I’ve used the words frustrating or disappointing in response to Arsenal then, then I could probably buy us a more intelligent reserve right back.

Although Eboue is a fucking idiot, you can’t blame the result all on him. Yes, he was the one that conceded the most stupid penalty I’ve even seen with my own eyes but once we’d gone 1-0 up in the 97th minute there should’ve been no chance for Liverpool to come back. We had just a few minutes to hold out and surely that’s not too much to ask? Oh, it is? Okay. Is it so much to ask to stick your boot through the ball just the once when there’s literally seconds left to play? That’s too much as well is it? Fucking hell are we trying to work counter attacks with one minute to go and 1-0 up now are we?

I asked before the game if we would stand up and show how much we wanted to the title and I guess we didn’t want it enough, especially not in those final few minutes. I’m not saying we didn’t try to defend but if it meant that much to us there would’ve been no team able to get through us never mind how weak our defence is. Well it didn’t happen and it ended up 1-1. I’ve almost accepted the result because it was 0-0 for so long and a draw looked likely but it’s just such a shame to take the lead and lose it like we did.

We dominated the most part of the game, Carroll and Suarez didn’t click and without Gerrard I’ve never really been that scared of Liverpool. We looked alright but we didn’t create enough proper goal scoring chances and Wenger has admitted it was a bit of a problem. He also said that Liverpool had a lot of men behind the ball defending which is also true. They did make it quite difficult for us and I’m surprised they played so negatively but I guess it worked if they came for a draw.

Over the course of the game, other than the penalties there were only a handful of chances for either team. Liverpool had a couple of half-hearted shots and we hit the bar from a header, had one disallowed for offside and the best chance was from a little flick from Fabregas to van Persie in the area but he couldn’t score one-on-one with Reina.

It was a frustrating game, Liverpool didn’t deserve anything but we weren’t doing enough to take the points for ourselves. I’ll just move on to extra time because that’s where all the action was; At the 90 minute mark it looked like it was heading for 0-0 unless there could be any late drama in the 8 minutes added on for a head injury to Carragher. We won our penalty when Cesc burst into the area and was tripped whilst dribbling – definite penalty. Robin van Persie had what looked like the chance to keep us in the title race. It was a massive, massive penalty and when he sent Reina the wrong way and stuck it perfectly inside the post he ripped his shirt off and the ground went mental. It was a huge goal and one that surely, surely would win it.

There couldn’t have been long left to go, but we knew we were going to have to soak up a bit of Liverpool pressure. They did plough forward and we defended it but we didn’t just boot it away, instead we fucked about with it on the edge of our own box, gave it back to them and then conceded a very dangerous free kick. It was surely one of the last kicks of the game and it was too unbearable to watch for a lot of people. In the end the free kick wasn’t good but what followed was infuriating and hilarious. The ball dropped to Lucas but had no choice to run away from goal towards the left corner flag. Eboue was tracking him but for some reason far beyond my intelligence he ran into the back of him allowing him to go down for a penalty. He definitely dived and made the most of it but I probably would’ve given a penalty too, Eboue stupidly just went into the back of him.

I mean if he’d let him run and given it a few seconds I reckon that could’ve been it, as Lucas got the ball, referee Andre Marriner was probably thinking about blowing up. He saw the foul though and had no choice but to give the penalty. It was a chance for the returning Szczesny to make himself a hero but Kuyt scored and the final whistle blew immediately.

I have no qualms about the 11 minutes of added on time. It all makes perfect sense, there was a minimum of 8 minutes and then there was the foul for our penalty, the time it took to take it, the minute or two of celebrations, the minute before they took their free kick and other things it was perfectly acceptable to still be playing past the 100 minute mark in my opinion. He could’ve blown the whistle after the free kick but there was probably about four or five seconds between that being taken and Eboue’s foul.

We’ve had some terrible, terrible luck this season but I feel like a lot of bad days could’ve been avoided if we had just been more cautious. We’re very accident prone and it has ruined our season. I’m upset because I don’t know if this group of players will ever get a better chance to win the league with Chelsea being as shit as I’ve seen them since before Mourinho and Man United having terrible away form. Also I don’t know how long this group will be together also, it’s possible for quite a few players to leave this summer, some for better some for worse but what really worries me is if both Nasri and Cesc leave. We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it though.

It’s disappointing times yet again but we must pick ourselves up. Another loss and it really is over. Our next game is Tottenham away and how much they would like to inflict the result which ends our title hopes. We can’t let that happen, and after what happened in the home game against them this season I’m expecting the players to finally show some fight. If we can show it in just this one game then I’ll be slightly relieved.

We might have to win every game until the end of the season and three points at White Hart Lane is a good place to start. Szczesny believes we’ve got what it takes, I just hope the rest of the team does. This North London Derby is huge and I’d be lying if I’m not a little nervous.

See you tomorrow for the usual build up. Until then.


1. Lenny the Gooner - 19 April, 2011

Eboue is and will always be a clown in football boots but the blame for us losing the title when Man Utd and Chelsea have done everything they could to give us the title on a plate is down to Wenger.The lack of quality experienced signings last summer and in january has cost big style.The sad truth is Wenger is NOT going to change

2. Ian B - 19 April, 2011

This team just doesn’t have a winning mentality, it lack leadership and that was evident when we saw mad Jens shouting at the defense against Blackpool. If he was in goal, I bet we wouldn’t have conceded?
Cesc has been playing like Henry in his last season, time to take the cash, bring on Ramsey & Wilshire and spend some fucking money on decent strike force and defense.
Also really only noticed on Sunday that Clich has only got 1 foot!! – Bring on Gibbs – Hey that’s 3 British players, what ever next!!!!!!

3. Spectrum - 19 April, 2011

What are you all worrying about ? Even if Chelsea finish above us, we’ll stll make the top 4. And isn’t that our new definition of success now, under Wenger ? Winning things is for mugs.
“In Arsene we rust.”

4. Kash. - 19 April, 2011

Spectrum you’re post is depressing, but it’s right.

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