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Spurs Preview: A massive North London derby 20 April, 2011

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.

The North London derby is always vitally important to any Arsenal or Tottenham fan but today is yet another one that is just that little bit more special. A win always means everything to both sets of fans but we’re at a point in the season where we genuinely need the points, never mind fan pride. With Man United dropping two points at Newcastle last night we have an opportunity to close the gap which we must take. We’re not going to get a lot of chances to catch up on United so we have to take them when they come. We’re seven points behind them today so a win tonight could bring that back down to a much more manageable four. Four points is definitely a title race position especially when United have to play Chelsea and us.

Spurs are desperate for points too though and they will take confidence from beating us at our place. They can go level on points with Man City in 4th with a win over us tonight and they will be desperate to not only get back in the Champions League but end our title hopes. Let’s be honest, a loss tonight would pretty much be the end of it, there’d be a slim hope but nothing more than that. Also a loss for us and a win for Chelsea against Birmingham tonight would see us drop down to third, which is a bit shocking.

Lets not think about losing though, we have to have our eyes on the prize. We’re in a title race and we need a win at White Hart Lane – if the players aren’t up for it tonight well then they’re never going to be. We might have some complaints about Liverpool but that’s behind us now, we need to take confidence from Newcastle’s result last night and close the gap. Wenger says, “I still believe it is absolutely important, essential that we give absolutely every drop of blood to do it.” I hope that ambition is shared with the players. You’ve probably seen this interview with Cesc Fabregas that emerged yesterday and he talks about a difference between pretty football and winning things. This season was our chance to make the step up, we may have missed it but we’re still in there and I hope Cesc et al. have got the desire to make it happen this season.

We might not deserve the title this year but so fucking what, I want it. It’s still doable and to come from behind in the position we’ve been in would be great. Imagine what winning the league would do to the players, that experience would be invaluable. A win at Tottenham would be the perfect catalyst to the end of season run, Wenger spoke about trying to remain unbeaten until the end of the season but it’s wins we need. Three points tonight would set up a massive game on May 1st between Arsenal and Man United so lets make sure we’re in that position come May and win tonight.

In the reverse fixture earlier in the season we lost a 2-0 lead to lose 3-2. That fucking hurt, and I hope it hurt the players too. They should be going there tonight not for revenge but just to put that right. We cannot let them take more points off us, it’s just not right. We’ve played there already this season in the Carling Cup, it was 1-1 after 90 minutes but we ended up beating them 4-1. We need to show that kind of dominance we showed in extra time that night, we need to remind them who owns North London and who is the team celebrating 50 years without winning the league.

It should be a pretty decent team playing tonight. There’s some great news that PFA right back of 2010/11, Bacary Sagna is back, not only will that strengthen us at the back but it means we’ve got no clown ready to give another 100th minute penalty away. Vermaelen is a bit short for tonight, it would’ve been great to have a player of his calibre available but Wenger is right not to rush him back. I feel that Jens Lehmann might fill his kind of void tonight, I’m sure the German will be making his voice heard in the dressing room. Arseblogger this morning speculated that Wilshere could be rested after Wenger spoke of Jack’s fatigue. He was withdrawn early against Liverpool and he did look quite tired. I think he’ll start him tonight though, his desire to win is something that we need tonight and hopefully that can rub off on his elders.

So here’s how I think we might look:

Sagna – Djourou – Koscielny – Clichy
Song – Wilshere
Fabregas (c)
Nasri – van Persie – Arshavin

I’ve chosen Arshavin over Walcott for tonight, I feel that (if he’s up for it) he can offer us that little extra something special out of nowhere which might be what wins the game. Theo was a little bit disappointing on Sunday but I’ve always preferred him as an option from the bench anyway. However it might be a good idea to start him though to deal with Gareth Bale on his wing, Theo is good to deploy there not only to track Bale’s runs but also to use that space on the counter. It’s up to Wenger – Arshavin or Walcott; now I’ve thought about it more I think he’ll probably go for Theo but we’ll see.

Talking of Bale, Wenger says he and Van der Vaart are their main threat. Bale is decent but I can’t believe the hype over him this season. It’s an absolute joke. He won the PFA player of the year for basically one hat trick against a tiring, and shit Inter Milan side. And they lost that game anyway! I saw a stat recently that he’s got the same amount of assists as Van der Sar in the Premier League and that says a lot. He is going to be tricky down that left hand side but I really don’t rate him anywhere near some people do. After saying all this he’ll probably go and score tonight but fuck him, the chimp-looking, banana-peeling shit cunt. As for Van der Vaart, he’s a good player but gets tired easily, mark him out of the game and we’ll be fine. Tonight is about closing down every player in possession, think back to when we beat Chelsea in December, I want a performance like that tonight – I want to see the players really want this as much as the fans.

The nerves/excitement have kicked in already, I’m buzzing for this one. It could be a massive disappointment but at the same time it could end up being the result that we look back on as the one that changed our fortunes in the title race. I’m being optimistic but I believe we can do it, I’ve seen how we can fuck things up in the past but I truly think we’ll go there tonight with a huge desire to win. I wish I could be there tonight with the couple thousand Gooners travelling down Seven Sisters Road. I was after a spare but it doesn’t look like I’ll get one now so Sky Sports and a few beers it is.

There’s nothing left to say now, it’s up to the players to win this one for us. Believe in them and they will deliver. COME ON YOU GUNNERS.

Oh and finally…

The wanky Tottenham Hotspur went to Rome to see the Pope,
The wanky Tottenham Hotspur went to Rome to see the Pope,
The wanky Tottenham Hotspur went to Rome to see the Pope,
And this is what he said…
Who’s that team we call the Arsenal,
Who’s that team we all adore,
We’re the boys in red and white and we’re fucking dynamite,
And Harry Redknapp’s mother is a WHOOOOORE!


1. Steve - 20 April, 2011

That’s about the most rubbish song I have ever read. No wonder we don’t sing!

2. Steve - 20 April, 2011

You say you don’t rate Bale but then say this….

“Theo was a little bit disappointing on Sunday but I’ve always preferred him as an option from the bench anyway. However it might be a good idea to start him though to deal with Gareth Bale on his wing”

You’re an idiot. Consider this forum blocked from my newsnow.

3. Steve's mum - 20 April, 2011

Guess what Steve? No one cares.

4. lasagnechef - 20 April, 2011

Yeah, no one cares.

I said he’ll be dangerous down the wing but I don’t think he’s anywhere near as good as good as people think.

And if you’ve never heard that song, then you’re not really an Arsenal fan are you. Good riddance.

5. PHIL - 20 April, 2011

Steve is a die hard spurs fan, so Lasag, forget about this intruding cunt. It is a good post and i believe we are going to spank them properly. I din’t know this has gotten to the public domain, but you are right, Harry’s mother is a whore. I had a bit of her last year.

6. Rafa - 20 April, 2011


‘Arry’s mum says you were shit, even for a punter

Ta ta

7. KingKaboul - 20 April, 2011

It must be shit being you.

8. Clive Anderson - 20 April, 2011

I remember when we were worth talking about. Never for the support obviously, but over half a decade ago we would win things (when ManUre weren’t looking). It’s all getting a bit sad (see song above – yes there are parallels between smiling arsene wenger and the holy father but I don’t think we should dwell on them in public do we?) Still eh? We just might have stopped Spurs getting back into the quater finals of the champ’s league, although we’ll have to rely on Man City. Silver linings girls, silver linings.

9. KingCohen - 24 April, 2011

It must be shit being you

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