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Stoke Preview: Just beat the bastards 8 May, 2011

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.

Those of you who read Friday’s blog will know that I’m pretty busy with work at the moment. Well I thought that I should mention as some kind of disclaimer that I haven’t been to sleep yet, I’ve been up all night working so if anything seems a little strange there’s your explanation. I’m pretty jealous of you people waking up this morning to this blog but I guess my lack of sleep if my own fault for putting things off for so long. Some things never change.

Anyway, enough of that and more Arsenal. The squad got the train up to Stoke yesterday and Robin van Persie tweeted this decent bit of news to us:


I can’t wait to see Tommy in action today. He might not start but it’s good to know that that achilles is finally sorted and he can concentrate on playing again. We could do with his fighting spirit and all round mentalness! However the focus today isn’t going to be on Thomas Vermaelen, it’s obviously all about Aaron Ramsey and Ryan Shawcross. Wenger has tried to play the story down but there’s no avoiding it really. Arsene has said that it will be good for Aaron to go play and even dropped his two favourite words in saying that the Wales captain is mentally strong.

I can only guess, but I would imagine Aaron is quite up for this one. I think he will be going out there to show that’s he’s back and that’s about it really. I’m not expecting him to lamp Shawcross in the chin or anything, although I would very much enjoy that. He seems a pretty calm and professional guy and I think he’ll just get on with it, do his job and play to the best he can.

As for Stoke though, they’re still very bitter about what Ramsey did to Shawcross. I mean how dare he put all that stress and unhappiness on poor Ryan and the mental trauma it inflicted on him must’ve been just awful. I’ve read some ridiculous stuff on Stoke forums this week, there are people out there fully willing to boo Aaron for whatever their reasons are and there’s even people going as far as advocating him breaking his leg again. I know not all Stoke fans are the same but I can pretty safely say they are a massive bunch of cunts.

Since Stoke joined the Premier League we has formed a little rivalry between the clubs. The managers, the fans, the players, the staff – everyone at Arsenal and Stoke hate each other. I’ve caught the bug and I hope we destroy them today. I loathe Stoke City and whatever misfortune they get is fully deserved in my opinion. It’s going to be a pretty heated game on and off the pitch this afternoon, I’m excited.

We’re without Fabregas, Diaby and Nasri plus I haven’t heard how Djourou and Clichy are doing either. I know Djourou travelled because there was pictures of him getting a massage up on twitter yesterday but I’m not sure on Clichy. It’s not going to be our best line up but it’s one that should be able to beat Stoke:

Sagna – Vermaelen – Koscielny – Gibbs
Ramsey – Wilshere
Walcott – van Persie (c) – Arshavin

I’m not very confident about my guess of the team this week. Vermaelen and Gibbs there could easily be replaced with Djourou and Clichy depending on fitness. Also Walcott and Arshavin don’t strike me as the sort of players for this game either; Theo’s pace could be devastating against Stoke’s defence but I’m worried about the pairs ability to fight. We’ll see. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bendtner start in what could be one of his final games for the club.

However that midfield I am confident about. It’s the trio that faced United and did so well and I’m backing them to continue that form into today. They just worked perfectly, Song did the right thing and just hung back sorting everything out and making it hard for strikers to get through to our back four whilst Wilshere and Ramsey alternated in attacking runs and sitting back and it all worked like a well oiled machine.

I always have that niggling concern of will the players be up for it? Too many times we’ve dropped points from not turning up against less glamourous opposition and to be frank I’m fucking tired of it. I have a feeling that today we’ll be alright though, as I said the atmosphere will be pretty intense today and it’s a game that both teams just really want to beat the other. As in the winning and losing sense rather than the fighting sense…well hopefully.

I would love nothing more than to shut those fuckwit Stoke fans up by beating them today. Hopefully the players feel the same. I’m off back to work now but I’ll be tuning it at 2 o’clock this afternoon for what should be a tasty game.

Come on Aaron, come on Arsenal. Let’s do it.


1. Gooner Adam - 8 May, 2011

C’mon Arsenal. Humiliate these inbred hicks.

2. the truth - 9 May, 2011

stoke are everything weare not. motivated,organised,great team spirit,defensively strong, a team whose manager gets every last drop from his players.a team that is out performing its resources. whats it down to? that right sherlock, its the manager. pulis> wenger. when will people wake up.

3. bob mcnabs cat - 9 May, 2011

Wenger;”we have lost somthing”, is he taking the piss??

Fuck off wenger and take your bunch of passionless inept clueless signings with you.
You are single handedly destroying everything that the club holds dear to most fans hearts. There is not a top club in europe that would put up with the shit that we have had to stomach for the past 3 years, You are a disgrace and should have gone 2 years ago!

“in arsene we trust” is an elaborate con trick to convince the easily led that glory is just around the corner. We’ve had the same bull shit fed to us for the last 5 years and if proof were needed that its all a con then we have had it over the past two months. This team is clearly not good enough to challenge for trophies and never will whilst wenger is at the healm.
WENGER? Collect your coat!

4. bob mcnabs cat - 9 May, 2011

15. bob mcnabs cat – 8 May, 2010
we have been shit this year and unless we up the ante we are heading into mediocrity.
It kills me to say it but spurs have been better than us this season, you can see the hunger in their play. We will win fuck all with eboue, denilson,song, diaby and bendtner. Its no good to keep spouting shit like “in arsene we trust”, we need a new manager with fresh and exciting ideas. Wenger is a spent force, the players just turn up and go through the motions like a bunch of uninterested robots, we need to shake things up statring with the manager!
I hate spurs with a vengance but they have shown us how a fresh approach can change things around. They buy big names with an inferior stadium and millions less income, what the fuck is that all about??

5. shubhamgoel27 - 10 May, 2011

Hey guys what do u think:
How many current Arsenal players would get into the Invincibles squad. Vote here:


6. Ian Ure's Shorts - 10 May, 2011

Shubamgoel how long have you been a supporter of Arsenal?Six weeks.Jens Lehmann was the goalkeeper in the Invincible team.Seaman wasnt even at the club

Wenger Out!

7. Lynel Dsouza - 12 May, 2011

Really interested in reading your review & views of the game lasagnechef! Hurry up and post it already!!

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