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News Round Up – Nasri, Cesc, Gervinho & more 10 June, 2011

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.

It’s everyone’s favourite time of the year, the summer transfer window! Full of ludicrous claims, greedy players and frantic internet searching. Well frankly I’ve had quite enough of it, I used to enjoy an exciting transfer window but nowadays they’re a pile of wank. I can’t stand the speculation, the hype and the now apparent personalities of some players; I like to try and pretend that footballers aren’t all money-driven bastards, but at the end of the day a great deal of them are, especially in the league which we chose to support our team in.

Not saying that description is entirely true of Samir Nasri, but it does seem a lot like that doesn’t it? It’s a hard one because he’s a player that the majority of fans grew to love this season and he’s very quickly burnt those bridges. His behaviour recently stinks of Adebayor, and Hleb actually – which is not what we expected or wanted from our latest sensation. He’s said on his twitter not to listen to the rumours but the fact is there are direct quotes from the player and they go a little something like this:

“I don’t know if I will sign a new contract. Anyway, the discussions are ongoing. For the moment, I don’t think about this. We will speak about it after the match with Poland (last night).

Do I want to go to Man United? First, we should see if it’s real and if it is concrete,”

Fantastic. No denial there of anything, in fact just fuelling the Man United rumours most likely to force us into giving him that massive pay-rise he wants. Sky Sports now ‘understands’ that he is United’s top target and will offer £10m for him. Whatever happens with Samir, I really don’t think Arsene will sell him within England at any price. He just wouldn’t do it to Arsenal.

Like I said, I’m really bored with all this transfer rubbish and anything more I read is going to make me get angry or think Nasri is a cunt. Speaking of which, on his twitter he replied to an Arsenal fan saying something like, “Come say that tweet to my face and we’ll see who’s the c***.” Have to say that made me laugh. If I were a footballer and people starting calling me things I wouldn’t bother holding back. Anyway he said he would speak after the Poland match, which was last night so we’ll see what the latest is soon I guess. I’m at the stage now where I couldn’t care if he goes or stays, just make your fucking mind up.

As for our other star midfielder lingering around the exit doors, there is the usual speculation about Cesc Fabregas. And by that I mean you have the standard crap from Pique and Iniesta which is so bog standard I can’t even be arsed to link you to it, it’s out there if you want it. Barcelona came out recently saying they’ve only got about €45m to spend this summer and I would like to believe that if they want Cesc they’re going to have to give us every penny of that. If we give him away for anything less than that then I’ll be a bit gutted with our salesmanship.

It’s another one that we’re just going to have to wait and see on but the tabloids have been claiming their crap. You’ve got some saying the deal will be done by Monday and you’ve got some saying they’ll offer us cash + a player to bring him ‘home’ with names such as Bojan, Thiago and Montoya being offered. I’d settle for cash and a player but not just some random reserve player, someone who we actually need and can utilise.

The two scenarios with Nasri and Cesc are interlinked; one will dictate the result of the other. Arsene Wenger will do everything to avoid losing both of his best midfielders; but if we do, well lets see what happens then.

Enough about players leaving, lets have a look at who might be coming in. TalkSport have just announced that we’ve signed Lille striker Gervinho for £10m. They offer no evidence to support the move so there is unlikely to be any truth in the story whatsoever but we have been linked with the player recently. It’s nice to see us talked about looking at players of Gervinho’s quality but until I hear something from Arsenal or Lille I won’t go printing any shirts yet.

We’ve also been strongly linked with his teammate at Lille, Eden Hazard. Again a nice story to hear but we’ll wait and see on that one. He could potentially be a replacement for Nasri or Fabregas so I’m guessing we wouldn’t make any moves for Hazard until we knew what’s going on with our own.

We have made one signing though, Charlton’s young defender Carl Jenkinson. He’s hardly an established player but it looks like he’ll slot in as Sagna’s back up and hopefully after some time he can fight for a place in the first team. He can play all across the back four but it does seem like right-back will be his preferred position. It’s nice to see a proper Arsenal fan sign for the club though, his Dad is a season ticket holder of 40 years and he was raised a Gooner, he’s even been to games this last season. He’ll join in with the first team for pre-season training and I’m excited to see how well he does. You can watch an interview with Carl here.

We also look to be signing Theo Walcott mk.2, Oxlade-Chamberlain from Southampton. This one’s been on the cards for a while now but The Mirror reckons we’ve landed him for £12m. Again, lets wait until the club officially announce something because there are still rumours of United’s interest. He seems an exciting player though and without having seen much of his football I’ve decided I want him. So there.

It would only be right to end today’s post with more speculation of a departure. Liverpool have apparently offered £5m for Gael Clichy. It doesn’t seem a lot on the surface but with a year left on his contract and many, many mistakes in recent season’s to boast, it might not be such a bad deal. Personally, I’ve always had a strong connection with Gael and despite his errors I’d still quite like to see him stay. I will be sad to see him leave if it does happen but maybe it is for the best, if we get in a decent replacement then it might strengthen our defence somewhat and that’s what’s important. Lets just see how this one develops.

That’s it for today. Sorry for the absence again, I just have struggled to get into all this transfer bollocks and until something concrete comes out I expect I will continue to give minimal amounts of shit. Thanks for reading guys, speak to you soon.


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