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A busy week for transfers? 18 July, 2011

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.

With Arsenal now back from Asia and back in London there is a chance this week for some real transfer business to be done. We’ve all known that Gervinho would be signing for some time now but with Arsene Wenger and the club photographer back in the building he was officially unveiled on the website this morning. He’s signed on the typical ‘long term contract for an undisclosed fee’ but it is rumoured to be around £10m and looks like the replacement for back-door lingering Nicklas Bendtner.

All I can say I’ve seen of him is YouTube footage but he looks like a decent dribbler, has a trick in him and has a good eye for the back of the net. ‘Gervinho’ is a nickname given thanks to this Brazilian style of football and hopefully he can transfer this style of play to the Premier League. He scored 18 goals and made 10 assists in Ligue 1 last season and has been one of Lille’s top players the last couple of years. I’m excited about this signing and hopefully he can ‘do a Chamakh’ and make a difference right away. Our first glimpse of the player might be this weekend in Cologne.

Being of Ivory Coast nationality, he is quite likely to go missing along with Chamakh in January for the African Cup of Nations. We’re looking to fill that void by signing 19-year-old Costa Rican Joel Campbell. If you’ve been reading Gunnerblog this past week you’ll know plenty about him and he looks like an exciting player. And if you haven’t read it, then pop over there.

The latest is that advanced talks were taking place between the player’s agent and Arsenal executive Richard Law the past couple of days and it looked like we were on the verge of shaking hands on a deal when another English club came in with an improved offer. It’s quite likely that this other club could be Chelsea or Manchester City and if they’re getting involved we will struggle to match them financially. However I’m hoping that our record with young players and the fact we’ve had a representative out there for days now will secure us this signing. Unless there is a late twist in this story, I expect a decision to be made this week.

I guess we should check the latest on the Cesc Fabregas saga and last time I checked he’s still an Arsenal player… The Barcelona players have been actively tapping up Cesc with public statements again and last week Wenger declared his disgust for Xavi’s recent comments, you’ve also got Pique coming out saying we should be talking about Cesc by coming out talking about Cesc and there’s also the Mayor of Fabregas’ home town accusing Arsenal of kidnapping Cesc and holding him hostage. It’s almost hilarious.

Officially nothing has changed so there’s nothing to report. Until we get an offer that matches his valuation we won’t sell him and we don’t need to sell him. £40m would be disappointing but acceptable and to quote a banner seen at the Weekend’s game in China vs. H. Greentown, “Barca pay 40 million for Cesc or go home and wank!”

The current captain didn’t travel to China due to fitness problems but I think we all share the suspicion the real reason he didn’t go was to protect him from injury jeopardizing a move. I don’t know, he could genuinely be injured and if he is then it really says a lot about his fitness. Wenger said he’s not sure if he’ll be in the squad to face Cologne yet, it goes without saying it would be nice to see him.

The official word from the club on both Fabregas and Nasri is that they will not be sold although you’d expect them to say that. My understanding is that we’re waiting to see what happens with both situations and we will do everything to stop them both leaving. If we lose one I think we will cope but to sell them both would be extremely damaging to the team. This really could go down to the final day of the window but we’ll just have to wait and see. How terribly exciting…

And finally, Denilson is going home. Or should that be: ‘And, finally Denilson is going home’? Anyway, it looks like he’ll be going to Sao Paulo on loan for the season and then we’ll see what happens from there. On Twitter Denilson said it is a dream come true to be going home and I wish him the best of luck there, I really do. It’s a shame it didn’t work out for him here but it’s the best for both parties if he moves on now. I expect this deal to be sorted out shortly.

That should do it for today; I’m expecting a busy week so speak to you soon.


1. baldheed - 18 July, 2011

Very pleasing to see us concede another goal from a set piece at the weekend.
And still we continue to add what look like squad players to our attacking midfield ?
Surely a commanding centre half was priority the minute the transfer window opened ?????
Get a grip AW, and do what every man and his dog can see has been a problem for the last 3-4 years

2. Harry Barracuda - 18 July, 2011

Just a photo op. The transfer was announced on the Arsenal web site a week ago.

3. anto - 18 July, 2011


4. bob mcnabs cat - 18 July, 2011

…..at last, a striker that looks the part

Joel Campbell is the man
check him out on you tube………..he IS class!

5. lasagnechef - 18 July, 2011

Yeah and now I bet we wont get him!

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