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Pep claims Cesc negotiations – Pay up or piss off 19 July, 2011

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.

“This year Arsenal has agreed to negotiate and we are working on it. Barcelona has made an offer, Arsenal another and we have time until August 31 and we’ll try to reach an agreement.

The club has saved money to try to sign him. We will try until the end to bring him. I hope that eventually everything can be arranged. But sometimes things cannot be done. We will fight to the end to try to get Cesc because we believe he will improve the team and the squad.”

Today saw these quotes from Pep Guardiola revealing that Arsenal and Barcelona are in the slow and drawn out process of negotiating the transfer of Cesc Fabregas. In one respect it’s almost pleasing to know that there is some discussion to try and sort this out but I think most Gooners are of the opinion now where we just want the right bid for the player or they can stop wasting our time.

From what Guardiola is saying there is sounds like they’ve made a bid, we’ve rejected it, told them what he costs and that’s as it’s stood since then. That’s backed up by these quotes from Arsenal chairman, Peter Hill-Wood:

“I am not sure how keen they are. There are still stories in the (Spanish) press, but they don’t talk to us. They’ve made one offer, which works out at around £26m, but that was ages ago.

But at the moment our situation is very straight-forward: we don’t want to lose him. Obviously if they come up with an offer which was a very good offer we would have to think about it. We have told them a number of times that what they are proposing is unacceptable and yet they haven’t moved on it.

I don’t approve of what they are doing, but unfortunately it seems the way of the world right now. It has become a real bore and an unnecessary interruption to what we are trying to achieve,” added Hill-Wood.

Well put, sir. I don’t even need to explain why £26m is not enough for Fabregas, frankly that’s a joke of a bid. We should reply with a £29m bid for Messi and see how that sounds to them. Because they’re of this deluded impression that they own the player anyway and they are the sole bidders for him they can name their own price. The thing is we’re in no hurry to sell, Cesc’s got plenty of time left on his contract and we don’t need the money; unless a proper and decent offer comes in he will remain with us.

Arsenal will sympathise with Cesc and will allow him to go back home where he clearly wants to go but we’re not going to lose out on tens of millions of pounds to do so. So right now Barcelona either need to show just how much they want our captain by paying up or they can fuck off and stop pussyfooting around. These 20 to 30 million pound bids are just a waste of an email.

And this from Guardiola, this you can also shove:

“The position towards Arsenal is with the utmost respect. Also to the player. We always try to approach from positions of utmost respect. We have a style to do things.”

Bollocks do you, you’re only style is to act utter cunts. That ‘more than a club’ slogan is pathetic. Show some class. Their players are constantly coming out talking out our captain and as employees of the club they are representing them so there is no ‘respect’ whatsoever being shown.

Anyway, I hope that the two clubs genuinely are negotiating the transfer and they’re listening to the price we’re setting. It’s insulting to Cesc himself these measly bids, they should get off their high horse and pay what one of the best (and not yet peaked may I add) midfielders in the world is worth or do one.

In other news it looks like the signing of Costa Rican teenager, Joel Campbell is off the cards after he failed to show for our last meeting with the striker. It seems as if his head has been turned considerably by a bid from Man United and we’ve given up on him. It’s a shame but I’m glad we’re remaining strong about this, if he can’t be arsed with us then why should we with him. He might go on to be a good player but if he’s being distracted by money at this early stage then it could be a future bullet dodged.

His father is now saying that no decisions will be made until after the U20 World Cup so basically they’re looking to get a big a payday as possible out of this. Maybe we’ll get back involved then but I doubt it you know.

Who will we chase now instead? I have no idea. I saw on twitter that we could (emphasis on ‘could’ there) be looking at Lyon’s Miralem Pjanic but other than that I don’t know where our scouts are looking now. Gazidis says we’re still very much in the market for players and suggests that signings will still be made so we’ll just have to wait and see. At the end of the day it’s a good thing that there’s not loads of rumours floating about, the more quiet we can keep things the more likely we are to strike a deal for players without the interference of other bids.

I still think we could do with a number of players but I can understand us waiting because we need to see what’s going to happen with Fabregas, Nasri and Bendtner etc. Times running out though, the season is just three and a half weeks away but I expect things will kick off rather soon.

Thanks for reading.


1. Alan - 19 July, 2011

“being distracted by money”

Joel Campbell opting for UTD instead us and you comfort yourself with it being a financially orientated move. How do you work that one out?

The kid lives in Costa Rica so no real affection for any English club and he is entitled to go where he pleases. The bitterness on Arsenal blogs over a kid’s decision show the small club mentality that actually demonstrates why we are struggling to attract players to the club. The vibe around the club is very poor at the moment. Not helped by the desperation of fans like you.

Scott - 19 July, 2011

Haha… Alan, not a scum fan are ya by any chance?

lasagnechef - 19 July, 2011

Alan, because if you read the quotes they’re saying ‘a better financial offer came in’

Only found out that offer was from Man United this afternoon

2. Rodney - 19 July, 2011

You’re absolutely right.
Barca want to be able to tell the world how they managed to steal ‘their player’ back.
Allowing their people to use words like ‘slavery’ and ‘kidnapping’ is quite pathetic.
The trouble is Barca have always done this going back to Overmars and Petit but we don’t appear to stand up to them.
Tell them its £40m,give them 7 days to put up or shut up and then walk away

3. kc - 19 July, 2011

Sorry Alan but your wrong. If this kid and his dad already were thinkn payday instead of more proper training and playing time at age 19 then its best he didn’t sign with us. Your right that the mood at the club currently sucks, but your wrong on your reasoning. Wenger is the problem. Setting up an entire team around a player who was always going to bail back to Barca is foolish from the start. Allowing that player to make a mockery of the armband by his lack of effort and heart for a club that has made him what he is today is a problem. Not spending money on defense is a problem. I could keep going for a while but what’s the use. Wenger out.

4. lasagnechef - 19 July, 2011

Spoken to Gunnerblog and might not be 100% it was Utd.

Eiher way, he’s still a bit of a prick for holding all these talks, agreeing all sorts of stuff then just ignoring us. So, meh.

5. bob mcnabs cat - 19 July, 2011

good post,

We cant keep taking the moral high ground every time we fail to land a player that we looked like getting. Its the same old story and until Wenger decides to go the extra yard to bring players in then we will continue to miss out.

Campbell certainly looked the business and he would have been a good addition even if he isnt a defender but its a good point to make about how the boy is thinking and what problems that could cause us in years to come.

Wenger really needs to pull a rabbit out of the hat soon if he wants to convince most unbiased fans that the spiel he came out with at the end of last season wasnt more lies

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