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Thanks and goodbye, Cesc. 15 August, 2011

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.

Well today has been a long time coming but no one can really be surprised about the departure of Cesc Fabregas to Barcelona. The biggest surprise really is that it has taken this long; I was convinced he’d go last year and even more surprised that we left it this late to finally accept Barcelona’s measly offer.

We’re receiving just €29m that could rise to about €35m which means he’s left for little more than Andy Carroll cost Liverpool. The extra fees come from €1m over 5 years from Cesc himself and the extra cash is paid if Barcelona win something like two La Liga titles and a Champions League.

As rubbish as the fee is we’ve received for one of the best midfielders in the world, this transfer has never been about money. We never at any stage have been desperate for cash and unlike so many transfers recently the player himself has not left for wage reasons, in fact I believe he’s on less money at his new club. This transfer has always been about the simple request of a man to return to his home town.

We’ve always known that Cesc would one day go home; maybe some of us just hoped it wouldn’t have been so soon. His departure is nothing against Arsenal in any way, I believed him when he said in today’s press conference that he will always have Arsenal in his heart, he will always be a Gooner and will continue to watch Arsenal play whether it be on TV or in person. Call me a sucker but I believe that.

Some people are a little pissed off about Cesc’s actions but put yourselves in his boots. Imagine you joined the Arsenal academy as a youngster, took up an opportunity abroad and loved it, developed well and became their best player. Then halfway through your career Arsenal came calling back asking you to come home, you’d jump at the chance wouldn’t you? Seeing Cesc kissing the Barcelona badge today hurt, but I’m not mad at him for that – it’s his club and his home town.

So today instead of anger and resentment I’m full of sadness and thanks. We’ve been lucky to have Fabregas at our club, we’ve been lucky that we managed to pick him from Barcelona and have him develop to our benefit. Those 8 years have included some wonderful memories. From the early days watching this Spanish kid break into the team with all this potential, to putting Vieira on his arse in his comeback game, to all the performances and goals against Tottenham, the massive goals in the Champions League vs. Milan, Barca and others, the 3-2 winner over Bolton and the late equaliser against Sunderland, these are all just a few things that come to the top of my head, there are countless more special moments to look back on. It’s not just the goals and the highlights that you can look back fondly on but every single minute he was on the pitch for Arsenal, with or without the armband he gave everything and it was that spirit for which he was so loved.

Cesc also said today that his biggest regret was not lifting any trophies as Arsenal captain and I think that is echoed by the fans. It would’ve been great to see Cesc of all people lead us to our first piece of silverware since 2005 but unfortunately it wasn’t to be.

So thanks for everything, Cesc. As much as I loathe your new employers there will not be any bitterness from me towards you. Just please, don’t turn into a cunt like some of your new colleagues.

So, time to move on. After losing your best player, for any club attention must turn to who you are going to bring in. Unfortunately, tonight is not that time because there are more departures on the cards. Samir Nasri could also leaving in the next few weeks and what a tragedy it would be to lose both he and Cesc in one summer. Well it’s a terrifying reality. It seems Samir ‘Na-Na-Na-Na’ Nasri has already lost his favour with the fans as a section of away fans this weekend turned his chant from, “Samir Nas-er-i – Nas-er-i” to, “Samir you’re a cunt – you’re a cunt!” To which he has replied to on twitter today:

I heard what the fans were singing about me on saturday and it is really disrespectful because i’m still a arsenal player

I can’t condone the chants myself. Samir is right actually, while he remains a player of the club we should be more respectful. I’m not saying those fans should be silenced because they can sing what they like they’ve paid to be there but I think they should consider their words. I don’t think he’s a cunt, I just think he’s very money hungry and shallow. I’m gutted about Samir I really am because he showed for a couple of months last season how good he can be but he’s got a bit big for his boots requesting the kind of money he’s after. Maybe we’ll let him have his wish and move him on to City or maybe we’ll keep him, move him into Cesc’s vacant position and hope he and the fans can repair their relationship. We’ll wait and see.

One more departure looks close to completion this week and that Emmanuel Eboue to Galatasaray. The club have confirmed they are in negotiations so unless anything drastic happens I reckon this will be done in the next couple of days. With Eboue going and Traore going off injured for the reserves tonight it highlights just how weak we are in the wing back positions. And I don’t care what Arsene thinks Carl Jenkinson is not ready for regular League and European action.

That should do it for tonight, more on who we need to bring in and who looks to be going out soon. Sorry about lack of updates recently, it’s been a difficult period for me. I’ll be back tomorrow for an Udinese preview.

Until then.


1. Gunnersince1985 - 15 August, 2011

Worst arsenal captain in history

Dan - 15 August, 2011

agreed. Good player tho. Actually Gallas, I think was worse.

2. esomedinaMartin - 15 August, 2011

Well said regarding Cesc. I’m torn as well. On one hand I’m grateful he wore the Arsenal shirt and was our captain. On the other hand I wish he’d stay and finish out his contract. Either way, the saga has ended and we can move on. Will miss him.

As for Nasri, It’s clear he is in it for the money and won’t resign with us so its time to turn a profit on him. Can’t have people that don’t want to be here wearing the Arsenal shirt and badge.

3. james - 15 August, 2011

i too echo you Cesc feelings he was loyal to our club he did not hand in a transfer request and if he stayed this season he would have given 110% to do his best for us cause he loves this club the fans and the man who made him.

Nasri on the other hand needs to grow up and show some respect himself. no offense you treat others with the same respect as you expect from them Mr Nasri, you flirt with our rivals Man Utd and the most hated club in the prem Man Shitty and you expect respect from the people, who to an extent pay your already groasley inappropriate wages “the fans”. Get shot of him and buy a decent more consistent player who wants to be motivated by the possibility of success through hard work not how healthy his bank balance is and how he can make it healthier.

Mr Wenger this may be your last season in charge so start showing what made you and this club great and start pulling those fecking rabbits out of the hat again

4. Chizzy - 15 August, 2011

Fuck u man n ur fuckin apraisal of cesc situation. He was a cunt, simple!Fuck u man n ur fuckin apraisal of cesc situation. He was a cunt, simple!

5. PTangYangKipperBang - 15 August, 2011

I think the chanting at Nasri may have fatally increased the chances of him leaving. IF there was any doubt at all in his mind that would have convinced him. To be honest though it has appeared that he wishes to go anyway. Shame

6. lasagnechef - 15 August, 2011

We’ll just have to agree to disagree, Chizzy.

He’s a fucking footballer, not your girlfriend who’s just dumped you.

7. Kash. - 15 August, 2011

Good post Chef and I share your sentiments exactly.

I don’t think you were a sucker for believing what Cesc said in the press conference, I think he sincerely loves Arsenal and Wenger and the fans. Remember we have seen this before with Thierry Henry: he moved on in his career, but still comes back to watch the team play.

Don’t you guys remember this story:

[quote]”When Cesc was in his second year here his parents started a process of divorce,” said Borrell. “His mother called to tell me and at the start of the next week he was a little bit upset and you could see it in training and during the matches.

“I knew his idol was Guardiola so I went to first-team training, explained the situation to him and asked if he could give me a shirt dedicated to Cesc.

“So Guardiola took a shirt, wrote a long message on in and dedicated it to him. The next day I told Cesc I knew what his parents were going through and when he started to cry I presented him the shirt. It is something he still remembers.”[/quote]

After having read that, can we really deny him this move back? And on top of that, Guardiola is said to have said at the time, that Cesc would one day wear the number 4 shirt at FCB.

Chizzy – you’re a twat, and you remind me of another twat who sat in front of me shouting Judas at Thierry Henry! Just go back to your twat hole, you unappreciative twat.

8. Hawk - 15 August, 2011

Well said Kash!

9. gilesg - 16 August, 2011

does chizzy have alzheimers??

It’s been a sad day saying goodbye to cesc who hs been our talisman since Thierry left. I am gutted (mainly cos i have to change all my email passwords) but Cesc has conducted himself well and we all knew he was not going to stay with us forever.

What has really got me down this summer is the stick that AW has taken from a lot of so called Gooner fans.
Does anyone remember what we were like b4 he came to us? He has spoilt us and generated a generation of glory hunter arsenal fans believing we deserve better.

I for one am happy with what he has done and am optimistic on what he will do. It is a pleasure to watch our football these days compared to GG’s 1-0 philosophy.

Historically- Arsenal pop up every decade and win a title and a couple of cups. We have a nice new stadium that is almost paid for and in Rambo and Wilshere we have the future of British midfielders in our realm. Yes I would like to see Cahill/Samba in and Squillaci out but relatively speaking we have not made a bad start to the season and manure looked susceptible yesterday.

We’ll do FC BBC(Liverpool) this weekend and show the gulf in class between us and them (Carroll and Cesc cost almost the same- I know who I’d rather have) and a good home win over Udinese tonight should chill all gooners out

Shall I repeat this Chizzy

10. Peter - 16 August, 2011

Personally I think that making him captain was Wenger’s first mistake. He was never a captain, and that affected him. He had too much pressure on him to ‘be a good leader’ and not just be a great midfielder. Lets not forget he was only 22 years old when he was made captain. That is way too young to be an Arsenal captain.

11. Peter - 16 August, 2011

And I am really glad that Eboue is finally gone. I’ve been really surprised to see many people online praise him and saying that he shouldn’t be sold. They claim that his attitude can’t be replaced and he was the best backup right back in the league. Am I the only one who is fucking celebrating that he is gone?

12. SKisaGooner - 16 August, 2011

Who should be captain, Chef?

13. lasagnechef - 16 August, 2011

I want Vermalen, but it’ll be RVP.

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