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Poll: Would you play Nasri against Liverpool? 19 August, 2011

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.

Good afternoon, happy Friday and all that. Just a quick post from me for the moment, there’ll be a full Liverpool up tonight or in the morning but for now, a quick poll.

Wenger had his pre-match press conference today in which he confirmed the state of our squad:

We have Song and Gervinho suspended. Diaby and Wilshere are injured. Djourou and Traore will not be available and Gibbs will not be available.

We will give Tomas a rest tomorrow. It is not a bad injury and he should be back with us on Monday but he is rested tomorrow.

It’s a pretty sorry state of affairs especially in midfield. With that news our only available players for midfield are Ramsey, Frimpong, Lansbury, Arshavin(?) and Nasri. Arsene said that Samir could be in the squad an available to play despite everything that’s gone on recently.

Any other day he wouldn’t be near the squad but we need the numbers at the moment. So what do you say? He’s our best midfielder right now so do you think we should just be mature and play him? Or do you think fuck him, if he wants out then we don’t want him involved?

Personally, as awkard and crap as it would be I think we need him tomorrow. I think in an ideal world the fans would hold off their boos and just let him do his job which he is still being paid to do and play tomorrow. In an even more ideal world we would forget this whole thing ever happened, he would sign a new contract and everything was hunky-dory with Nasri filling in where Fabregas left off. But I don’t see that happening!

So, back to the question. Should we field Samir Nasri tomorrow?

Cheers, speak to you later.


1. AlexKamau - 19 August, 2011

He should follow Clichy to SHITTY

2. Octopus - 19 August, 2011

He is still grabbing money from the club, ain’t?

3. Octopus - 19 August, 2011

He is still grabbing money from the club, ain’t he? All the same, I wouldn’t want him near the time. Disruptive little money grabber. One day he will look back and regret.

4. RedandDread - 19 August, 2011

Surprising that so many voted for Nasri to play tomorrow. My desire for a good result tells me to get Nasri on the pitch. My desire to move on and draw a line under this whole saga would leave him on the sidelines. I voted no but would I welcome a committed Nasri leading us to victory-yes. confused..Yes.

5. Lettraggad - 19 August, 2011

Like he said he is still an Arsenalplayer .. play , score a brace and cunt of to City with our blessings.

6. EIE - 19 August, 2011

If he play’s I’ll boo him! Scumbag!

coolcazz - 19 August, 2011

The English element of fans at Arsenal are slowly killing this club. They waffle on about committment when they’re the ones not committed. If a players foriegn and hasnt scored a hatrick on there debut they boo them out of the club. Or they insult there parents colour or culture. The players begins to lose confidence. Gervinho will be there next victim he’ll get it in the neck. Denilson, Bendtner,Song, Eboue, and Ade all got stick. Now there calling for Arsene blood. I cant stand em, cock sure very loose with words, more like shallow. I’d hate to see Arsenal end up with a English style of game and a manager like Poulson or Allderdyce-thug footy. The real reason why journalist are on witch hunt (Daily Mail) for Wengers Blood because they’re envious there massive worldwide support and the slick style football. Sadly i wont watch the match against pool because of the boo brigade comming from the doom mongerz and told you so crew …yeah as if you know better lolol

Savage - 19 August, 2011

@coolcazz: No, the fans are not killing Arsenal. Wenger and the board are. The fans are not booing the players (except for Na$ri who bleeping well deserves it), they are booing Wenger and the board. If you think that the summer transfers have been handled professionally then: ‘I have a bridge that I would like to sell you’. Wenger is destroying Arsenal just like he did too Marseilles. Get your head out of the sand and stop insulting the true Arsenal supporters that are not content with the garbage that is fed to them. Show me a happy loser and I will show you a consistent loser.

7. Richard Leighton (@LeightonRC) - 19 August, 2011

If Arsène thinks he can help us win the game and he’s in the right frame of to do so (he’s had experience of this with Cesc, so he should know) then we have to put aside our differences with the player and think about what’s best for the club – three points.

ArthurTheGooner - 19 August, 2011

Couldn’t agree more!

8. Carmelo Pace malta. - 19 August, 2011

no way,aftyer all he is still want away,so in my opinion,i wouldnt even let him near the emirates,let alone on the pitch.good riddance,the sooner you are oiut the better,SCUM

9. ArthurTheGooner - 19 August, 2011

I think he should play he wasn’t half as bad as Adebywhore

10. village genius - 19 August, 2011

I would have him start and then sub him on 10 minutes, hahahahahaha

11. dan - 19 August, 2011

of course he should play we have no players available.

12. mark - 19 August, 2011

if he wants out he wants out,but we DOneed him especially tomorrow. he hasnt critized the club and has got on with things. if he leaves good ridance but i hope tomorrow we play him and the crowd get behind all the team.

13. dan - 19 August, 2011

still don’t understand why everyone is giving him grief, he is being offered twice as much money to play for a team that will be competing at the very top level, instaed of being asked to carry a load of kids in a team that is going down the toilet. he would be bloody mad not to go. why does anyone think he has a grain of loyalty to us. total naivity

14. dan - 19 August, 2011

arsenal haven’t given him one compelling reason to stay.

15. Matt - 19 August, 2011

Until he signs a deal he is an Arsenal player, being paid wages by Arsenal, and we as fans should back him on the pitch, even if we do not agree what he is doing off it. Personally I would play him tomorrow and also on Wednesday if a deal is still not done by then. Wenger has said time and time again his commitment, even through the speculation, has been 100%. He could be the difference between three points and one, or even worse zero. On that basis alone I would play him

I know if we play him Wednesday City won’t pay the £20-25m price tag, but if we fail to qualify on Wednesday night, we lose a minimum of £25m, but potentially a lot more if we go through the group stages (I think we earned around £30m last year through the Champions League). Also, if Wenger stays as stubborn as usual, and doesn’t use the Cesc money to bring anyone in, we have a better chance of finishing in the top 4 with Nasri. This is a potential £25m+ from that alone next season too. Basically, Nasri staying could earn the club £50-60m+.

A final point, do you honestly blame Nasri for wanting to leave Arsenal? Honestly. Would anyone out there not quit their job before you go home this evening if another company offered you double the money to do EXACTLY the same job? And I say JOB as that is exactly what being a footballer is. A job that most of would kill to be good enough at to do admittedly, but a job none the less. People earning £25k would suddenly be earning £50k, £30k earning £60k, £40k earning £80k etc etc. I think not, and I know I wouldn’t think twice. We as Arsenal fans are whole heartedly devoted to Arsenal, and have been since we could think for ourselves, but football players are like staff in a business. Unless you have grown up supporting the team you play for, success and money are more important. And I hate to admit but City seems to be offering both of them.

16. Bruno - 19 August, 2011

Back in January Nasri wanted to sign a new deal. 1) Since then he saw that winning a trophy here might last some years more.
2) He is offered more than twice his salary, don’t say it’s easy to say “no thanks”. A Footballer career is not that long, and may end prematurely.
3) He was not born an arsenal player, has always been very professionnal and doesn’t owe all his talent to Arsène or Arsenal.
4) Try to put yourself in his shoes, the “should I stay or should I go” balance is slippery!
5) Nasri’s redemption and stay would be so great on the verge of this scary season (couldn’t he just sign one year more, with a price for £15M next summer)

ANYWAY, whatever you think about him leaving us or not after the game, WHAT WE ALL WANT (and need in such stressfull days) is A VICTORY OVER LIVERPOOL, RIGHT?
ok so unless you think that booing him when he plays will help him to help us, please hold your anger just some minutes more. PLEASE!! If not for him or Arsène, for our players on the pitch, for..me? (let’s imagine I’m a hungry booby incredibly hot girl!!)

17. mark - 19 August, 2011

a bit of reasoning by dan and matt which i agree with. we r stronger with him so to me theres no problem just play him

18. Peter Kenny - 19 August, 2011

Nasri could only play for compassionate reasons. His Godfather Arsene can only request him to assist “this only last time” against Loserpool. Otherwise Nasri no longer has Asrsenal ‘blood’ in him.
I recall during my secondary school days members of the leavers’ class that had been playing in the school team could be asked to play for the school during their last days as members of the school. Some of such students could play badly on their last match of the school. Reason being that they now felt as out of high school or some where between high school & University!! Nasri is currently no different. Just imagine – if he plays & gets ‘injured’? Wouldn’t he fail medical at SHITTY on Monday or so?

As an Arsenal fan, I would rather play Chamber or Ryo instead of Nashitty!!!!!!!!!!!


19. coolcazz - 19 August, 2011

No one worse than a Arsenal fan. I support the Gunnerz But our fans are embarrassing if they saw a crisp bag floating to the ground they’d all start booing and hurling abuse. Playerz rely on fans, Look at the Kop and Even Yidz they get behind there teams. Forget your personal dislike of foriegn players and support the team.

Kash. - 19 August, 2011

Have to agree with you. Of all the big clubs, we’ve got the worst fans. Very impatient at times. Extremely quiet at times. And what about the stadium almost a quarter empty 5mins before the match has ended???

ShazK - 19 August, 2011

Come on we all need to get over cesc leaving us and taking it out on Nasri. He has been nothing but professional. We all need to stop reading the propergander that is sucking the life out of our beloved club, let’s just get behind the players and you never know players like Hazard may think that the emirates isn’t a bad place to go

20. RK77 - 19 August, 2011

I think he should play, Nasri is a fighter once in the game he’ll give his max (even at 90% I think it’s still worth having him playing -especially considering we haven’t bought anyone yet…).
If we still have a chance of him not leaving it’d be by us not booing him!!! And win against LFC.

RK77 - 19 August, 2011

For all we know he might still stay and he’s just trying to get the most money out of Arsenal, as someone said above Nasri hasn’t said that he was leaving (bar the fake Facebook).
There is so much €rap in the press (all negative to AFC) that we can’t be sure that he’s going…
Rooney was supposed to be going to $hitty last Jan until he signed a new contract and suddenly everybody loved him gain… The Jan transfer period is shorter than summer so at least it didn’t last as long…
Come on Nasri you can stay and be brillant!

21. dan - 19 August, 2011

why would you think we are the worst fans, we have nothing for years and pay the highest prices in world football and yet the stadium has been full game in game out for years. only now when fans have truly readhed the end of their patience are people now not going. think you are very harsh on the fans. the club take our money and do nothing with it.

22. bob mcnabs cat - 19 August, 2011

We only got the worse fans because they dont fucking sing! Worst atmosphere in the prem. Thought it was bad at the library but wiv nearly twice the crowd its twice as bad. If you are going to get behind the team do it at every match and not only united and spurs!!!

As for nasri, whats the problem? He signed a four year contract and is willing to keep to his part of the bargain. Arsenal have tried and failed to keep him longer, You know what? Thats business get over it. If we get 25mil we’ve had a result so get off his back and if he does play tomorrow give him the respect he deserves.

We should be concerning ourselves with the bigger issue of wengers inability to put out a team that is capable of finishing in the top 6.
Chambolikh,rosicky,arshavin,song,bendtner,almunia,koscielny, squillaci all still on the payroll and we knew they were shit last year so how can we hope to do better this year. Its only a matter of time until van persie gets injured (he’s strung a dozen games together and that must be a record) and then we are well and truly fucked!

Wengers drivle about there not being the players “out there” is more bullshit. He has had time enough to stump up for cahill,samba, jagielka, mata or anyone else we have been linked to and he has already cost us any chance of silverware again this season……FACT!!

Wenger out!!

23. irish gooner - 19 August, 2011

he got 60k off arsenal thursday,,,,so ya play the cunt,,,lets hope he gets shawcrossed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

24. Tile And Grout Cleaning - 29 September, 2011

I would have to definitely select Nasri when up against Liverpool due to their experience and knowledge of the game and opponents

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