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I have not gone into hiding 29 August, 2011

Posted by lasagnechef in Arsenal News.

I just thought after a weekend such as that, I should probably explain my absence. There’s no nice way around it, that was a disastrous trip to Old Trafford and never in my life time do I remember a more damaging result. I’m sure that goes for most people in fact.

So before the comments start coming in, ‘oh he’s fucking given up hasn’t he, bloody Gooner!’ I thought I’d let you know I’m off to Croatia in the morning. Outlook Festival, if you were wondering. It kind of seems like the perfect time to take a break in the end, thankfully the club will get a bit of a break this week too with the Internationals this weekend.

As shit as Sunday was, at least you know it can only get better from here. 2011 has been a shite year for The Arsenal and hopefully what goes on in the next couple of days will put us in a much better state to compete in this league.

So hopefully come the Swansea match things will be looking a lot more exciting and a lot less daunting for the coming season. Enjoy transfer deadline day; hopefully it’s a productive one, otherwise I don’t really know what the fuck we’ll do!

Thoughts on how we’re shaping up when I return. See ya.

Oh, before I go. Despite the 8 goals how proud did those away fans at Old Trafford make you? Love it.

We love you Arsenal, we do.
We love you Arsenal, we do.
We love you Arsenal, we do.


1. Joel Leigh - 29 August, 2011


2. Lettraggad - 29 August, 2011

We really do dont we ..fuck the result te away support mede me damn proud to be an arsenalfan ..WE WILL BE BACK:

3. Robbo - 29 August, 2011

Jesus, they’d better buy some players or we’re f**ked!

4. Jeff - 29 August, 2011

Loved our away fans. I could not have been more proud of us! Gooners for life mates! Excited about the talent that is about to pour in!

5. Peter - 29 August, 2011

Was watching the game on TV and couldn’t be prouder of the away support. Shouting their lungs out even as the manure glory hunters were silent and 6 goals up. As critical as I’ve been of this team, and I was very critical yesterday, I couldn’t be prouder of the fans.


6. Nuwanda - 30 August, 2011

The last few games have been extremely emotional, damaging and humbling experiences. Everyone keeps talking about how it couldn’t possibly get worse – and while I would like to believe that the only way from here is up, I have my reservations. That said, I’m a proud Arsenal supporter and will be for life.

7. (arYse) - 30 August, 2011

So Sept 10th is New Years day?

8. jenikcarlarl - 30 August, 2011

We love the Away fans!
We love the Away fans!
We love the Away fans!
Oh Arsenal we love you!

9. problem, what problem? - 30 August, 2011

says it all commenting on the fans and not the team.

Fuck wenger and the american mafia.

We will never win another trophy whilst that mob are at the healm.

Meartsaker might fill a gap but what happens when either he or thomas get injured? we will be back to square one and will be reliant on one of the three useless twats that have played at CH for the past 2 seasons. Fuck sake wenger grow some balls and sign a top drawer central defender. As for Beneyoun, please god no, he’s another lightweight that will get blown off the ball as soon as the tackles start flying. We need men in the team not wimps like rosicky, arshavin and wallcott.

10. Kash. - 31 August, 2011

Have to agree with #9, our wingers are incredibly easy to knock off the ball – except for Arshavin who loses the ball in his feet, or more often, runs stright into an opposition player and then falls over.

Soooo frustrating.

11. problem, what problem? - 31 August, 2011

thank you

12. Peter - 1 September, 2011

Don’t get me wrong, I agree with both 9 and 10, but i just wanted to show some appreciation for the fans since most of comments are pessimistic.

13. Afc Ashton - 1 September, 2011

Well done son have a gooden in croatia see u soon. Up the Arsenal!

14. bob mcnabs cat - 4 September, 2011

Wengers philosophy has been blown out of the water with loan signings from one of our biggest rivals ( would united loan a player from city?), two other players 28+, this all smacks of desperation. Wenger had from last may to organise our once great team and just look at the sorry state of it now.
Reading in the paper today and if true he may be considering his future at the club. Wenger has been backed into a corner where he has had to make purchases for the sake of the club and it has severely dented his pride but even to the last he could not bring himself to buy the top drawer purchases we have been crying out for since 2007. Wenger wants to squeeze every last penny out of any club that dare bid for one of his players yet expects other clubs to wilt at the derisory offers he makes for any of theirs. Wenger has no direction anymore and is stuck betwenn a rock and a hard place. His credability has been damaged beyond repair and if anyone thinks the panic buys of the last week will solve all his (and our) ills, the are deluded beyond belief.
We will NEVER win another trophy whilst Wenger is at the healm

Peter - 4 September, 2011

My thoughts exactly. The fact that he waited to be thrashed 8-2 three days before the transfer window closed to wake up and even make signings was ridiculous. A good manager never purely reacts to one result, he should know the problems in the team and fix them earlier in the window so he buy the best players for the money, not make 5 signings at the last minute out of desperation.

Kash. - 5 September, 2011

That last day was absolutely manic. We were being linked to so many players, I was half-expecting my own phone to ring with LeBoss on the other end!

15. Peter - 6 September, 2011

To clarify my #12 comment, I meant that most of my comments on this site have been pessimistic.

Peerless - 11 December, 2011

Articles like this make life so much smliper.

iyjqqago - 11 December, 2011
recakemhts - 13 December, 2011
16. Livescore - 11 September, 2011

As EPL has started, I am optimistic regarding Arsenal in this season.

17. corner turned - 17 September, 2011

mid table mediocrity would be a nice place to be after watching another woeful performance, this time at blackburn

18. Stadio Goal - 20 September, 2011

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19. bob mcnabs cat - 3 October, 2011

Hey chef,

dont say i didnt tell you so,
not last season or the season before that but way back 4 years ago when you and all your red nose wenger bandits slagged me off week after week for dare suggesting we were on the way down.

Those rose tinted glasses have made you and all the other pricks on this site look like prize mugs. Take a look at your own archive pages and see how very wrong you have always been.

You should man up and at least acknowledge your one eyed view of all things arsene and arsenal has been a flawed one. The mans has been a liability for 5 years and has ruined our club for years to come!

I dont know if you are young,nieive or just in denial but you and your “in arsene we trust” brigade should accept that Wenger is a spent force and its time for him to go!

20. goonerlars - 19 October, 2011

Are you sure you’ve not gone into hiding?😉

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